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Found 3 results

  1. Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
  2. Let's share this grow, Started about 1 or 2 weeks ago with a number of new strains for me. The Herijuana I am especially very curious about. Except the Amnesia all are regular seeds so hopefully there wil be enough lady's in the house. the plants yesterday. 2 biggest Afghan Double koosh Amnesia left and angel heart right. Herijuana and 1 afghan. As far as I know all has a floweringtime between 8 and 10 weeks, but we see about that. I have 4 x Afghan 5 x Herijana 1 x Amnesia Haze (fem) 3 x Double kossh 1 x Angel heart there is some difference in size because germination did not go as smooth as I wanted it. The plants are currently in 6,5 liter containers, with 1 buffertab, lavameel, mearl, worm castings, Myhco's and basaltmeel. The used soil is Glodlabel custom mix no perlite. And for blooming I have BAC bio bloom, and BAC bio booster and BAC BIO PK, but I am not sure if I am going to use it. until te end of growing they wil be under 6500 K, Osram HO constant T5, 54 Wat tubes, and during the flowering there are 3000 K tubes on the shelf. At least that is the plan. To play a little with the height and internode distance I also hav 4000 K and 2700 K on stock. So during the grow i can change some colors when I think it is needed. Questions, remarks, Shoot, otherwise enjoy the ride. Grtz, Ikke
  3. This is my first post. I am new to the forum, but not new to grow diaries. I'm migrating from another forum where the owner/admin likes to censor and delete posts (good posts, not talking spam or anything negative). So I am going to give this forum a try! The reviews all say this forum is very friendly and supportive, which fits me pretty well. For my first log on this forum I am going to run two of my homemade crosses alongside 2 regular seeds of Afghan Kush from World of Seeds. So this is the lineup: (these are testers for my latest crosses) 5 reg seeds of AK-47 female crossed to a Chem91 skva male. If successful I will call it ChemK'd + 5 reg seeds of AK-47 female crossed to a Mango Tango male. I'm thinking AK2Tango for this one... If any worth while of course. + 2 regular seeds of Afghan Kush that came as freebies from an Attitude order a little bit back. If I find a great plant that is worth investing a LOT of time, then I will start to breed it to see if I can stabilize the qualities I like. My main thing about my grows is weeding out plants that hermie or throw out nanners. As I have learned a couple years ago that I am allergic to smoking male pollen (when it gets on the buds, or if the bud has a nanner inn it... for example). My plan is to create and breed a strain that is very, very unlikely or simply will not hermie or nanner. That is my goal! The soil is my personal mix. I started with my own mix and have since recycled and recharged it over the last 3 or 4 grows. It would be tough to describe its specific makeup... but what-the-hell: coco, peat, small portions of FFoF, good amounts of ProMix BX, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, oyster shell powder, humic acid, azomite dust, good amounts of worm castings, perlite, crushed pumice, small lava rock, sand, organic material like old roots and some leaves, tossed a few handfuls of worms in it over time... not sure if they're still all alive lol, alfalfa meal, epson salt, tarantula (micro bio), super light doses of great white, soil sulfur, dolomite lime, and I have run countless teas and a few nute mixes of floranova. Phew, I think I got it all. Right now I am still only getting started. I still have a lot of veg to go, including taking clones of everything. I'm debating doing 4 or 8 tops per plant. AC#1 showing some fuzz. compared to AC#4 (this pheno also kept 3 bladed leaves to the 3rd node, not all of them did) AC#3 with the 5 bladed leaves at the 3rd node. Now the AK-47 x Mango Tango. AM#1 has very short leaf stems and nice healthy broad 3 bladed leaves. compared to AM#2 Here are the Afghan Kushes. It has been a few days since I've taken any pictures, but there will be plenty of good show to come. Warning: I tend to post a lot of pictures. . . . You've been warned. .
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