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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all... i had a little mishap with one of Sannie's free spongepots last summer. it was my bad, the spongepots were fine, albeit, a little... light. i was doing an enclosed outdoor sprout. i took them out to check them. they were all labeled, of course. suddenly a HUGE gust of wind came out of nowhere and threw the tray into the air, spilling the contents, and randomizing my seeds. i was actually able to sort out a couple, but i still had a pretty confusing time testing and seeding out some select plants that were part of this sprout. one of them remains. it is this. something tells me it is Vanilla Sky or Chocolate Rain. it could also be Killing Fields x NYCD or Malawi from USC, but i doubt it. it is slightly later to flower, compared to the rest of the garden. so i am thinking sativa dom. i have been leaning towards Vanilla Sky, since i have two little ones that seem to have a similar leaf shape. but i keep also thinking it could be the chocolate rain, though i have nothing to compare it to. here are pics. any help would be appreciated. even if i only get more confused. thanks awesome OG crew. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello , Me and Friend are planing to put all these beans I compulsively bought into flowers. Friend is a loooong time friends (about 18 years) and smoking is really something we have no will to quit. So after seeing the results (outdoor) of my first try , he decided to go indoor last year, for one year we have been toying with AK 48 from nirvana (these were cheap , and i didn't want to lose good genetics). Now we feel is the time to get a bit more serious, the last two years I've bought *Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze *Caramel Cough *Killing Fields *Blue Hammer *JackBerry *Chocolate Rain *Chocolate mix *Anesthesia *Vanilla Sky *Chucky's Bride *Holy Princess *Killing Field x Katsu cut *Sour Diesel x Blueberry *Killa Queen X Blue Hammer We would like to test all these in the next year or so, my cab is not ready yet , but the dimensions are known. Friend's cab is inside a Pax wardrobe from Ikea. Flowering part -2 x 150 w HPS - 95cm (wide) 55 (depth) 1.20m (height) - Carbon Scruber - 380m3/h rvk Veg part -80 cm height same width and lenght - 150 w TN -Sunon My cab should be ready around Halloween, dimensions are about the same, a bit wider (105cm), deeper (58cm) and a total height of 250 cm with 4x30w T8(?) in the Veg part and 8x24w (2 times 4x24 really) in the flowering part. I hope to make 52 updates (once a week) to document the grow of these little babies. This round will be in soil (plagron light and royal mix), but i hope to switch to coco and passive hydro next time (dirt is ....dirty and we do have a social and familly life ). Before showing (drumroll) , who was choosen first , I would like to thank Sannie, I've had once a germination problem on one pack and another time with the post and suffice to say the man didn't let me down:o) so thanks again and if you are gifted something..the less you can do is share.
  3. Hey guys any ideas/knowledge/help would be greatly appreciated. So I currently have 7 plants (tagged above) in a veg room that is supposed to be 18/6 and am about to turn to 12/12 The power connection from the timer to the outlet is incredibly suspect, old outlet that almost any power prong will just fall out if plugged in. Although I have been growing in this room for a while, in the past 2 days the light has not turned on at the correct time due to this suspect connection (if i push the prongs in deep or move them around you can see the contact occurring, but if you let go it usually turns off). it should be turning on around 8 AM but yesterday it wasn't on until 10:30, and today 11:30. I tried taping it and it seems to work somewhat but not really. My main question is: Will this hurt my plants with the whacky timing errors? if so like what? they are all healthy except one that was neglected earlier on, but I don't know if this will make them hermi or what. Thanks
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