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Found 4 results

  1. It has to start somewhere.... Before I dive into my antics underway, here are a few bud shots from my last grow. Personally I like seeing bud shots when I open OG MzDrzz Took another run with this clone great structure on the plant and phenomenal flowers.some of the densest foxtails I have encountered. From Sinister Seeds Cut at 70/71 days Dried and pre cure….. KA Kush (she had PM come back again, she is on her last run now..) Also Sinister Also ran me some Dynasty Seeds Caramel Candy Kush: Clipped around 70-74 days. look @ the frost on the undercarriage here…. And also had a nice run of some E$cob@r Chocolate Rain, still loving on this plant, she gets some hard foxtails too. Had some changes in real life, I moved into a 95% work from home role when my company closed our local office. This afforded me the opportunity of grabbing some office supplies and as part of those activities secured a couple more cabinets. As such, about a month ago I converted one, so now I have thing 1 and thing 2, Needless to say should be extra productive as I have increased my space. I am going to stagger them and hopefully get to the point of harvest every 4-6 weeks. So here are some basics for the run, I will have two setups: Thing 1 - the original cab. Same setup as usual, 400 W digital ballast in a vented hood, hydro system, 12 spots. I am running a new nute regimen this round from mbferts. They have their own powdered food and since they have been great on other merch, figured I would give this a spin, especially since my local hydro guy decided to flip the script and drop my jungle juice, so check in on this journal if you have looked into their nutes, I’ll be using them and will share and report results. I also implemented a Solistek MH 6K, for veg in Thing 1, plants are responding well, and definitely seeing some nice growth. This cab has been in Veg now for just about 3 weeks. Thing 1 Lineup: (4) Chucky Bride (3) Sugar Punch (2) MzDrzz (Ms U x Drizz) (1) Chocolate Rain (1) KO Kushx(CJxGM) (1) Lemon thai Thing 1 Thing 2 - new cab, been in bloom for about 3.5 weeks, Running a 400W Magnetic ballast bare bulb setup, hortilux, inspired by Indi, I have to give this method a try. Also changed things up and I am running a organic soil mix, based mainly around the Rev’s formula, but I don’t have feather meal and few other ingredients (oyster shells, alfalfa husks and a couple other). I’ll post a list of whats in here in a bit, once I pull that up. I am excited about the christening run for this voyager, she is getting some of my older Mom’s and some other plants I had that just needed to get going. Some of the Mom’s had PM a cycle ago, and PM came back to visibly show itself around week 4 in the last flower run, I am done with the struggle and sending them for final bloom. Thing 2 is planned to be about 4 weeks ahead of thing 1 in general, this should afford me with more turns. Her current lineup: (3) KA Kush (2) KO Kush (4) Caramel Candy Kush (1) Chuck Bride (1) MzDrzz (Ms Uni x Drizz) (3) Raining Caramel Kush ((CRxKOK)xCCK) (1) (CRxKO Kush)x Blue Chem (2) DeathStar x (Huck/Silverfield/Choco Rain?) ((2) diff pheno) Overall in here things are looking great. Soil seems to be holding its own and allowing me with some more flexibility, as soil affords me some freedom to move things around that I just don’t get with Hydro. Thing 2 KA Kush MzDrzz Overview of box Week 2: Week 3: Death Star x Huck Kush (these were test clones for determining sex, I have two females!! KO Kush Brain Rain x Blue Chem (Personal Cross I made (Brain Rain (Chocolate Rain x KO Kush)), never ran before, she’s a lady!) Caramel Candy Kush I will try to post again soon to catch you up on where this is at soon, I am a week behind on pics. thanks for looking and feel free to comment and what not, it's that dialog that helps keep these threads moving. enjoy
