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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, im thinking of doing a bit of a journal for my up coming Selene grow, ive got a couple of issues with posting pics, cant copy any codes with my phone, so would peeps help me get them to the thread if i can get em to my gallery? Ive not got loads of time so veg will be minimum possible time max 10 days in xl bubblers 70 liter (2 plant) x 2 got to get all set up, but ive ive got 2 pheno selected of selene 1 x pink/purp ive dubbed miss rose and a green Blue K leaner with perfect structure & both have chunky yield potential. Ill put a couple of pics in my gallery of the ladies. 1 st time bubbler grow, so maybe mess up at times. Hazy.
  2. Hello Peoples, It's been a while, everything is behind me know, but I'm still not growing yet (smoking good herb though!), don't have a location and still laying low for a while. But one of my buddies that I had given some of my seeds to decided to make a run outdoors this season of Selene, keep in mind this pack was over two years old (sealed and refrigerated), not growing but helping HAHAHAHAHA!! We started the seed back in Feb. indoors with a 90% germ rate,....not bad after 2 + years, veg'd a couple weeks then cut back lights to sex, ended up with 50 50 male / female, 1/2 of the males had purple flowers (will post up some pics of them too). We picked 4 females out of the group put back into veg and took clones which we rooted and moved outside early spring after frost........ see picture for results, our mother will come from this group! Hope all is well with all my friends on here.... Indican, I know you will enjoy this, since Selene is a fav.....actually it was you who persuaded me to give this strain a try. If you want kick ass bud with yield and is fast enough to hit outdoors this is one to grow!! Now with this said, Silverfields is still my number one from Sannie and I miss the Fuk out of it, I hope I get to grow it again someday.....smoking some balm ass weed, but nothing touches it. Selene is fuking close, real close! I'm throwing a bud shot up on show your bud porn, a nice fat purple one! Pictures were taken 09_29 Best to all! Baq
  3. It's been a while... After some runs on rfx/hydro i wanted to do an bio/organic grow. Also the jars of organic grown herb are empty so its time to fill them jars up. This grow im going to use an scrog. The Selene i'm using has an purple'ish colouring. She goes 8-8,5 weeks 12/12 till the chop. Set up Dr120 tent Gavita 600/750 DE 550m3 extraction fan 460m3 carbon filter 3 60L/16 gallon tubes 50% peat moss 25% cocopeat 25% vermicompost 30 buffertabs Mycho Bacto The plants had 4 weeks of veg under 72watt fluo. Today first day in the tent. Will veg them for a week than will flip to 12/12. An new update with better pics soon... Gr, Worm
  4. Time 4 another grow another log. This grow is started already, about 3.5 weeks into veg and flipping to 12/12 today. So I will be posting a few updates in short order to catch you up to speed. Before I get too deep here is a shot of some oil I recently ran from some seed plants I made. I like to start with something interesting to look at. Got a great yield off it over 3 grams off 14 grams of material. This is a mix of Blue Chem, Caramel Candy Kush and KO Kush. So thick and delicious and hits you like a sledgehammer right between the eyes. Hit too much and makes even a veteran like me, eyes water, have watched very experience smokers gasp for breath and choke for minutes. gud stuff So as for this grow....I will be running a mix of seedlings and clones, I enjoy variety over mass production. Seedlings: 2-Selene F2 (one is clone, I have confirmed this is female already) 1-Casey Jones x Green Manalishi (Unknown) - was running 2 and confirmed that the other was a male so pulled him as to not waste space/light 1-Blue Chocolate x Ms Universe 1-Caramel Candy Kush x Blue Chem 1-Lollypop (Leprechaun seeds - C99xRomulan) As for clones: 2-Caramel Candy Kush 1-Blue Chem 1-Chocolate Rain 1-Chocolate Rain x KO Kush 1-KO Kush I am most interested in adding some new tastes and continuing my process of rolling some mothers out, this session has a mother of a CCK and the Blue Chem going in for final flower... For more detailed info on the clones, here are previous logs. https://www.opengrow...chocolate-rain/ https://www.opengrow...in-some-clones/ Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Bloom: Hydroponics, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. Only holds about 4-4.5 gallons. 12 sites SCROG net can be implemented for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Mothers/veg (4-blueT5) Next post from me will be a week at a time to get you up to speed and they will hopefully come fast so I can keep it rolling fuego
  5. Hi OG´s, I don´t have alot of time but still wanted to do a little grow report. Just started a new grow with Selene and some freebees I had. From the 10 Selene beans just 8 sprouted, also try´ed to drop some KF 40 x KF 7 beans but they didn´t crack. Now I´ve put 5 CJ x GM beans to sprout and make sure I got enough lady´s in the room. Also have 3 fem kolossus beans waiting to sprout. This round I have a new toy to play with. It´s an Gavita 750W dubble ended light hope it will bring me some more dank than the 400W, also got a new home for my lady friends it´s a Mammoth Pro120. Next week some pica´s from the little baby´s. Gr, Worm
