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Found 7 results

  1. Hello my lovely Friends, I start my new grow on my Balcony with Autoflower. I did not have time to buy Soil so they were put in small pots first. Tomorrow there are in 14l pots. Last year i had good Results with Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) on my balcony with less sun.. https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/west-coast-og https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/zkittlez-auto https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/lemon-ak
  2. Hi, Using the Cobs for the first time (just ordered 3x3500K). I'm growing indoors for 30 years now and this would be the first time I don't have to worry about high temperatures (I hope:). Still a conservative grower and not totally convinced regarding auto flowers. In my opinion what we grow needs time to develop and it will affect the yield, taste and high! So as soon as I have my Cobs will set up a old fashion grow without the fancy stuff ..! Starting a new build as my old set-up is broken down due to renovations of my property also down-scaling! Air is coming from the bottom front of the wardrobe channeled behind the storage compartment passing the tube heaters (and this is light tide). Due to no heat coming of the lights I suspect I have to add some heat into the wardrobe to reach the preferred temperature. Normally the silencer goes behind the fan now it have it in front to damping the electrical hum coming from the extractor fan... And it works reduced the hum about 60% of what it was without. It's really silent... My Cob wardrobe is almost ready only some small things to do like the mounting 2 fans on a rail so they can move up and down. Have 2 tube heaters if the temp, goes to low when the lights are off. Will need to calibrate the wardrobe and dial it all in for the best, temperature and have to seal the doors as it like to be light tide. Installed a fan controller able to set temperature and * low speed. My attic is vented and exhaust is going out. Air intake can be mixed or (outdoors (summer)) or (indoors (winter)) (all filtered) Just an observation, I've ordered 3 x 3500 K (flower red) and 1 x 6500 K cobs (veg blue) You can clearly see the difference in color after color correction in PS (photo below) Dropped 2 x Skunk autoflower Ten days later Made 2 telescopic aluminium rods to support the PVC coated wire mesh panel, adjustable in height without using screws/nails. Topped right Lady left one is 3 or 4 days behind Here some shots More updates will follow soon... Grtx Growboy AKA Rainmain, Raincheck
  3. Most of my outdoor plants came up short this year and my only saving grace has been the autoflowers I've grown on a whim. My outdoor photoperiod plants were all 6 or 7 feet of plant with a canopy of a foot or two of buds on top. My autos would be 3 feet tall, one foot of branches and bits of popcorn and 2 feet of continuous buds. Everything turned out a fast ounce or two. Needless to say I've been cramming autoflowers into my cupboard for the past three months to make up for some of my losses this season and its worked out well. I tried documenting my progress but with the majority of the photos coming out poorly and this changing so fast I ended up giving in early on. Autoflowers change at the drop of a hat. One day they look like they're at least a week from finishing and the next day they look like they've been finished for days. Some will start budding after 4 weeks and others after 13 weeks. Its all a bit chaotic and very exciting. Anyway, the growing season is definitely over with frost on the glass and temperatures down in the single digits at night. Whatever is left has started showing signs of cold stress. I still have 5 plants early into flower and 5 that have finished. If the remaining plants finish up this year I'll post harvest shots. Here's some pics of my autoflowering strains, Devil Cream, Candy Kush, Auto#1, GSC, and Gorilla Glue. That's probably it for 2018.
  4. I have some autoflowers outside in the garden this year. I have one here about 5 weeks old, she's been budding maybe couple of weeks now. These are the sort of autoflowers I usually get. This one is Lemon Kush x Lowryder crossed with last year's USC Turkish male, a very strange plant. She was germinated in March, began flowering around the middle of May and is acting strangely. Its been putting on more branches than flowers and the flowers don't seem to be structurally anything I'm familiar with. Here's a closeup of a branch to give a better impression. All the flowering stems and branches and petioles this plant spits out are caked in sticky bubblegum scented resin. Its reminds me of the resin buildup on Caramel Cough. No idea what she's doing, where she's going and when she's going to finish. What a strange plant.
