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Found 5 results

  1. Hello from Greece! I am new in farming i am currently grow for 4th time indoor and i always going with advertised seeds from famous seed banks such as Dutch Passion, Greenhouse, Crop king, and now Barneys Farm. Also i used Biobizz soil and nutrients. I now wanna try something different as i am not fully satisfied from the companies i mentioned. I am looking for seeds and fertilizers from Sannie's shop. Anyone has experience with this? I contact them to ask what kind of soil they suggest and they told me to use light mix and with their products Symbiosis mycorizha, perfect start, buffertablets, sannie's bacto, yucca and bac bloom i will not need anything else. I already have Biobizz nutrients used for my current grow(41 days in flowering) but i am not so satisfied. What do you think?
  2. I start my Report with 5× White Berry and 1× Dela Haze (Bonus) from Paradies. My equitment is with 250w ndl. Homebox 80×80×160 i use BioBizz Allmix/Lightmix + Bloom,Grow,Topmsx,Rootjuice, Activera I cant uploud Pictures?
  3. A quick question: Do you guys think that one could use Aptus CalMg together with whole range of BioBizz nutes? I ask because I had the feeling that Canna Mono Mg left some kind of sediment in my bucket. Also: How likely is it to have problems with Cal and Mg (Mg mostly) together with BioBizz nutes? I use the whole range: FishMix in veg, Grow and Bloom in bloom together with AlgaMic, BioHeaven and TopMax. My tapwater is very crappy with a pH of 8-8,3 and very hard. I had lots of Mg problems with HeSi nutes. I use BioBizz Light Mix as soil and will follow the official BB schedule. I just want to prepare for my next grow. It should be a good one as it has to provide me with herb until next winter. Any comments welcome Grobi
  4. wonton

    GK vs BB

    Ola Folks, So then, I have been given samples of the full Guanokalong range and the full BioBizz range to go about comparing the two against each other in as fair a manner possible. Ultimately the goal is to understand how the different feeds compare against each other. As well as this there is a sideline test of a weekly addition of AACT going on. 16 as similar as cuttings as possible from the same healthy mother. An 8-9 week flowering cheesey/SN1 type plant. Initially these are all planted into Biobizz Light mix into 6L Air prune pots. I chose BB Light mix as its a fairly weak soil, so the inputs im using while in these pots should have more affect. PM Granules used when potting up on all. During veg in these pots, 8 will be fed on BB liquid feeds, and 8 will be fed using the GK grow and some light top dressing. I will update on the exact quantities of each used as the weeks go on. They will then go into 20L Air prune pots. 8 BB ones into BB Allmix, and the 8 GK ones into the GK soil, again using each brands nutrient/amendment range as required through until fully flowered. Exact quantities of each used will be detailed each week. For the sideline AACT trial, 4 out of each 8 plants will once a week receive a dose of AACT. More details on the tea also to follow.
  5. Hi all, I have been given a full range of the guanokalong ammendments, nutrient and soil aswell as the Bio-Bizz full nutrient range and soil. The plan is to pitch them against each other in a brand vs brand grow off. Im going to Veg 16 plants in BB light mix in 6L Air-prune pots then transplant 8 into the GK mix and 8 into BBAllmix. They will be transplanted into 15L (maybe 20L) airprune pots to see what differences there will be! Now..... I'm used to using BB's feeds and soil but never tried any of GKs amendments/feeds, just their soil, so was wondering if anyone had any experience with GK they could possibly help me with. The list of the GK stuff I have: GK Soil Mix Kalonggrow Organic Liquid Kalongbloom Organic Liquid GuanoKalong Extract Tub of Guano Now for the interesting samples....... Tub of Volcanic Loam: "sourced from the numerous volcanoes on Java. This product represents a very mineral rich natural loam and helps crops grow excellently without the addition of much fertilizer. Volcanic loam also supplies a wide range of scarce trace elements." "Mix with the soil at a ratio of 10% of total volume. Use as top dressing at a ratio of 5 liters per square meter." Seaweed Powder(0.5-2-0): "From Gracilaria red algae. Contains macro-­elements and is very rich in micro-­‐nutrients. Promotes root structuring and plants growth. Increased resistance of plants against bacteria and diseases. Supplements regular nutrient program." "Use: Water with solution of 1 cup(50ml) to 5 liters of water every week. Mix 2 cups with 15 liters of soil(1 plant) in first week or use as top dressing." Cotton Seed Powder(5-2-2): "Derived from wild jungle plants. Cotton seed powder is an alternative vegetal source with a complete organic scale of the main nutrients guaranteed to release over an extended period of time. High content of organic matter loosens tight and heavy soils and helps light, sandy soils to hold moisture and nutrients." "Use: Mix 2 cups with 15 liters of soil(1 plant) in first week or use as top dressing." Fish Powder(4-5-1): "is obtained from tropical fishes which are gathered by fishermen in the Java Sea. The strong presence of nitrogen and phosphorous helps plants with rapid growth, root structuring, increased seed & fruit production and improves the quality of the crops." "Use: Water with solution of 1 cup(50 ml) to 5 liters of water. Mix 1 cup with 15 liters of soil(1 plant)in 2nd week or use as top dressing." Palm Tree Ashes(4-5-1): "originates from the Indonesian island Sulawesi. The ashes contain a high quantity of potassium, some phosphorus and magnesium. Together used with Guanokalong powder, it's an organic bloom booster." "Use: Water with solution of 1 cup(50ml) to 5 liters of water every 2 weeks in flowering stage. Mix 2 cups with 15 liters of soil(1 plant) in second week of flowering or use as top dressing." The above descriptions are as much info as I've been given to go on, so.....basically my question is: How do I go about using all of the GK ammendments together(if at all)? Shall I go Gung-Ho and use all these ammendments at the suggested rates, along with the grow and bloom feeds? Or does anyone having any sort of recommended regeme of some description? Cos that would be dead handy..... Cheers Wonton
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