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Found 7 results

  1. Thankyou very much to HillCrest for gifting me some Kronocaine seeds, with permission from Sannie he gave away some pearler strains to some very lucky Open Growers. The seeds are in Rockwool starter cubes after being soaked for 36 hours, 2 are showing tails so it's all gunna happen now. There are no pics but you can all imagine what a small rockwool cube with nothing poking out of it yet looks like.
  2. Hello OG, I've been growing in a 5x5 space scrog style. I just moved into a new apartment and I have dedicated a 2.5x2.5x5ft closet to growing. I'm rocking some quantum LEDS but Im tied in a dilemma with my space. What would be the best approach for yield here? One plant SCroG'd in a 5gal. or many plants in a SoG style. If you were to chose the SoG style what size pots would you go with. I have a plant limit of 12 going on including the mother.
  3. So here it is my first grow report... I was going to backdate pictures etc to the start of my grow but i figure its a semi perpetual SOG so it will be all the same soon enough anyway. About the grow cabinet: 1200w x 600d x 1800h (8 square feet) DIY CXB3590 lights on 2 fixtures, set apart so there is 1 COB evenly over every square foot running at 50w each (50w per square foot) on at midnight off at midday flood and drain system table is flooded 9 times per day for 5 minutes, 2 hourly while it is cooler at night and hourly during the day. 4 inch extraction fan with carbon filter 5.5 inch square pots fits 31 in the tray and a space left for the overflow/inlet Strains: Dinafem- Big Kush G13 Labs- Pineapple Express Sannies Shop- Herijuana, Jackberry, C99xBBC freebies. Big Bud- Gifted cuttings Now for some pictures I guess: Light and pump timers attached to the roof of the cabinet and the extraction outlet hole. 6 inch oscillating fan and one of the DIY LED modules. Light trap for the intake on the left and reservoir on the right. Mother/clone setup with storage and a drying rack, this has some extraction from the 4 inch fan used by the flower cab. Flowering cab in full view. Sannies gear in flower regime from seed with some Pineapple Express in the background. Big Kush that was cut a couple of days ago. An experimental graft to rootstock while taking some cuttings to see if it will heal and grow faster than clones. One of the midget Big Kush plants was pollinated with herijuana. Any criticisms are welcome, and i have some questions to come but thankyou for reading my first log entry.
  4. Greeting Opengrow, Time to stop diddling around all the time with growing. (Im sorry, I get a little bored sometimes) This topic is to showcase a few genetics in a nice simple, perpetual fashion I will be good and do my best to put on a good show Starting up we have: 2x 1000mm x 2000mm Flood and Drain tables filled to 100mm depth. (1x filled with 50/50 Perlite/Coco, the other 70/30 Perlite/Coco) Over each table I have a Dimlux 1000w DE Fixture @ 1000mm above table. In the middle of the room on a light mover rail, I also have a Solistek 400w 10K bulb for extra UV Drain to waste, using EWC tea and 1x dose per week of BAC Organic Bloom @ 2ml/L First run of genetics are: Sour Amnesia (Hortilab) Kali China (ACE seeds) Critical Mass (Unknown) Enjoy!
  5. Hey, I have a 750w COB LED unit from Hydrogrow LED. The link still says 450-900w as I thought it would be, but my watt meter told me another story, they gave me a 100 USD refund and renamed from 900w to 750w... https://www.hydrogro...29-P162C59.aspx I was going to do a 9 DWC grow with my cuttings. However I only have 9 left, in bad condition. So today I put 20 feminized KF and 5 feminized Kolossus to germinate.. Using this method; http://sensiseeds.co...erminate-seeds/ And I have that plate on a low wattage reptile heatmat so the temperature is just perfect for germinating.. I am fixing the some of the lids of the DWC buckets (40L, with some 30l of water) with 5 sites instead of the one site, to plant these babies into.. Does it sound this will work? And anyone, for example SANNIE would you happen to have any ballpark idea what kind of yield to expect from straight seed "SOG" 'ing these two strains? 10g per plant? 20? 30? The space will be roughly a 150x150cm area with these 9 buckets in a square, 37 plants total. The KF will probably be better suited for my plan, but I have both already germinating so happy times, happy times...
  6. Hello all just some pics of my first indoor grow transplantation these from a hydro to soil an experiment i did i failed big time more to come be safe all
  7. Here are some pictures of my new grow. They just got planted 2 days ago. Im lettin them grow for a few few days so they can come out of shock. Ill be flippin the lights to 12-12 in a day or two. Ill have more photos as she progresses. Peace
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