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Found 6 results

  1. dear fellow growers, i have playing around with my current favorite smokes and came up with this cross. please feel free to follow me into this seedline and see what she holds to please all growers interested. i started of six beans and they were all up after three days. here they are on day 7 since they showed me some green. they stood in 0,2 joghurt-cups (light mix with UK myccos, watered with liquid bacto and a neemoil-karanjaoil-solution). potted up into 3,5 liters after 14 days of veg (light mix, also) ... here they are on day 21 since germination.
  2. I am popping the Nigerian from Derg Corra Collective and I’m looking for any info anyone has on this cultivar. I believe these are a repo by Bald Man Lala of afropips stock. Thanks, G
  3. Hey there fellow Open Growers! To be discreet I'm writing this grow-log in fifth person, so every sentence starts out with: “I heard from this guy who told somebody…” Never done a grow report before and figuire this will be a good test ground for learning. IMO it's about damn time for me to do a grow show here. Been here a couple years and lurked a bit more. Mostly this grow show is about Holy LUI. Eskobar's sexy, dreamy and sweet Holy Princess. Breeder Steve's (S.O.L.) Legends Ultimate Indica F1 males. They could be a match made in heaven. This one is thanks to Santero who made this cross. Good job, my friend. Eskobar has made some awesome gear. Holy Princess specifically is an F1 cross of Santa Maria plank cut X C99 pineapple pheno. Distinct drool on my shirt sweet and skunky smells with a dreamy high. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Holy_Princess/Eskobar_Seeds/ Back in the day I wanted to grow me some LUI and never got around to it. A Spice of Life strain by breeded Steve, which was an F1 of Ortega X Sweet Tooth BX2. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Legends_Ultimate_Indica/Spice_of_Life_Seeds/ Many thanks to Santero. You're humility, knowledge and hard work never fails to impress me. |------------------------- ♢♢♢ Let us get this show on the road ♢♢♢ I started with 12 nicely colored mature seeds. Dropped into a SANta mug with luke-warm water and dilute H2O2. Kept low 80'sF and in the dark. Then paper towels until I saw tap roots from all but two. Followed that by planting in seed starter medium with some bennies and limited goodies. Still in the dark and @ low 80'sF All excited and concerned. Such a cool cross and tons of potential. please pop, please pop 11 of them out of 12. Very acceptable. (I worked the # 11 seed over for a month, but no-go.) So #s 1-10 & 12. All 11 are showing vigor. They have that cute baby look. Just like any other canna baby at this point. Low wattage 4200K fluo. for the seedling stage before 1st transplant. I cannot wait until they get a little older and the terpines start assailing me with yumminess. Just a couple few days later they began showing slightly different leaf traits. Some small amount of stem color influences are faintly noticable. Also a bazillion trichome hairs. Smells were already exuding from a few if I got up close. After about a week in the lil coco cups I am seeing tap roots out the bottoms. I transplanted up to 1 gallon containers with ammended recycled organic soil mix. And moved them under a mix spectrum T5HO leaning toward blue.
  4. Has anyone grown or tried red Heri fruit bud from Da Bean Co.? Was wondering if this is as potent as regular herijuana?
  5. Well this may be my last run for awhile so I hope I give you some eye candy. The lineup is as follows 1-apollo 13 f4 1-rosetta stone f2 1-Maury P. X C99 1-blueberry x romulan x Heri 1-Twisted fruit 1-psychosis x huckleberry kush 2-Legend's Ultimate Indica 2-Santa Maria x C99(my own ver. Of holy p) So out of these I hope for 6 females-fingers crossed! I will veg for prob. Two weeks at 18/6 with 400w MH then flip and go to solis Tek 400HPS. I sm worried about these indicas not getting any size running 12/12 from seed like last grow. If there is a stud among them I will harvest pollen and do some slinging. Thanks to all who gave--you know who you are--if not read the tags(Mr. D) everything is almost up in 16oz solos in light warrior. Pics soon OGers----G
  6. I am curious how long I should leave sprouts in 16 oz solo cups full of FFLightwarrior before transplanting in 6x6 square pots. Also does anyone know what a 6x6 square pot is equivalent to in gallons? Thanks OGers. -----G Oh, on a 18/6 schedule with 400w HID
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