  2. Here we go boys and girls... Going to document a bunch of strains in one thread, so the slower folks and those who like to dab too much may want to get a paper and pencil. I had a hard time keeping up with 2 or 3 threads last time even though I wanted to keep those strains in their appropriate forums. As some of you may or may not know, I like to post walls of text interspersed with lots of pics. *DISCLAIMER* Any/all comments, opinions, suggestions or whatever have you are always welcome in my threads...but if you are in the mood to troll or just be an idiot I have to warn you in advance that my og krew is pretty rough on douchebaggery. If they don't slam you for being inappropriate in one of my threads then you can rest assured I will. ******************* So with that out of the way let's get this thing started! Next med run... Gotta keep the jars full while all of these little ones grow up and strut their stuff! I am going to list all of the germ rates of each strain, which seem the most vigorous, blah blah blah...but for now just know that two of the littles ones have caught my eye! One of them is a Hammerhead from NAW Seeds. FINALLY got a chance to crack these babies, let's see what we get! The other is not a surprise to me at all, as almost everything I've gotten from this dude has been straight fire - BBSD cross (I got so confused trying to figure out the nomenclature that I'm just calling it that for now. Maybe dude will chime in with the specifics) Sugarpunch gets the vote for most vigorous so far...5 for 5 up and running and almost identical so far. They are runners for sure. Introducing - The Lemon Gangsta (thanks for the moniker, slayer) I know I've already said it, but there are some HIGH hopes for this strain. Flavor Bomb! LemonG x K.O. Kush...by the dude I'll do a proper write up as soon as I get some time. Those of you who have read my previous threads/grow reports know how I get down. Thanks in advance for checking it out and I guess you all know the drill by now... SMOKE 'EM IF YA GOT 'EM and ROLL IT LIKE YOU GROW IT!
  3. Starting up a new bloom, Thursday, November 5 will be day 1, looking to take these ladies down in january, and this is going to be the starts of a perpetual cycle for me, going to try to maximize my tent's space and the superiority of orienting my bare bulb in a vertical fashion. This is what's grown out and ready, Sinister strains are germinating and preparing to be the second wave Big Cindy, Reeferman's Big Bud x Cinderella 99, well-known, reliable for skunky pineapple flavoured buds, a sativa dom hybrid effect and a moderate yield. Mosca's C99 BX1 (plant "A") unknown except that it's female, and supposedly as close to a c99 F1 as it gets these days....we'll see Mosca's C99 BX1 (plant "B") unknown except that it's female, and supposedly as close to a c99 F1 as it gets these days....we'll see Cypress Hill LA OG, much beloved clone-only strain, well-known, reliable, moderate yields of exceptional cannabis Pre '98 Bubba Kush, long held cut, very reliable, can yield exceptionally when vegged long, topped numerous times and subjected to intensive training/care. Knockout indica in an idiot-proof to grow plant Super Silver Haze, cut from a friend, haven't run myself. Was told it finishes in "about 60-65 days" so it may be a Mr Nice Seedbank SSH? Unknown, unreliable until harvested Vanilla Kush x Lemon Thai, bagseed, sexed female. Grown from some righteous bud of the same name, seed is either from a vanilla kush x lemon thai being self pollinated, or possibly pollinated by a King Louis XIII that hermed in the same grow. Total wildcard.
  4. So here's the deal folks. I'm trying to start this thread but my router is out, cable company says I can pick one up but my work schedule says It'll be friday before I have time. So I need a favor. Put up a ton of pics in my gallery under the winter run 2014 title. Descriptions of each pic. If anybody has the time to toss them up it'd be cool. If not, fuck it, I'll wait until I get a router. Grow is 3 weeks into flower today, the sinister seeds stuff is from seed, the others were males. The seed plants were 2 weeks or so from germ only so they're behind. I'm figuring I'll let the other three run long and end up harvesting those 2 a little early. A drawback of everything coming down at once. My old core and coil took a shit 1 1/2 weeks in so I went from the 400 cmh to the 600 solistek running at 630 on overdrive, vert barebulb. 2 gallon smartpots in a mix of coco and rice hulls. Fed canna A&B, cannazyme, and calmag in RO PH about 6.0-6.2. Pretty damn simple. I'm blown away by the difference in temps going barebulb and the massive growth I'm getting. Obviously adding a few hundred watts more helped. It also means I can keep the heat off in my apartment this winter. If I grow enough to last before it gets warm, I may just dial it down to 400 for summer to keep the AC use a bit lower or even just shut down. Shutting down isn't real likely. Thanks again to Indican for making alot of this grow possible. He's sent some fine stuff my way, convinced me of the greatness of coco and canna and now got me to go bare with the solistek. You're welcome to anything in my jars any day my friend.
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