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Found 8 results

  1. 1) Blue Dream 2) Girl Scout Cookie 3) Sour Diesel 4) OG Kush 5) Green Crack 6) Jack Herer 7) Sky Walker 8) Bubba Kush 9) Fire OG 10) SFV OG REFERENCE: "The Joint Blog" (cannabis new and information) list reference: "Leafy.com"
  2. Yes - another " list " Strawberry Banana - (DNA Genetics x Serious Seeds ) (banana kush x bubblegum) -22% Golden Lemon -20-24% (DNA) God's Gift - 22% Kosher Kush - 22-25% Critial Mass - 27% Bubble Kush - 20% Mr. Nice - ( a child of the ilustrious G-13 a powerhouse stain that was supposedlly bred in secret by the government) Stardawg - 16-24 % Death Star -26- 28% (clone only, but there are about 5 hybrids strains which one can purchase (reg & fim)
  3. 10 star war strains : Death Star Master Jed's Ewok Darth Vader Shywalker OG Yoda OG Jedi Kush OG Skywalker x Skywalker OG Obi Wan Kenobi OG C3PO Any one try any of these ? have heard that Death Star is a very strong strain and might have won a "cup" ?
  4. Gorilla Glue #4 were would one purchase seeds ? Thanks ! -- having hard time finding a "bank" that offers this strain
  5. Hello friends Christmas is coming so time for NAW to throw in some presents and play for santa! This time we keep it a bit smaller as last year but the presents are fun what so ever! We will randomly choose and vote for the winners as we throw in all the names and pic 3! They will recieve: Strawberry Blues (Blue Hammer x Polar Bear) Headberry (Polar Bear x HeadCandy) Special freebee.....(Killaqueen x Hp/DsD) For the next 7 days till christmas eve you can write down your name and you will end in the big hat..... Cheers OG Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  6. Greetings to all OpenGrowers! I have been a stalker on the forum for some time. Usually I find the info I need from archived threads so I never bothered to sign up. . . . The reason I finally signed up here at OG is my recent interest in Sannies Seeds (plus the other affiliated breeders on here). I have not come across another breeder that interacts with the community in the same was as Sannie & OpenGrow. Being able to communicate direct with the Breeder is a rare thing! A little about me.... I have been growing for about six years indoors (some half ass outdoor bag seed as a teenager got me interested in growing first). I started in a 1.2m sq tent with peat/soil and 'organic' bottles of nutrients. I had patchy Internet access and had to learn the old fashioned way- by making lots of mistakes!! The usual suspects- over feeding, overwatering, high temps etc etc. it took a while before I got any decent yield but gradually I got my shit together and became a bit of a 'nerd' by reading the grow forums and horticultural literature. I found my way to Hydro by accident. A friend had failed with his DWC and gifted me a few buckets & airstones with a small air pump. Even without a separate res and wild swings in EC and pH my DWC plants out yielded the soil plants by nearly double. .. . . I was converted to hydro from then on. I ran a large (by my standards!) room 4mX5m with 56 RDWC buckets and a scrog net over the top, the yield was good and the growth was very vigorous. The big problem was acces to the back of the room, I would crawl under the net to train and trim the plants and had backaches and headaches from the awkward positions and sometimes accidentally kick or kneel on a rdwc drain hose and flood the room (getting very wet myself!).... We thought about using several smaller nets or leavin a gap round the edges of the room but the plants just grew out into any free space so access was always a bitch!! After an issue with law enforcement I learned that any cannabis plant (seedlings included) are valued at €800 regardless of size! I also learned that any drugs exceeding €13,000 meant a mandatory sentence of 10 years! (30% reduction for early guilty plea!)..... This information changed the game for me!! Instead of focusing on yield per light or per sq metre I had to start thinking in terms of yield per plant. So anything over 16 plants means 10 years in jail!! The owner of the 4mX5m room wanted less plants in the next cycle, he set a limit of 24 plants and commissioned me to work some magic! ..... This is how I got into vertical bulbs and vertical canopy. First round hit nearly the same yield as with 56 plants! The veg time was about 3 weeks extra but most of this was done in veg room so overall the cycle took an extra 10 days or so. I was running an indica Dom hybrid that I had selected for scrog, it has minimal stretch and the vertical nets had some empty space towards the top (loss of potential canopy). The guy was happy with the strain and reluctant to run any sativas due to previous fails. I knew I could get more yield with a taller strain and tried to explain my logic but anything over 8weeks was not considered acceptable. Eventually we parted way (still friends) and he runs 24 plants vertical net style and gets less yield than when I was there but puts in less effort into the training/pruning and also he gets more popcorn buds etc he doesn't smoke cannabis at all so doesn't have the same enthusiasm for quality as me. I have had a short break from growing but an opportunity has come up and I will have access to a big room again. I want to run vertical bulbs with large plants / trees. The VSCROG net is optional (labour intensive) or I might just let em grow big... I got some NL5xHaze from Sensi to get me started and from 15 fem I expect to find a keeper or 2. I ran it before in a tent and had height issues so didn't keep a mother. Now that I have lots of head room I want to 'work with the stretch' and use that extra height to get more canopy. The price was ridiculous for the Sensi Nl5xHazes but I know they are reliable. I am here on OG because I intend to run some of Sannies / Esko strains. In Ireland weed is very generic, nearly always called "ammo" or amnesia even when it is clearly indica. Boutique or "top shelf" weed commands high prices and is hard to come by. I want to be growing something that stands out from the "ammo" and "cheese". . . . Something with a good portion of sativa to give height but eleven weeks bloom would be about as long as I would go for a keeper. I am ready to try a few strains side by side and hunt for that special mother. Sannies Jack and Killing Fields caught my eye (kolossus maybe too short/ indica like?) the Sensi seeds pack was over €200 so I am thinking that I should spend the same at Sannies and get many many more seeds and some variety.... Any growers with good yieldin tall strains from Sannie & co please chime in. The Jack & Killing Fields are already on the list... What else should I be trying?? Sorry for long post!! P.
  7. Salut, salut (Hello, hello) les frenchies I do have a question concerning the avaibilty of some of your strains and mix, will they be available for purchase anytime soon? I was mainly thinking about Zamal Mystick (even though I should be able to have access to some free seeds from la Réunion) and Braindead mix and crosses such as the one with Nevil's Haze, the riri cut, among others. For the moment I think I will order the Double Jam and/or ColJam since I live almost on the equator it shouldn't be to hard for me to get them to flower till the end. Anyway guys thank you very much for saving those strains and making them available to us. Bonne chance pour la suite Amhazed
  8. I want to hear about tour favorite strains that are avalible in seed foe feel free to post pictures and what is rhe seed company. I'll start us off ny all around favorite so far that is acalible for purchase to everyone is humboltt seed org sour deisel #2 great heavy yeuldinf strain absolutley wmazing smell that reeks the place up everytime you crack that jar with an amazing energetic but yet more relaxing high great potency also. I have pictures up in my gallery check them out there was a indica dom pheno and a sativa
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