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Found 4 results

  1. I picked up USC Turkish Landrace when it first hit the shop years ago, best seed purchase I ever made. Tried her outdoors in a very inhospitable location and she outperformed many long-trusted local strains. Since then I have crossed it to everything. Here are some of her offspring currently lurking in my garden. Turkish Skunk Turkish Outdoor Autoflower Double Turkish Maury Povich Turkish God's Space Needle Turkish Truck Turkish Special Indica
  2. Swamp Grow 3 (2018) Off to a late start this year, shitty weather, cold and power outages to blame; nothing new really. This time of year the swamp is flooded and inaccessible. I've started work on an area for a greenhouse and am in the process of putting it all together. I started off with 40 regular seeds this time round, 10 of each listed below. Turkish Landrace Turkish x Sweet Skunk Turkish x Hawaiian Truck (Trainwreck x Huckleberry Kush) (thanks to Islayhearts) As usual nothing ever goes as planned. The seeds have been germinating 3 days and only 6 have popped; 4 landrace and 2 Turkish x Sweet Skunk. After a couple of days the majority of the seeds have turned black and not split. In a panic I have tried germinating another 10 to 15 seeds of each variety again to hopefully get a better result along with some others I didn't originally intend to grow out this season. Added to the lineup are 5 to 15 of each: Turkish x Maury Povich Turkish x Auto Lemon Kush Turkish x Auto Climax Turkish x Duck Hybrid This could go well or really badly, who knows? At least there's a written account and some pictures. On a brighter note I came across a fat stash of buds while digging out my equipment so I've got that going for me. I still have some feminized seeds in the mail but they are taking forever to arrive. I'll update when something changes.
  3. I have some autoflowers outside in the garden this year. I have one here about 5 weeks old, she's been budding maybe couple of weeks now. These are the sort of autoflowers I usually get. This one is Lemon Kush x Lowryder crossed with last year's USC Turkish male, a very strange plant. She was germinated in March, began flowering around the middle of May and is acting strangely. Its been putting on more branches than flowers and the flowers don't seem to be structurally anything I'm familiar with. Here's a closeup of a branch to give a better impression. All the flowering stems and branches and petioles this plant spits out are caked in sticky bubblegum scented resin. Its reminds me of the resin buildup on Caramel Cough. No idea what she's doing, where she's going and when she's going to finish. What a strange plant.
  4. Turkish Landrace smoke report These are from USC, they were grown outdoors without added fertilizer. They finished big and fast. No issues with mold, weather, pests, nute deficiencies, nothing.. Appearance: Dark, airy looking buds, various sizes. Big but not dense, very leafy and looks plain and ordinary. Smell: Very little door, slightly floral but it has become faint. Taste: All plants share a dark, flat earthy taste. It immediately reminds me of Greek cigarettes. The experience is strangely similar to smoking dark tobacco, there's a certain generic quality to it. I have two phenos, one tastes a bit like wood glue but still palatable. The other is closer to bubblegum but without the sweet bottom, its more like a powdery bubblegum. Effect: Its a strong Indica. There's no narcotic buzz but it has a stone. Its different, totally natural, it has a relaxing effect but it doesn't have to get you high to do it. If I have few puffs it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it brings you down and levels off and then its satisfying without any sickly feeling. You can feel the effects right into the bone but without the body buzz and it doesn't mess with my head. Finishing a joint makes me just want to roll over and sleep. Overall: A great strain, very natural, there's no desire to smoke my brains out. This actually works exceptionally well at inducing sleep. An excellent medicinal Indica.
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