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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread. After 18 months of concentrating mainly on Phuuu's IPA it is time to move on to other adventures. I have been accumulating seeds much faster than I have been growing them so my goal for the foreseeable future is to grow an many of them as I can. Something special may come along and I'll get sidetracked for a bit but the plan is to make use of the space I have to explore my seed stash starting with the following. I've been jonesin' for some more NAW stuff so I have 3 Head Candy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) as well as 2 Green Ale (Green Manalishi x Phuuu's IPA) Fem's. Along with those I have 3 Sour Mango x Golden Diesel sprouts, thanks to StankDank30 Here'a a look at the youngsters last week. And, here they are today They just got up-potted to #2 pots yesterday. The SM x GD really droop when watered, they have really wide leaf blades as well. The Head Candy and SM x GD sprouts are all pretty consistent in appearance. The 2 Green Ale sprouts showed some difference early but are looking more alike now. I'm hoping for 3 females out of these two crosses to go along with the 2 Green Ale fem's. If I am not so fortunate I'm gonna start some Black Afghani to fill in. Looking forward to exploring all the wonderful genetics I've been able to gather. Hope you'll come along and see what we find...
  2. Black Afghani This IBL offering from USC caught my eye when it was first introduced. I was lucky enough to score a pack and my first growing attempt gave me 3 females. While they were all a bit different appearance wise they all shared a definite blueberry aroma. One was intensly blueberry while the other two also added hash and coffee to their less intense blueberry smell. After a 6 week cure it is a very enjoyable smoke. It is a smooth but heavy smoke that tastes of sweet blueberry going in with a hashy, coffee mixed with berries coming out. The intense blueberry buds remained intense through the cure. Open the jar and it smells of sweet ripe blueberries. The other two are less intense but still blueberry dominate. The buds are large and fairly dense with pointy tops. All of the plants had many buds with red/pink coloration to them. The high is fast acting and intense. Unlike many indica's this one is felt in the very bottom of my head leaving the rest clear and aware though there is some visual impact as the high progresses. The body stone is wonderful, deep reaching and long lasting. This is not really a couch lock kinda smoke as the head remains mostly functional but if too many tokes are taken it may be difficult to motivate your limbs properly. I had 3 different looking BA's but in the end I do not see much difference in their smoke. They all give the same basic effect, some minor smell or flavor difference but pretty much the same intense body driven high. Now I will try to quantify this wonderful smoke with numbers... Bag Appeal = 9 - big dense frosty buds. Smell = 10 on the intense blueberry one and 8.5 on the other two. Taste = 9 Effect = 9 As you can see I really like this Black Afghani and will definitely be running it again one day. Big thanks to Cristalin and USC for their hard work preserving this and other landrace gems.
  3. Greetings! I'm a disabled medical grower in western North America. Been studying cannabis for a few years since it was crucial in getting my PTSD to manageable levels, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this magical plant that's somehow an antidepressant, a sedative, an anxiolytic, and a stimulant. I've been working with USC's genetics for a while, so I wanted to start a thread to document their grows. I grew out Nepalma, Uzbekistan, and Triple Pakistan (and Turkish, but I got all males ) over the last year, and I've got Col'Jam, Uzbekistan F2, Nepalma F2, and a cross of the two that I've dubbed Uzbeknepanama. Instead of using just one mother for the stock, it was crossbred twice -[(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], and now the keeper phenos will be hunted, crossbred, and then selected for the most anxiolytic properties. I meticulously keep and freeze the pollen from the strong, stinky males of all strains for future breeding. My standard procedure for regs is to start them off under 12/12, wait for them to sex, then repot, top, and put under 18 hours of light until they're the size I'm looking for. The topping seems to take care of any revegging delays, and I think that if any phenos were to display herm traits they'd do it at this time as well. I use a soilless mix of perlite, peat, EWC, organic 4-4-4 fertilizer, coco coir, PFR-97 (for bugs), rock dust, dolomite lime, and humic and fulvic acids. They get fed with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro all the way through, supplemented with fishbone meal, kelp extract, micronized sulfur, epsom salts Lights are all LED, mostly Kingbrite. 600 total watts in flower, 325ish for veg. Here's the Triple Pakistan in late flower, just cut a few weeks ago. The flower space. Here's where the males live. Right now there are 4 Uzbeknepanama, 1 Sannie's Jack, and 1 Uzi F2. Another Uzi F2 and a couple of USC's Black Afghani are in the second picture, waiting to root and put on some bulk before going in here. Definitely battling some thrips here and there, I'm in an old farmhouse and they're literally in the wind. The seedlings under 12/12. 5 Col'Jam and 5 Herijuana are in the back left container, the rest are either RSC's Ukhrul, (ECSD x Amnesia), (ECSD x Moonshine Haze), and USC's Black Afghani. And here's the current veg space, with females of USC's Black Afghani, Uzbeknepanama, and Sannie's Jack. Excited to be here and learn from y'all
