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Found 4 results

  1. So as a final decision #12 is not a keeper. Having overly long internodes, taking the longest to finish. Lacking the sweet intense smell flavor punch of others. But she does dish it out. Will incluide her in the O.P. of course. She smokes great. Yield was good, but the buds were lacking in bag appeal. Breaks apart easily and smokes smooth if expansive. Lingering unnamed sweet taste on the tongue. Good anitidepressant and appetite increaser. so yeah, great weed, just not as good as the top 3. Life is a bitch, a harsh mistress pick the...
  2. So I have some plants I want to hit with pollen from an E$ko C99. Last time I did this I thought I was real careful but made too many seeds for my liking. I plan on removing the plants one at a time and using a small paint brush to dust lower buds. Now my question is, if I do this how long does it take the pollen to work? Can I dust them and then must water all over them a few minutes later or is there a set amount of time for pollen to take? Any tips or secrets appreciated--thanks, G
  3. dear OPGers, happy new year. this is E$kob@r's HOLY PRINCESS (Santa Maria -Planck X C99 -Pineapple) first i would like to start off by sharing this drawing that my wife made. she felt deeply inspired by the eskobar strains that i have been growing. so she drew this a few weeks ago. i hope you guys like it as much as we do ... (i even made a t-shirt of it *LOOOL* ) okay, so let's start the report ... i germed 5/5 holy princess without a problem (only 2 days) in last november. due to unexpected space issues they were kept in only 1l pots (cuxin light mix) for approx 40 days ... poor little raskals this is them on day 19 under 2x 55w PL-L (840) after a way too long time in the little pots they were transplanted to a 45l crate of soil (a little under 12 gallons, i think) with (organically) pre-nuted soil from cuxin. they did not recieve anything but a little grow fert a week before transplant (bio bizz), only a little bacto-tap every other week or so. so as you can see ... they transformed into 3 unhappy, hungry bitches *hahaha* you can see that the five weeks in the little pots hurt them. but now they finally had some room to stretch their feet 40 days of veg under 2x 55w PL-L (250w MH, crate-veg day 1) then i snapped them bitches and put them in the tent ... ... and put the foil between light and plant-tops for higher humidity boost for the next two weeks. ... a week later ... (47 day of veg - crateveg, day 8) ... and after two and a half weeks under the screen they got flipped. (18 days crate-veg, 58 days of veg in total ... that was yesterday and they were quite thirsty.) holy princesseseses (lol) expected flo-time is: 9 weeks (+/- a few days) i hope you have enjoyed the ride so far ... i'll put up the next update with new pics in about a week or so. and no worries, fellas ... i will take pictures after giving water next time *lol* many greetings, SAN
  4. Hey Esko, I've noticed the Santa Maria seeds in the freebee section of the shop. I think I read in Lexn's thread that the genetics are Santa Maria aka Planck... could you tell us about it? As a south American strain described as uplifting & spiritual I was thinking a long flower time, but the webpage says 7-8 weeks or 8-9 weeks depending where you read. Is this a stable strain or more wild like some of the mexican & columbian strains ( that really have a long flower ) ? For those of us that haven't experience the real thing, please describe your Santa Maria for us! thanks
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