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Found 8 results

  1. Hey og'ers, I will start here my first little report on og. Hope you can handle my noob mistakes. My current setup: 1 Darkroom 240 2 dimmable Lumatek 600 W 1 Can Fan/Filter 2 clip fans 2 hortiline reflectoren Bio Bizz Light With Sannies organics Root Pouches 8,16 l I vegged the plants for 2 1/2 weeks, i fimmed some of them, they are now 3 weeks into flower. I will post the pics after this. 1 pic.: left side of the tent. With Headcandy and durganchitral in the back, strawberry cough xspacequeen in the middle, and durganchitral x blue hammer, killaqueen x blue chocolate in the front. 2.pic.: right side. Sugar punch and honey badger haze in the back, whiteberry in the middle, and slh with one honey badger in front
  2. T.P.R (the pain reliever) G-39 #17 x Green Manalishi (G-male) T.P.R(the pain reliever) is a strain build for pain relief... By using the G-39 #17(female)and backcross this with the very potent Green Manalishi G male. It gave us a Killaqueen/G13 dominant, short flowering sativa hybride, with strong GM greasy/oily thc as a profile. The scent becomes quit loud as GM brings that stinky wet forrest/petrolia smell into the game, that mixed with some fresh fruit/lemons (PG13) and an old skool sativa sparkle makes TPR a very pleasant smoke and has very limited draw back. Due to her Airborne influences many phenotypes express the pain relieving factor. This strain is easy to grow/maintain she likes a low nutes schedule and 5 on a quare meter is sufficiënt. Short veg times are best to keep the height manageble, give them enough N in this stage. There are some “ancient colombian sativa phenos” that will make your'e head SPIN, and will keep your body/mind "higly medicated" Flowering time: 8-9 weeks Yield: 500gr/m2 flavor : Chilly pepper/minty petrolia G13 Bred by RhinoCbd
  3. Head Candy The boys at NAW crossed a KillaQueen with a Blue Hammer to come up with this tasty cross. Her buds are medium dense and covered in frost with calyx fingers popping out here and there. When I open the jar I get a citrus and spice aroma with some pungent sweetness. Break a bud up and a strong citrus rind smell emerges. The taste on inhale is spicy, hazy and tends to expand a bit. On the exhale I get the citrus notes and a little sweetness. The effect is immediate and intense. My eyes turn into big saucers and my brain pushes the top of my skull trying to lift me up. It is a very clean high, no jitters or paranoia and very uplifting in nature. The body effect is kind of numbing and tingly. It keeps building and building until I finally reach a plateau and soar along for a wonderful ride. You can take a couple tokes and go about a busy schedule or you can take a couple more tokes and enjoy the ride without accomplishing much else. The choice is yours. I've been vaping Head Candy to start my day lately and really enjoy it. Long lasting and motivating if you don't take too much. I had to cut my caffeine intake some time ago so I only get 2 cups of coffee a day. Instead of taking a coffee break now I take a Head Candy break. If I were to put numbers on it I would say... Smell = 8 Taste = 7.5 Bag Appeal = 8.5 Effect = 9+ This is just one of many NAW crosses I wish to try eventually. Having enjoyed their HammerHead and KillaKoosh I have high hopes for the rest of their gear. Just gotta find some time and space to grow it. Meanwhile they keep cranking out new stuff so I may never catch up. Keep up the good work boys.
  4. Fresh new variaties from NAW seeds. Blackberry haze bx1 Blackberry Haze bx1 It took us a while to work on this variety but now that we are done all the work shows in the final product, she is so good/special that the feedback we got from her was really outstanding. It all started with some Durganchistral seeds from USC, fairly easy plants with a durban/pck background. We found a good specimen as many of the phenotypes showed a purple huey, she is very sativa dominant and very easy to cultivate, we decided to use her as a building block for our Blackberry Haze. In the mean time our HeadCandy male was spreading his wings over the grid and he comes out as an absolute winner to make crosses with. We tried to capture the color and boost up the high as it was slighly mellow/boring. In this generation almost every plant turns purple/pink and they all carry that immence blackberry smell. They grow fairly stable and don’t need much nutes to get the job done. HeadCandy male is giving us the dominance now with pink and purple KillaQueen buds. The sativa background of this variety is very clear to see when they grow up, they strech as much as 3/4 times and all have the same leaf set. Put 5 to 9 plants on a square meter and make sure you give them enough N in an early stage cause they are a hungry bunch if you give them enough room/space. In 9/10 weeks they will finish in all kinds of color, Red/Blue/Purple/Pink. This one is not a big yielder but is for the connoiseurs of this planet who really want to taste fresh fruit and blackberries. Feel free to enjoy! genetics: Blackberry haze x HeadCandy in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 9/10 weeks yield: up to 500gr These are fairly old pics, new pics coming soon.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Remedy Green Remedy G-39 is one of our flagship when it comes to a medicinal variety, she is helping many people out there and is providing a better life for those in need. We found that the HeadCandy male used in the cross is the key factor for enhancing the pain relieving quality’s and also brings stability. Green Remedy is a backcross to the HeadCandy male, again to enhance his capabilities and to create even more stability. They have almost no smell and are easy to cultivate and maintain. They have a HeadCandy build up but with a G-39 bud profile, off the chart thc sugar coating. This is a cross made for potency in cannabinoids, as you will encounter phenotypes with triple AAA thc coating and almost no real weed smell. The scent varies from artificial chlorine pool smell to a more floresh input from the KillaQueen side of the spectrum. The cannabinoid profile is very medicinal and should give patients something to work with, the potency is all in there. Don’t put to many plants on a square meter cause as a hybrid they will grow fast and big. The yield is decent, but that was not the goal for this variety, this one is for the patients. Flowering time is around 9 weeks, low feeders with great medical value. Put on some goggles, this one is very sparkly. genetics: G-39 x HeadCandy in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 