  4. Dear opengrow community, this year I thought about growing some autoflowering strains outdoors. I'm very interested in landrace strains and looking for some pure ruderalis like you can get from TRSC for example or Thaipan 2.0 and ruderalis crossed with another landrace like Colowryder, CBG Auto etc. (For Thaipan 2.0, Colowryder I wasn't lucky to find some up to now, so I wanted to ask the community if someone's have maybe some Colowryder or reproductions left? If you know another crossings from ruderal x landrace (NLD, BLD, WLD) please pm me. Thanks in advance and happy season for everyone Dogtowns
  5. hello all, just one topic for sharing different grow and pics by USC staff one space of grow acide (durbanXcitral) afghan seedeed (mother afghanchitral) jack herrer "candy" jack herrer "black herbouz" casey jones "peri cut" amnesia "core cut" panama red hair panama line cannabiogen reina madre line original delicatessen
  6. Welcome to Sunnyvale's Pharmacy! After one year seeing you guys have fantastic grow reports, I thought it was my turn to see what I have learned from you guys, so welcome in my 'Pharmacy'. My babies are 3-5 weeks old. I have 3 Shackzilla's 1 Herijuana x Shiva 3 Jalisco Jaze 1 Black Afghani 1 Caramel Cough x Drizella 1 Chocolate Diesel 1 Critical + (dinafem freebee) 1 Silverfields 1 G39 (KillaQueen Dom. cut) 2 JackCandy's They got 250 watt in the time they Veg. They flipped 1 jan 2018 and standing under a 600 watt with a Adjust Wing. I grow Sannies Way with PK and GK organics. I'm have allready found my father to make babies! It will be "Jaze 1", the stemrub is just so sweet hazy. I'm almost certain that my CC.DR and Black Afghani are females, my Silverfields is a lady. I think my second Chocolate Diesel is a dude, the rest are unconfirmed... The seeds i'm going to make Black Jaze and i think a sativa strain with the Jaze and Silverfields. I hope to make as much seeds to give to you guys, if not.. I must wait till the summer and make some F2's and then i can give it you guys. I have allready a name for my Sativa strain ^^. Thanks for coming by, I'll keep you updated, Sunnyvale
  7. I thought I'd start a separate thread for the Black Afghani so it is easier to find for those only interested in it. This USC creation is pure old school indica that spoke loudly to me when it was released. I was lucky enough to grab a pack before it was gone. I started 3 seeds which all popped in 2 days and were then potted in 16 oz. cups. After 10 days they were ready to up-pot to 1 gallon pots and that is where I start this report. The 3 BA's are in the back with a couple of saxo's TulaBerries in front. Fast forward 11 days and the BA's are growing like weeds. Big fat leaves and tight internode spacing on these babies. Jump another 9 days ahead and it's time to up-pot again, this time to 2 gallon pots. I am able to determine that BA #1 is female but the other 2 aren't showing yet. The BA's are the 3 on the right side below. A week later and I up-potted BA #1 to a 5 gal. pot and wait for the other two to show sex. It looks like one of them is male but not sure about either yet so I put them to 12's yesterday to hurry the process. I'll keep the girl in veg for another week or so when I'll have more space in the flower room. So, that catches you up on this grow so far. I'll have an update in a few days, cya then.
  8. Turkish Landrace smoke report These are from USC, they were grown outdoors without added fertilizer. They finished big and fast. No issues with mold, weather, pests, nute deficiencies, nothing.. Appearance: Dark, airy looking buds, various sizes. Big but not dense, very leafy and looks plain and ordinary. Smell: Very little door, slightly floral but it has become faint. Taste: All plants share a dark, flat earthy taste. It immediately reminds me of Greek cigarettes. The experience is strangely similar to smoking dark tobacco, there's a certain generic quality to it. I have two phenos, one tastes a bit like wood glue but still palatable. The other is closer to bubblegum but without the sweet bottom, its more like a powdery bubblegum. Effect: Its a strong Indica. There's no narcotic buzz but it has a stone. Its different, totally natural, it has a relaxing effect but it doesn't have to get you high to do it. If I have few puffs it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it brings you down and levels off and then its satisfying without any sickly feeling. You can feel the effects right into the bone but without the body buzz and it doesn't mess with my head. Finishing a joint makes me just want to roll over and sleep. Overall: A great strain, very natural, there's no desire to smoke my brains out. This actually works exceptionally well at inducing sleep. An excellent medicinal Indica.
  9. Bit of a newbie here guys well to the open grow forums anyway, but not to growing. Recently received I think the last pack of cheestral via sannies and thought it would be nice to do a diary/journal on the grow. Only starting with x5 cheestral seeds all have popped and are 7 days in, I've also got fem dna lemon skunk going aswell. My setup is pretty simple: 120cm width x 60cm depth x 160cm height 5" Extractor with carbon filter Advanced XTE 200 (with controls for veg/bloom) I sometimes add a 2nd LED for extra light in flower. Soil is a mix up of plant magic, ewc & perlite Wishing for at least a few cheestral females, will be posting some photos in a few weeks.