  6. Bonjour mesdames et messieurs Hello opengrowers So this is my first grow on this forum, I appreciate being here with you and sharing the joy of seeing wonderful plants grow into even nicer Buds! Here with me is a long flowering Selene Pheno, a big-headbud Madshack Pheno and a crazy tasting and beautiful smelling fast flowering Grapefruit Sativa They all grow in 10Liters of coconut fibers and get Canna-Coco as food and clear Swiss mountain water to drink Enjoy
  7. Wanted to get a journal going here for these beans I have going, just popped them a few days ago, I was going to wait on these, but I got them and decided instead to unwrap my package as I walked into my grow room and tossed them immediately into some dirt, funny how things change so quickly! Here is the lineup: 10 X Selene - Reg 2 X Chemdawg X Heribei (extra freebies I got) - Fem 2 X Dinafem Cheese (old freebies I wanted to check out) - Fem 2 X DNA Genetics Sour Kosher (also freebies from the tude) - Fem In all honesty I just want to get rid of my stuff from attitude as I have a feeling I will be buying almost exclusively from Sannie's shop from here out, everything just looks ridiculously delicious, already have some Blue Hammer on the way with Blue Santa freebies, as well as some Shiva X C99 freebies from this order. I will be taking cuttings from everything and picking a good male from the Selene bunch to collect pollen and seed out any decent phenos from the others to see what becomes of those. All organic growing, Roots organics 707 as base, some added perlite, EWC, seabird/bat guanos (just a skosh) and some all-purpose organic ferts in 3 gallon fabric pots (Smart Pot brand for the 6 freebies, Aurora Innovations brand for the Selene) Being fed *gasp* water and some AACT's, bit of kelp, nitrogen fish ferts as needed. Also have some aloe plants I keep around to mix in, great for foliars and cloning, lots of hormones in aloe gel, I would highly recommend keeping a few of these around. Currently vegging under 1200w (2 X 600) MH in a 4'X8'X7' high tent. Nothing fancy just built it up myself but hey, I spent $50 and its sturdy and works, lined it with some tarps and reflectix I had laying around. Selene was all germed on the 5th, the other 6 germed the day before. None of the selene showing yet, but on the right side all but 1 Cheese have showed tiny sprouts which makes me happy. If there is a better way to do pictures than my creating an album and linking it here please let me know, first time posting here on Open Grow, just wanted to get this up asap. Comments, questions, concerns, and hate are all welcome. Brought to you from the beautiful mountains of Colorado.
  8. Trying to post pics again ... Tried in the intro yourself forum but i dont see a selection for pics so im lost maybe someone can guide me lol never had a prob so it may be cause in a new poster in these boards if not I'll have Indican post for me .... Peace, KindBudz
  9. First of all my first grow went outstanding with killing fields and santa maria! It was the first time i actually spent time with my father. After coming home from the middle east injured, his knowledge and my willingness to do whatever was needed made the time fly by. Now Fellas and ladies, here is day 0 of the grow report! I'm super pumped to test out this Blue Santa!! I've had several friends and family say the santa maria was some of the fruitiest sweetest tasting bud that hit them hard in a long time, so I'm very excited to say the less. However, Due to space limitations, I think I might only be able to grow one of each right now, I will be potting them and taking pictures tomorrow. with the specs on everything. Has anyone grown this strain yet? or the Selene and Extrema? If so, any tips and or pointers? Light and Love-
  10. I have an amazing Soul Assassin OG and an Amazing pink pheno of the selene. And working at the hydro store I work at we just recieved in a shipment of Tiresias mist, which can basically create feminized seeds like silver colloidal by reversing the sex of one of the strains. My question was, and with the input I'm going to do a grow journal, Which strain should I reverse the sex of to dust the other? Should I hit the OG with the mist and use that pollen to dust the selene? Or vice versa? The Soul Assasin Cut of the OG is definitely a true ten weeker OG, not a cross. And the Selene I have is a 9-10 weeker that is fucking beautiful, I chose her out of 16 other girls so I got a really good keeper. Well, whatever the choice, I'm gonna be starting this grow within the week. Any feedback or opinions anyone has would be much appreciated. Here is a pic of the Soul Assassin I have flowering at 8 weeks. She still has two more to go. Pure Kerosene Fuel. This pheno is 70-80% Sativa so I thought the Pink Selene I have would be a good mate. Thanks for the feedback OpenGrow Growers. LAOGROW =D P.S. The Green Light from the picture is from the Green LED I use to check out the plants in the dark so I don't have to hit them with real light and shock the girls.
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