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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Opengrowers! Spedning the last couple of months lurking here after a 5 year sabbatical from growing. Things have changed A LOT in the seed business but they have also stayed the same. LOTS of new seed companies but Sannie's is still one of, if not, THE best! Here's my question. Is Whazzup going to make more anesthesia seeds? Please keep those mother/father plants alive Whazzup. I really would like some of them as I am very familiar with the Positronis Af x Sk and can't stop imagining (obsessing really) how it is with the Heri. Thanks.
  2. So a while back I came across some beans. Out of the few, a female arose. I grew her. I dried her. I cured her. And I smoked her. Now, several months later, I have 8 beautiful Holy Princess ladies standing under 1kw of glorious HPS-powered sunlight. This is the start of week 2 of 12/12. Krono More, behind the Princesses in front~ The Kronos suffered a bit when they were cuttings. I left them in the cloner a bit too long and the roots began to grow together. (Imagine a Cantelope sized rootball- D'oh!) They don't look great now, but they will be fine. This is my second Princess Grow. From these seeds I hope to find a mother. She definately earned a spot in my garden and will be kept around for the near-distant future. Top-notch smoke with great flavor and a long lasting stone. The ideal hybrid for me... Nice relaxing body effect with a great, uplifting, (even energizing) head. What I am smoking of her now has been dry and in glass since Dec. 17th, 2012- so it has had good time to cure. Man do I like smoking it. . But alas, a nice stash can only last (yes) so long... And thus the journey begins. Enjoy the show! Real
  3. Hi all I was recently gifted a few cross's. Of the cross's I received 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' a Whazzup & Eskobar combo put a BIG smile on my face the more I thought about it. Suprising as I do have plenty of both both parents beans but haven't sprouted any yet so I'm not that familiar with either, bar what I've read and seen on OG. 5 x 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' beans are currently being soaked (6 Hours). They will be placed in spongepots then transplanted to 15L airpots. Started under T5 - 210W and roughly 7-10 days after sprouting they will then be moved under a 1000DE to flower. All males will be removed and composted. Canna Bio Terra soil plus 5% perlite. Symbio - MycoForce Endo Mycorrhizal Liquid (PDF) (I will be dipping each spongepot in a solution of the Endo liquid and rainwater on transplanting to 15L Airpots.) Symbio - MycoForce Growing Media Activator (PDF) (This will be mixed through the Canna bio Terra and watered prior to transplanting) Sannies Buffer tabs. Canna Bio Bloom. (As required) Canna Bio Boost. (As required) Canna Bio Rhizotonic. (As required) Feed alternated between Nutes and AACT. Hope you all enjoy the ride. I'll post weekly updates with pic's and all questions and comments are welcomed. Grtz HillCrest
  4. Hi folks, I keep hearing and reading that Herijuana is VERY STRONG, but I also hear that Kronocaine packs a punch too. For me MY all time strongest smoke is a Sensi - Jack Herer Pheno of soaring sativa qualities but which then sneaks up on you and smashes your skull in with a devastating Indica blow. I have a HIGH tolerance due to smoking too much, and probably eating too much also My DAY smoke is Sensi's Northern Lights normally.. (Just threw that in so you folks get an Idea of what I like to smoke) I'm looking to add around 3-5 plants to my current grow and want it to be STRONG SHIT that I'm NOT going to get bored of fast and want it to be either Herijuana IBL or Kronocaine. I also have a 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' cross which interests me also as I hear Chocolate Rain packs a punch too, but think that can wait till after my Sensi-JH run later on in the summer. So folks which do you think it should be... Sannie's - Herijuana IBL OR Whazzup's - Kronocaine Intersted to hear from as many as possible who have smoked and grown BOTH, especially Sannie and Whazzup Grtz HillCrest
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