  10. What's up opengrow? I hope everyone is well. It's been a while since I started a thread here, so I figure I should get something going. As most of you probably know, Massachusetts passed recreational on Election Day, and being a resident of Mass, I'm pretty much losing my shit!! its like how Xmas felt as kid ... every day , it's a gift and I'm so thankful and happy. Anyway, I may have ruffled some feathers over the last few months , and if your feathers feel it , I am sorry, feel free to pm me or say something here. @Indican, I'm sorry I was talking shit a few months ago, I did not know the details and I was wrong. Someone in the know pmed me and sorted me out. So yeah I hope you stop in I have a beauty of one of your older crosses that is never leaving my stable . The blue choc x ms uni... the strawberry one I told you about . So in the tent right now I have that cross from Indi I call strawberry bozo, I have a nice Durghanchitral, a frosty ass OG Kush and I have a new deathstar mom and some fresh cuts, no deathstar flowering right yet though. Ok let's see if I can remember how to post pics .,,
  11. all the girls i put in this same soil mix have had the same problems. my apologize to the usc guys for my stonerdom making some beautiful genetics look a lot less awesome than they should. day 97. still a few clear triches. no amber. i think 10 ish days to cut. take a step back to show the rest of the room. also to show i can make a batch of soil that's not toxic to plants. back-side of a chocolate rain front n center with a c99 on each side. keep the dream green, d o g
  12. So this will be the topic for my growing ladies (: I have 2 topped Selene's, one untopped but will soon be Cherry Grapefruit, LA widow that was just repotted, Irie in the corner hanging on in her one gal and our likkle babies the amnesia by USC Candy kush by Esko and 2 Kinky Cheese's by eskoww, (now i still have 8 left of these lol)maybe a round with the rest the SSD Clone I flikker'd into the flower tent because it wasn't "even" enough with the rest of the babies, so now it's forced to flower hehe, but i imagined it was grown up already, only one gal but yeah, no drama Photo Time the untopped the topped Selenes Cherry Gr. ; phat indica BABIESSS and the Whole with the repot into euh, ah, 2 gal with 2 grams of myco and biotabs startrex-soil-mix Adios amigos,online familios
  13. Whhhaaaa gwan mi GENERAL'S!!!! This is Calvin here. We did order the Double Jam thinking it was the pure "LambsBread 1960" (which even tho it is not, we are greatful to sample any form of the I-tal herb) and saw a few days after that it mixup with CBG's Blue Mountain. Their herb (Jamaica Blue Mountain Weed AKA JBM)looks very similar to we Blue Mountain Weed aka BMW. I did read there was a large portion of them that are hermaphodites??? Has anyone else had this problem???? I also see CBG "ABSORBED" Underground seed? I know we are late but does that affect this forum? Shhould this be the CBG forum or will Underground seeds remain indepedent here so?
  14. Whhhaaaa gwan mi GENERAL'S!!!! This is Calvin here. We did order the Double Jam thinking it was the pure "LambsBread 1960" (which even tho it is not, we are greatful to sample any form of the I-tal herb) and saw a few days after that it mixup with CBG's Blue Mountain. Their herb (Jamaica Blue Mountain Weed AKA JBM)looks very similar to we Blue Mountain Weed aka BMW. I did read there was a large portion of them that are hermaphodites??? Has anyone else had this problem???? I also see CBG "ABSORBED" Underground seed? I know we are late but does that affect this forum? Shhould this be the CBG forum or will Underground seeds remain indepedent here so?
  15. Salut, salut (Hello, hello) les frenchies I do have a question concerning the avaibilty of some of your strains and mix, will they be available for purchase anytime soon? I was mainly thinking about Zamal Mystick (even though I should be able to have access to some free seeds from la Réunion) and Braindead mix and crosses such as the one with Nevil's Haze, the riri cut, among others. For the moment I think I will order the Double Jam and/or ColJam since I live almost on the equator it shouldn't be to hard for me to get them to flower till the end. Anyway guys thank you very much for saving those strains and making them available to us. Bonne chance pour la suite Amhazed
  16. Hi, Some USC (regular) seeds sprouted a couple of weeks, some PCK IBL#7 and some Durganchitral. Nothing really sexy to show actually. 90% germ' rate . The goal is to find a good keeper and find some deep himalayan plant. Something quite opposite of my main taste who is much more Sativa. Sativa aspect i could find in the Durganchitral, i saw some nices babes here (robo etc . Durganchitral - around day 16 24/7 CFL The PCK IBL #7 are more homogenous, as IBL it is normal, and have "Chestnut tree -like" leaves. Very vigorous, much more i was expected and climb in height quickly. They have been topped, like the Durganchitral
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