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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, a quick tour of my auto run who just finished yesterday. I've been gift 3 seeds of GHS Exodus Cheese Auto early may when i visited my friends in the NL, where i go often for skateboard competitions. 2 seeds out of 3 sprouted , first cotyledon show up May 8th they were outside, and even April was amazing, i visited Koekenhof park on eastern under 28°C, the weather was wonderful :p :p But early may was not that good and they suffer cold nights during early stage, who slow roots development etc Grown in a 10 & 20 liters pot, organic 6-15-13 premix - They are supposed to be flowering 7 weeks and be ready in 9 weeks from seeds May 18th - 8 days June 2nd - 22 days One plant show pistils already, the other not yet
  2. Hi folks Ive started my outdoor grow the other day after moving a Kannabia Auto Mikromachine outside after being under LED to start. Lowryder 2's will follow soon. Brace yourselves for the destruction the UK weather can bring. Auto Mikromachine about 3 or so weeks old. Updates each week. Grtz HC
  3. Hey Opengrow folks. I thought I would share my experience with Sweet Seed's auto Speed Devil #2 from last summer. They were planted in June and harvested end of August, so it took about 12 weeks from start to finish. They were grown in Plagron Grow mix, with Sannie's Buffer tabs, which kept them happy and green the whole time. During flowering some bat guano was added to the top layer of the soil, but other than that, there were no adjustments made (PH, additives, etc). The plants were healthy, but it was not without problems; It was a wet summer, and the plants had some issues with powdery mildew and a little bit of bud mold. All in all, the damage wasn't bad though, and after the mold was removed and the buds dried, the 4 plants yielded a total of 140 grams. The buds weren't very dense, but incredibly frosty. This was my first experience with an auto flowering strain, and the results surpassed my expectations by a long shot. Here are some shots from late flowering: This little guy kept the girls safe
  4. The best bud in the world in the making Good organic soil goes a long way, find a Nursery, get 20 CFL bulbs in a 115 L container with 24/7 light for the first 2 months, then set to 18/6 with a timer and this is what you get in a little under 3 months, Sannies Mad Shack Strain, the Lady J has also been topped every top since it sprouted, will have over 50 main COLAS as you can see, try my method, you will be happy, Grow Big by Fox Farm and organic fertilizer that you mix in with the soil which has blood meal, fish emulsion, bat guano, and 25 other trace minerals, go to a nursery and get your shit, best thing one can do, just ask them questions. I waited 2 months before using the grow big, Sannie I hope you find my post and like what you see, I like your strain so much I am going to make it a world wide seed for free
  5. Hello Opengrow. Just wanted to share my autos from my veggie garden with ya's. Had 3 out there. Seeds from joint Doctor. All germed. Good genetics. Best autos I have played with so far. Not the biggest yielders his Lowryders were alot bigger. But the Easy riders have a super nice fruity smell that the Lowryders lacked. Just for shits and giggles I put out 3 in my veg garden and kept one back under my T5's. The differences is unbelievable. No I didn't keep a runt back before ya ask. All looked normal when planted in there final spots. T5 plant ended at 8" the garden plants were all 26" 20" and 18"..CRAZY Buds are way different OD plants are loose and airy T5 hard as rocks. Also leaf and bud coloration is diffrent ID plant almost blue and the OD pale green. The plants in the garden do get a bit more shaded due to my tom's and all the other vegatation but still wouldnt have belived it had I not done the test for myself. Variable yes. but ya get the idea.Close enough. T5 rock. They are in there. Group shots OD single plants Flowers Here is the ID T5 plant. Very small and tight. Thats all folks. Comments questions all welcome here.
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