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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Fam Been under the radar for a while. Faced some issues here. But they're largely resolved, and I'm moving up in scale. Going from 100 sqft to 1000 sqft and I want it to be as bloody perfect as possible. I have lots of ideas, but I really want to see what the wisdom and knowledge of this forum has to offer. In my experience, it's usually a few solid grades above what my little brain can come up with. So here is what I have to work with: 1000 sqft (expandable up to 3500 sqft) As big of a cooling system as necessary (HVAC) A fairly hot and humid climate that probably averages at 30°C and 85% R/H annually, with a seasonal variation of 30% or so. And...that's all as far as the limitations go. I have sources for funding, and was looking for advice in the following domains - though they're all interconnected. Lighting: My initial idea was to go for 1000w Gavita DE fixtures. I want to - truly - consider LEDs. The problem is, the 400w LED fixtures that I got made (8 x cree cxb 3590 3500k @ 50w each) performed rather poorly for me. The parts were all original - meanwell drivers, ledil lenses, and the lot. Just couldn't get the same yield that I was getting from a 600w HPS in a square metre. I tried for a year, the yields were almost 30% less. I have not given up on the idea of LEDs, but I need some recommendations for what to go for, given an operation of this side. I have been checking out Fluence, Platinum, and California Lightworks. Again, budget is not the biggest criteria - I just need high quality, long lasting, tested and proven LEDs. I am not too keen on building my own again. The 1000w Gavita DE is a solid option, and if I have doubts, I will go for it, but I really do want to use these LEDs, to save a lot of money on air conditioning. If LEDs, I need info on which LEDs, how many per sqm, how far they should be from the plants, etc. If HPS, I just wanted to know how far apart they should be and how high up. I understand that for larger operations, it is not necessary to continuously raise and lower the light, and that it can be at a fixed height. What height is ideal? Growing Style: I was considering an undercurrent system, with a single plant per square metre, trained to a net. I thought a scrog would make the most sense, but I'm open to more ideas. If I go with a SOG, the only thing for me is finding the right strain that will work in there. (or maybe, learning how to better trim a plant for single cola growth). I have no issues with plant count, but really don't want to cross 16 per sqm. Currently, I have both an undercurrent and a deep water NFT pipe system running side by side, and the undercurrent is obviously better suited for larger plants than the pipes. I feel, that in my experience, I have found it far easier to find SCROG friendly strains than SOG friendly ones. Pointers: I wanted to get some tips from you pros out there on anything that you would tell someone who is starting a large grow for the first time. Useable Area: How much of the area should I be using? It's a 1000 sqft, so how much space should I keep for walking around, storage of nutrients, etc.? I will be building an internal partition and separating a grow space for mother plants and clones as well. Please shower your opinions and criticism upon me, opengrowers best vibes El Chupacabra
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