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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys/Gals I was wondering can the community help me here please!!! Can anyone who use tents share the prices that their tent cost them, just the tent not kits, the dimensions of these tents, the brand used and if possible a link to the companies website below or the grow-shop in the comment section of this post. Also If use could explain the benefits and flaws of each particular tent and brand that you have experienced, would be very helpful?!! This would be fantastic if you guys could help me as I’m trying to comprise a complete list of tent prices and I’m coming across so many different prices it’s difficult to figure out which tent/brand is the best Much appreciated Johnbong
  2. this is now my seccond grow all the first daid now have 4 bigger plants met prolems en some smaller plants also met problems 1 have now 2 plants in flowering and the rest pregrowing all have problems see pics ph is 6.5 room temp 25 17 at night plants are in gold lable special mix the big plants are in 25l POTS by my big plants they go yellow and krul up and down and i see some (strains) they are starting to make flowers and there 1,5 week in and the leaves dai my smaller plants are under 75W tl seedling light and i give them once every week rootbooster/algra grow of plagron the other times i give them water only 6,5 ph one week ago i flusht my plants but no inprovements so my questions what the hell is going on my big plant are flowering can they still restore the leaves, or just bud with it my smaller plants how can i restore the yellowness and get them to nice green plants thnks btw for the help and i will update again cheers jhsmoking
  3. Ok, I have encountered something I have not seen before in my area, and need opinions on what this is and how to correct. I am still in veg and want this resolved before flipping. Also want to know if you have had experience with the remedy, how long would it take to recover. Everything looks very healthy but I found a few white spots on some leaves today. I had left the garden alone for 2 days, so upon inspection on my return I am surprised to find these spots. They definately dont look like bugs/pests, I am wondering about mildew, but never had a mildew issue before, and curious as to what could bring that on as environment seems to be the same as usual and I have grown many cycles through this system. This is a Lollypop plant from Leprechaun seeds, and it is the only plant that I am finding exhibiting this. I am I just dont want it to spread and infect others and also need to correct anything that could be cuasing this before I get into budding. I added a second fan this morning, to make sure its not just too humid or if the air is not circulating enough in there. I am just unsure that is what is causing this and looking for help. There are no buds yet, dont even know if its a male or female. Should I wash the plant, or is there a dip? Is this even something to worry about? Any help and advice is appreciated. -Starin
  4. hello growers my first plants daid to badd now i have buyt good seeds and put them in plagron light mix and seedling soil they are now under a 400W hpit lamp dimpt to 250W they are now one week old my plants see pics starting to get yellow and are hanging my first grow i was giving them to mutch feed and water think so this time i give them only water on ph 5.8/6.0 once every 2/3 days 150 ml that is good i think i also got a 75W tl is that better for the young onces? cutting light please help me i dont want my young onces again to dai
  5. Hello opengrow, I really need all the help I can get! Since I have relocated not a single grow in my new room was satisfying, because I had big problems in every run and got nearly nothing out of them. I wanted to give it a last try with different soil, other pots, less light (maybe if the exhaust isn't strong enough), permanent pH measuring of the water and weighing the pots every time before I water them - but the problems just start to appear again! The plants are currently in ~2,5L pots with a bit Light mix (BioBizz soil) in the bottom and potting soil in the upper area. They will be repottet again in 6,5l - 11l pots in the next days but first I wanted to ask for your advice. Last times the problems started very similar and ended up in a disaster. Now I want to do everything to safe this one grow! If you are interested, you can just have a look on an older grow: https://www.opengrow...ecrotic-leaves/ As I had no similar issues in my grows at my old city (without measuring pH or anything), I thought that it could be something with my water here. So I started this new grow to mix the faucet water with destilled water. (7:3 ratio) Also I correct the pH with a bit phosphoric acid to about 6,7. From the info of the city my fauced water should have a ~0,33 EC. (Of course without the destilled water.) 6 days ago the plants started to get yellow leafes on the very bottom and because until now I only used potting and light mix soil, I just gave once nutrients. (Hesi Vegi, 2,5ml/liter) Now the problem with necrotic spots on the leafs is here again and I really need to stop that! Please have a look on the pictures and give it a try. Tell me if you need any additional info and I will deliver it. (I use just 75W this run, because the other runs with 150W or 150W+75W were all just a waste of power and money.) Could it be, that the aqueducts in this (old) house are too calcified or something? Or is this a maybe a fungus which infests my cab alle the runs? I'm really desperating about it. Thanks for any advice again! It would be lovely if you could escord my (maybe) last try to grow and get something to smoke... flip
  6. Volt

    OG Chat

    So we talked about this lately with "blower" and we came to understanding that we need to do something about current state of opengrow chat room... it is really dying and some of you stopped coming to it instantly after some random arguments with people like little children do in a sandbox.... in the mean time i had some law issues so i couldnt pop in and when i got a chance to, and saw what was done in the time i was off i was really amazed by the metric ton of shit that happened there. I remembre when i first came here i poped on chat and there were plenty of peeps there warr, maveric, boggart, nathalie, phazed, quarter, hupla, blower and others and its been like that for good few months sometimes peeps like esco popped and there were some arguments about breeding and random grow stuff, it were fun times for reall and we got a chance to know each other from around the globe we got to exchange recipes for food mixed with weed, how we smoke, what we enjoy doing most time when we are sober/stoned etc. But lets get to the core of the problem, we came to understanding that we need to make it alive once again and we invite you all to come there from time to time and chat with us once again and bring that lovely place to life once again. Sorry for grammar got a bit rusty lately P.S. I know that the "lovely" part sounded little homo but who the fuck cares ! Cheers Volt
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