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Found 2 results

  1. Hi people & Merry Xmas Using 3mx1.5m grow tent with 2x 600 watts solistek digital ballasts in a Solismax88 cooled hood with currently 8 girls just started in coco. Now what I'm unsure about is, say if I was too add two more 600watts in another solismax88 cool hood would it be a waste of light? Or will adding more light during veg make them grow faster?
  2. Hi folk's thought I'd start a thread about this years Fruit and Veg I'll be growing. I'll be posting photo's, Questions and general talking pointless crap First off here's a little issue I have with a 4 year old Cherry tree. Identification and solution would be appreciated. Do I remove just the infected part of the branch or is it more wise to remove a large section..say the whole branch. Should the tree be treated with something to prevent further spread of the infection ? Whole Tree (Infected branch 3rd from left) Infection (runs from tip down about 5 or 6 nodes, roughly 25-30% of whole branch) Point infection ends Shitty ground around plant due to preparation for turffing Grtz HC
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