  5. Hi, People Mucker4YOU here! Hey guys I've never grown before in Mapito been looking this on this website for about 6 months now and was so interested in the mapito growing I've stopped my coco grow to start and learn everything from the people on here How to grow with Mapito. If you have any links to valuable information for me please send me the link, Dutch or English I've looked at many topics people have started and read a lot but there maybe some older one's that I have missed. I grow for personal use Only BUT WILL still speak about Yield. My setup is : 1.2 X 1.2 X 2 Tent Cool tube & Dutch barn Refelector 600 Watt Digi 250W-660W 6" Fan & Filter Flood & Drain table with a 123l Tank Mapito in 35L Tubs Nutes : Once I have run out of these products I will then run lucas formula Powder stuff, With House & Garden Rootstim, Cal, Supervit Ionic Hydro Grow Ionic Hydro Bloom House & Garden Rootstim Shogun Cal Hesi Supervit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SO FAR ~ Started the seeds with the paper towel method once they was about 1" long they was put into jiffy pellets. 30/08/2018 Jiffy pellets soaked in 0.7EC + Max Dog of Rootstim and supervit - Once they was all in the jiffy pellet i put them under 400 watt light, was having issues with heat at the time so sometimes they was even under 250 watt also humidity was shit in the tent making them dry out to much heat. Started off really bad. 05/09/2018 Maptio was flushed with tap water once the run off from the maptio was the same PH as the tapwater I planted the jiffy pellets into the mapito, then gave them each 2L Of water 0.7ec, root stim, supevit per a tub. I put them onto the table and then filled my res up to the top res was 1.1EC & PH 5.6 and I've not changed the res yet I've got 3 floods so far out of the res and then I will do one more then re-fill it and start again.
  6. How do i make my plant grow in height ? It now needs 2 months growing till harvest .
  7. Grow 1. Day 1. Greetings fellow Open-Growers! I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Introducing my first ever grow and grow journal. I recently moved from Arizona to a southern state without legal medicinal cannabis. So, a year ago i began planning how i would deal with this situation. I have a lot of pain from muscular dystrophy. Since I can't buy a trustworthy product in this vicinity, i decided to grow my own. My growing philosophy is rooted in organics. My plan is to fortify some Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. More on this later. I will be using the Rootmaker II pots. I have 6 pint sized pots for starting seedlings, plus 1- and 3-gallon pots. The tent is 4.3'x2.8'x6.5'. After a lot of study, I went with Platinum LED's P300 model for my lighting requirements. The ventilation system is powered by a Hurricane 4" fan rated at 171 ft3/min. Ten months ago I ordered some seeds from Nirvana. I bought three auto-flowering varieties, thinking these would provide an easy intro to growing cannabis. The varieties are: Short Rider (6-8 weeks) Northern Lights (7-9 weeks) Lemon OG Haze (10-12 weeks) I hope to grow two from each variety. Each packet contains 5 badly-mishandled seeds. When i moved, I did it in two stages. First i moved out of my house. I was downsizing from a 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment. Then, i moved from that apartment in Tempe, to my current home. The apartment in Arizona had a garage. When i moved from my house to the apartment, i lost track of the seeds. They were in one of the boxes. And those were all stacked in my garage. The seeds were in the garage from April until September. The temps were above 100F (37.8 C) for most of that time. The high temp this year was 119F (48.3 C). 105 (40.5 C) or higher was fairly routine. Are these seeds viable? We shall soon find out. Yesterday i began soaking the seeds, two at a time, in a solution made from 1 gallon of distilled water with 1/4 tsp humic acid and 1/4 tsp of Super Thrive (B vitamins for plants). Since the Lemon Haze takes the longest to grow, i began with those. I could have soaked all 6 seeds at the same time in 3 separate cups, but i didn't want to lose track of which plants were which. On December 31st at midnight, the two haze seeds went into the cup for an overnight soak. Then, yesterday morning (Jan 1st) I placed the seeds in a paper towel damp with the same solution. Then the Northern Lights seeds went into the soak from about 8 am to 4 pm. They got paper-toweled. Then finally, the short rider seeds got the same treatment from 4 pm until midnight.
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