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Found 4 results

  1. It has to start somewhere.... Before I dive into my antics underway, here are a few bud shots from my last grow. Personally I like seeing bud shots when I open OG MzDrzz Took another run with this clone great structure on the plant and phenomenal flowers.some of the densest foxtails I have encountered. From Sinister Seeds Cut at 70/71 days Dried and pre cure….. KA Kush (she had PM come back again, she is on her last run now..) Also Sinister Also ran me some Dynasty Seeds Caramel Candy Kush: Clipped around 70-74 days. look @ the frost on the undercarriage here…. And also had a nice run of some E$cob@r Chocolate Rain, still loving on this plant, she gets some hard foxtails too. Had some changes in real life, I moved into a 95% work from home role when my company closed our local office. This afforded me the opportunity of grabbing some office supplies and as part of those activities secured a couple more cabinets. As such, about a month ago I converted one, so now I have thing 1 and thing 2, Needless to say should be extra productive as I have increased my space. I am going to stagger them and hopefully get to the point of harvest every 4-6 weeks. So here are some basics for the run, I will have two setups: Thing 1 - the original cab. Same setup as usual, 400 W digital ballast in a vented hood, hydro system, 12 spots. I am running a new nute regimen this round from mbferts. They have their own powdered food and since they have been great on other merch, figured I would give this a spin, especially since my local hydro guy decided to flip the script and drop my jungle juice, so check in on this journal if you have looked into their nutes, I’ll be using them and will share and report results. I also implemented a Solistek MH 6K, for veg in Thing 1, plants are responding well, and definitely seeing some nice growth. This cab has been in Veg now for just about 3 weeks. Thing 1 Lineup: (4) Chucky Bride (3) Sugar Punch (2) MzDrzz (Ms U x Drizz) (1) Chocolate Rain (1) KO Kushx(CJxGM) (1) Lemon thai Thing 1 Thing 2 - new cab, been in bloom for about 3.5 weeks, Running a 400W Magnetic ballast bare bulb setup, hortilux, inspired by Indi, I have to give this method a try. Also changed things up and I am running a organic soil mix, based mainly around the Rev’s formula, but I don’t have feather meal and few other ingredients (oyster shells, alfalfa husks and a couple other). I’ll post a list of whats in here in a bit, once I pull that up. I am excited about the christening run for this voyager, she is getting some of my older Mom’s and some other plants I had that just needed to get going. Some of the Mom’s had PM a cycle ago, and PM came back to visibly show itself around week 4 in the last flower run, I am done with the struggle and sending them for final bloom. Thing 2 is planned to be about 4 weeks ahead of thing 1 in general, this should afford me with more turns. Her current lineup: (3) KA Kush (2) KO Kush (4) Caramel Candy Kush (1) Chuck Bride (1) MzDrzz (Ms Uni x Drizz) (3) Raining Caramel Kush ((CRxKOK)xCCK) (1) (CRxKO Kush)x Blue Chem (2) DeathStar x (Huck/Silverfield/Choco Rain?) ((2) diff pheno) Overall in here things are looking great. Soil seems to be holding its own and allowing me with some more flexibility, as soil affords me some freedom to move things around that I just don’t get with Hydro. Thing 2 KA Kush MzDrzz Overview of box Week 2: Week 3: Death Star x Huck Kush (these were test clones for determining sex, I have two females!! KO Kush Brain Rain x Blue Chem (Personal Cross I made (Brain Rain (Chocolate Rain x KO Kush)), never ran before, she’s a lady!) Caramel Candy Kush I will try to post again soon to catch you up on where this is at soon, I am a week behind on pics. thanks for looking and feel free to comment and what not, it's that dialog that helps keep these threads moving. enjoy
  2. ok.so i really have to know clue on what and how.i.should be feeding i have age old organics. i guess im just cunfused on what to use besides grow and bloom and what should be used in between im growing lady cane and esk said to train on low nutez. any advice or what not would be helpful. here is what i got alittle explanation of some would.be good.help for what and when i should use it.
  3. Spring (in my part of the world, anyway!) is almost here... and that means that a lot of your dormant landscape plants are just about ready to start kicking off their growing season. In that spirit, I thought I'd share a neat little tip that I learned from an organic fruit tree grower that I met at a class on plant propagation a few years ago. Willow plants - the shrub/tree that provide us with landscape plants, soil erosion control and summer shade - are naturally high in the plant growth hormone Auxin at the tips of their branches in early spring, especially when they first begin to bud up and leaf out. Old-school plantsmen would sometimes take a few cuttings from a willow - crush them up - put them in a bucket of water and then soak their fruit tree cuttings in this solution for a few days before planting them out in a cold frame to root - simply on the basis that a bare willow stem will almost always root so long as it's not dried out - they saw it work in theory - but didn't understand the science behind it. Auxin is water-soluble - so you can actually make a 'rooting tea' from the bruised and crushed tips of any common species of Willow by cutting a few cups-worth of the growing tips from a healthy plant, bruising or crushing the plant material a bit, placing them in a quantity of water to cover and letting it steep for a day. You then strain off the water from the plant mass and place it in a sealed jar in a refrigerator until you're ready to use it. When that time comes, pour off enough to steep your cuttings up to the first internode that will be the source of your roots and let them stand in the solution for 24 hours - and then plant them into your soil/soilless mix of choice. Refrigerate the rest of the solution for your next round if you like - it should keep, sealed for the rest of your growing season if the water you started with is free of any nasty bacteria - willows also contain salicylic acid in their bark - which some of you may recognize as the precursor to that modern wonder-drug, Aspirin. With the increase in organic growing fans, I thought that this was a perfect time to pass this tip on. Any comments or feedback is welcome, of course... and as always, your milage may vary - but best of luck in your grows. Peace, BB
  4. wonton

    GK vs BB

    Ola Folks, So then, I have been given samples of the full Guanokalong range and the full BioBizz range to go about comparing the two against each other in as fair a manner possible. Ultimately the goal is to understand how the different feeds compare against each other. As well as this there is a sideline test of a weekly addition of AACT going on. 16 as similar as cuttings as possible from the same healthy mother. An 8-9 week flowering cheesey/SN1 type plant. Initially these are all planted into Biobizz Light mix into 6L Air prune pots. I chose BB Light mix as its a fairly weak soil, so the inputs im using while in these pots should have more affect. PM Granules used when potting up on all. During veg in these pots, 8 will be fed on BB liquid feeds, and 8 will be fed using the GK grow and some light top dressing. I will update on the exact quantities of each used as the weeks go on. They will then go into 20L Air prune pots. 8 BB ones into BB Allmix, and the 8 GK ones into the GK soil, again using each brands nutrient/amendment range as required through until fully flowered. Exact quantities of each used will be detailed each week. For the sideline AACT trial, 4 out of each 8 plants will once a week receive a dose of AACT. More details on the tea also to follow.
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