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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, this is a public forum with a variety of personalities. We have smart people , we have dumb people, we have normal well adjusted people and crazy motherfuckers. All types. About twice a year I have a complete stranger pm me and ask me to commit a felony. Would a normal , intelligent person walk up to a stranger and demand they buy them lunch? Even better, would they ask that person to steal them lunch? Sounds idiotic right? But it happens on the boards. I got an email from a person with no posts, no pics and no participation asking me to send him cuts to France. When I politely declined, he then asked to be Facebook friends and reveal our real world information so we can be real friends. I gave a two word reply starting with F. I'm assuming this is a cop or a moron. Use common sense. None of us are friends. I don't know any of you. You have no idea who the fuck I am . It's an imaginary community. Don't risk your freedom. Annually, we hear about people getting busted and being recruited by cops to set up growers through the Forums. Ask Joe Shmoe about how he went to jail sending what he thought was medicine to a so called cancer patient. I've gotten all these as requests multiple times: "You don't know me, but my dad has cancer, can you send me some weed for him?" -or- .... I read chemd is a good form of cancer treatment, can you send me that cut? "Hey man, you have GSC right, give it to me, I've been a big contributor to the forums." "Hi, would you drive hours to buy seeds for me from in Santa Cruz that I can't get here in England and then mail them to me?" "We are friends right? I've read your posts and you've read my posts, that makes us friends. Please buy me these hard to get nutrients and mail them to me. I'll pay you for your time." "Hi, I don't know you, but I plan on going to California. I was wondering if I could stay with you for a week or two. I don't have a credit card so I can't rent a car, would you mind driving me around as well?" It's fucking nuts. Use common sense and don't be anyone's fool. FWIW, I've never asked anyone for any clones and I've never gotten them from a dispensary . They have been given to me from people I know and trust. If someone wants to give you something, you'll be the first to know. We had a grower create a handle to pretend to be his daughter with cancer and ask for cuts. ( Big V) , A grower sent a few lbs of weed to a crazy person on the boards named Oxirous who referred to himself as "we". As soon as he got all the weed, he kept it, never sent the money and stopped posting under that handle. The person who sent it was an adult. The recipient was an 18 year old living with his parents pretending to be older. The person you imagine the handle to be is fiction. Sometimes , sad motherfuckers , create a bullshit online persona to compensate for what they are not. There was a moderator on this forum whose entire life he shared with his "friends" was a complete fabrication until his world fell apart. He also had multiple handles pretending to be friends of his. Crazy shit. The morbidly obese guy who brags about all the women in his life..... I could go on. USE COMMON SENSE.
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