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Found 2 results

  1. I’m working on getting my outdoor veggie garden prepped. It’s a 60’x 25’ area of mostly sandy soil. I have a couple of brush piles from trimming fruit trees as well as a pile of old lumber that’s been sitting for several years. I want to turn all that brush into something good for the garden. I’m thinking just burning it down, mixing the ash and charcoal with manure and tilling it into the soil. I’ve read that 10% bio char is the goal, but I don’t have that much brush. At 10%, it’s supposed to increase plant growth and yields by 300-400% as compared to the same soil with zero bio char. I need some advice. I don’t have drums or stove pipe etc. I’m thinking of using a pit. I figured wetting the coals in the bottom of the pit periodically will avoid turning everything into ash. Should I burn the brush in the garden area? Should I spread it over the entire garden, way less than 10%, or smaller area with a higher % and overal smaller garden. Last year my fish pond got a leak, and I couldn’t keep enough water in it to keep the pump from burning up. So, all the fish died (about 150 4-8” koi gold fish mix). I figure with all the dead algae (about 1 1/2 foot deep) and decomposing fish this would make for some great organic matter to add with manure to mix into the biochar and soil. I can used a trash pump to pump all the material from the pond to the garden. I still need to work with my new neighbors to get a bunch of last summers manure. If and how much I can get is an unknown. Should have had the last owner dump it all over the fence before he moved. There is probably close 100 yards spread out in three piles from the last few years. Today I am going to use a shovel and turn over the top foot or so of the soil to kill grass and weeds already in the garden. To bring in soil, it will take at least 55 yards to cover the whole garden with 12”. That is way outside of my price range. Any inexpensive ideas are very much appreciated Thanks ahead for any and all suggestions.
  2. Hey guys - Long time. In a couple weeks I will be transplanting into 30L pots. I am thinking to add 5-10% BioChar to my soil mix, which is currently 20% wormcast, 20% perlite, and 50-55% compost mix of mostly peat and some other stuff. Instead of buying branded Biochar, can I make this by just crushing any old Charcoal? Also how should I apply this? At first I was thinking to mix it completely with the soil, but I think I have seen some pictures in the past where all of it was put directly where the transplant was going to be(in most cases in a little area in the center of the pot) If you have any other recommendations, I would like to hear them. Thanks!
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