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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks to the admins/mods for validating me so quickly (registered last night). Apologies to Polder for asking for help before reading the new members forum... A brief introduction before getting to the important stuff. I'm a 52 year old guy recently diagnosed with OCPD. Not quite the same as OCD, but it has caused problems in life for me (inlcuding the loss of a job and nearly my marriage). Someone turned me on to a couple of hits of good smoke and it lifted my spirits a good deal. I actually smiled, laughed and was enjoying life for awhile! I figured it would. I used to smoke a lot in high school. But that was the late 70's/early 80's when we didn't have a clue what we were smoking. Just bought what was available when it was available... Problem is, I never found out what kind of "good smoke" this was! So I started studying, reading all I could find about strains and growing it. OCPD kicked in though and all the differing views could get more confusing for me than educational. So, I decided to just give it a try and here I am. Seed Selection: Since I don't know and can only make assumptions, I chose to go with Sannie's Fem Mix and also bought the regular Jackberry F4. For my initial grow (which I will post with pics in a more appropriate forum- probably Sannie's area unless advised otherwise), I have chosen to go with 1 seed of the feminized Killing Fields and 3 seeds of the Jackberry (hoping to get at least 1 female). I assume this combination will work without serious issue. Seeds should arrive next week. Soil: I wanted to use FFOF, but have read conflicting reviews of it. I would rather NOT use what the stores around me carry which is Miracle Gro and other like soil with fertilizer added, moisture control, etc. Just want good dirt I can rely on. I live on a horse farm and have a ton of rotted manure, but probably full of bad juju. Anyway, if I want something other than Wally World or Lowes soil, looks like I'll have to buy online. I also have a couple or few pounds of worm castings and thought I would mix that in with 30% perlite into whatever soil I go with. Also have some General Hydroponics Grow, Bloom and Micro liquid I can use (as long as it is still good. It's about a year old). Have some Neptune's Fish and Seaweed fert too. Plan to use 10" or 13" pots and leaning toward 13". Will start seeds in jiffy pots or spongepots. Lighting: I have a 4' 6-lamp 54watt T5 setup that I will use start to finish. I have 6 each of the AgroMax Grow (6400k) and Bloom (3000k) lamps. Grow Box (under construction): I tried to get creative by using two old bookcases that I have turned to face each other, spacing them far enough apart to allow my light fixture to fit into one side with enough space on the other side (with a shelf) for clones, which I will add another small floro lamp to do. I've taken some heavy white fire retardant plastic material that is used in construction with scaffolding, doubled it up and wrapped it around the backs and sides of the bookcases. I'll hang it in the front too making curtains for access. The back of the box is placed in front of a window that I've boarded up except for about 3" along the bottom so I can crack the window open for ventilation as necessary. This may turn out to be a problem as the material doesn't completely block the light that comes through, but I figure I can eliminate that by hanging mylar to line the insides of the box. I'll cut some kind of vent through the material and add a piece of 6" hose from the box to the window crack.... More in the grow thread later- with pics of it all. I'm determined to do this without asking for help. But I see that with a grow log, experienced growers often chime in when they see a problem that goes unnoticed. So I will welcome inputs but will try not to ask for them. Wish me luck!
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