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Found 4 results

  1. well what can i say it went well till i put my plants into the homemade mapito! I am not sure what keeps on happening to them but I think something is poisoning them. I started the seeds off in paper towels, then transferred them into my xstream. Things were going really well as you can see from the pictures. After 9 days I tranferred them into my homemade mapito and that is when things started to go wrong within 24 hours. In the xstream the PH was 5.8/EC6. When I took them out of the xstream they looked hungry so i gave them ph 5.8/EC 7 I put them into homemade mapito and you can see from the pictures that they look terrible. I have been flushing them through with water with ph of 5.5/EC6 whcih is how it comes out of the tap. HERE'S BEFORE IT WENT WRONG AFTER THEY WERE TRANSFERRED
  2. hi guys, my 1st report on OG, i`m growing 14 blue cheese from clones that i made they are in a small closet in my bedroom which gives them lots of Co2 at the moment i give them 4 days of 18/6 and tomorrow i will go to 12/12 i give them GHE 2 part mix, root juice, cal gel and some zymes at EC 1.2 and PH 5.5 hope you enjoy and comment blueyes now for the porn they sleep at the moment
  3. Hello to everyone on opengrow I would like to share my garden with everyone on here My setup is as follows, Secret Jardin 2.4 x 1.2 2 x Gavita 1000w Lights 1 with 1000w phillips green power and 1 with 1000w osram bulb. Canna Aqua nutrients CalGreen Superthrive BudXL PK13/14 Maptio in 30l toy tubs 12" 1800m3 extraction 4" intake need to get bigger fan but will do for now. Sms fan controller 4.5amp. Strains are BlueCheese from cuttings I have 12 in 6 tubs 4 weeks into flower. 6 x Casey Jones from seed from devil harvest they are 3 days into flower. I started on new Maptio only washed through with tap water did not ph it this has caused me problems with blue cheese as ph wouldn't stable so have had bad calcium deficiency this round silly mistake!! Some pics for now.
  4. Yo what's up everybody I figured its time to stop lurking the threads and start posting up. So yea starting out my second attempt at my second grow (that made sense right?). My first attempt was plagued with gnats flies and as much as I hate to say it (but its true) a lack of (yes you guessed it) TLC (fuck.....). But anyways made some changes from there and its about time to finally .....move on. Some changes for those who care (I'm talking to you future self (I know you'll read this, and I don't regret eating all that mescaline so fuck you) keep making beneficial changes to the grow room so that you too may GROW.) Grow Room Design -Painted the floor (both rooms) with a white latex epoxy to increase light reflection and decrease cleaning time/ mold probabilities -Sanded and waterproofed all 150-200 (estimated) wooden parts to the scrog cages, also tweeked the design (will make a separate post under grow room design) -New reflective lining and increased security (can't tell otherwise it wouldn't be too secure right?, I guess even saying that I increased security is probably a dumb thing to do, would've been a better idea not to mention security in the first place, but then again it is a given for all grows/ hobbies) Soil -Increased smart pot size to 7 gallons from 5 gallons -Added Canna Coco Coir to the Ocean Forest Mix (original mixed contained perlite, perfect start, symbiosis, prewatered with bacto) -Also using roots organic as a side comparison (with same admixture as the Ocean Forest Mix - the perlite), been hearing good things from other people (shouts out to islayhearts, and baqualin) here on open grow. -HYPOASPIS MILES- these fuck gnat flies up, so yea...i'm using these all the time now -Also increased the selection of genetics (though I doubt the critical mass nor the NYCD, blue cheese are going to stack up against the killing fields, the cheestral, blue heron, and the killah queen X blue hammer) Taking the Oneida Highway to Coirville.... on the way to their usual job -killing shit Popped so far 8 X Blue Heron (regular seeds) 8 X Cheestral (regular seeds) 5 X Killah Queen X Blue Hammer (regular seeds) 5 X NYCD (feminized) 6 X Blue Cheese (feminized) 2 X Critical Hog (feminized) 4 X Critical Mass (feminized) and In November 12 X Killing Fields (feminized)
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