10 weeks yield: up to 500gr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atomic Jam Atomic Jam Named after the booming techno club in Burming Ham Uk/England this one is a creation of another level. She is rather complex but the balance is so strong, it had to be worked to get it in line. The Blackberry Haze mom used in this variey is one of the most gracefull plants we have ever come across, insanely strong growth potencial and so easy to maintain. Slighly Durban dominant she is a gift to work with and passes on the colorful hues onto her offspring. The Blue Hammer male is known for its velvet but yet powerfull touch as he makes almost everything better and stronger. Everything he touches turns into gold, he packs an insane hybrid punch. These plants will give color due to the moms background and will taste like Durban mixed with Blue Hammer, very pleasant smoke but watch out...she will trow you in a head spin. Mostly sativa dominant this variety will grow very big plants and to much on a square meter will end up in a disaster. Try to keep it limited to 5 or less and make sure you switch quik to 12/12 when you have limited height. Give them at least 11 Liters of root space and they will finish in aprox. 10/11 weeks. Take some precaution cause this one is not for the faint heart. genetics: Blackberry haze x Blue Hammer in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 10/11 weeks yield: up to 600gr Great new genetics for the world to discover! These are dropped at Sannies in the upcoming week. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  5. Strawberry Blues ( Blue Hammer #2 x Polar Bear #3 ) Strawberry fusions of a different kind. Blue Hammer #2 is a pain reliefing pheno found in a pre selection of the Blue Hammer F3 i did last year. With her strawberry taste and smell, she is grown over and over the last year with great satisfaction as well as for us and our medical community around us. Back in 2014 Rhino did a selection on the Polar Bears and 2 males were selected, one to make PB F2 and the other to make this cross. The first male is a copy of our Polar Bear F1 girl, the second male is a strawberry explosion, same pole structure as his grandpa he is very stable in our nursery. Both got tru the testing ground without a flaw. They carry the same structure on both but with completely different scents and qualities. This strawberry male suits just perfect with this Hammer girl. Strong stems passed tru to his offspring, they are like strawberries on a stick. Little less christmas tree, little more buds along the branches. Very sweet, easy to maintain hybrid with medical qualities. Both contain the pain relieving factor so combining them will only make it stronger. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  6. Seedlings around 2 weeks old. Under a 100w blue LED. Really exited and am using plant magic myoco fungi granules and just put them into pint sized cups and gave them a bit of worm casting on the top soil. Looking great. Will move to smart pots eventually. Anyone grown these strains and if they handle topping or SOG method? Pics very soon.
  7. Hello OG New strain from NAW Seeds HeadCandy F2 (KillaQueen x Blue Hammer) For me and NAW Seeds this is the cross were it all started with. When I asked Sannie for something special to work with he handed me out the original KillaQueen F6 seeds coming original from Motarebel seed stock. This brought me a very special girl #23 who has that devastating racin high and the super intense tropical/pineapple taste that lingers your mouth. The Blue and velvet taste and strong sativa up from the Hammer male brings it all together, making this cross a delicacy for every connoisseur on this planet. The high/stoned is nice balanced 50/50 and takes you on a nice and easy ride along the day for like 2/3 hours with no draw back at all. This cross was handed out as a freebee back in 2011 and sinds then has many followers gathered all over the world and on many boards on the internet. In the F2 the freshness of the pineapple/tropical taste really comes thru and the sparkles of the mom comes along with it, the male brings more vigor and makes it yield better as well as shorten the flowering time to a respectable 9 weeks. Don’t put too much plants on a square meter, ideal would be 9 or less. The mom used for the F2 is the kind everybody would pick out for her silverhaze like crystals, giving her buds the silver shine when compared to others. Strong structure, easy feeder and fat yields. KillaQueen has run the show at NAW from the moment she arrived and she still is unbeaten in power, high and scent. She is the absolute queen of cannabis in our eyes. The HeadCandy male is also the father of G-39 making him one of the best of our stable. Seeds are made 100% organic, NAW Seeds should be grown organic to get the best out of them. Just enjoy Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  8. Hello , Me and Friend are planing to put all these beans I compulsively bought into flowers. Friend is a loooong time friends (about 18 years) and smoking is really something we have no will to quit. So after seeing the results (outdoor) of my first try , he decided to go indoor last year, for one year we have been toying with AK 48 from nirvana (these were cheap , and i didn't want to lose good genetics). Now we feel is the time to get a bit more serious, the last two years I've bought *Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze *Caramel Cough *Killing Fields *Blue Hammer *JackBerry *Chocolate Rain *Chocolate mix *Anesthesia *Vanilla Sky *Chucky's Bride *Holy Princess *Killing Field x Katsu cut *Sour Diesel x Blueberry *Killa Queen X Blue Hammer We would like to test all these in the next year or so, my cab is not ready yet , but the dimensions are known. Friend's cab is inside a Pax wardrobe from Ikea. Flowering part -2 x 150 w HPS - 95cm (wide) 55 (depth) 1.20m (height) - Carbon Scruber - 380m3/h rvk Veg part -80 cm height same width and lenght - 150 w TN -Sunon My cab should be ready around Halloween, dimensions are about the same, a bit wider (105cm), deeper (58cm) and a total height of 250 cm with 4x30w T8(?) in the Veg part and 8x24w (2 times 4x24 really) in the flowering part. I hope to make 52 updates (once a week) to document the grow of these little babies. This round will be in soil (plagron light and royal mix), but i hope to switch to coco and passive hydro next time (dirt is ....dirty and we do have a social and familly life ). Before showing (drumroll) , who was choosen first , I would like to thank Sannie, I've had once a germination problem on one pack and another time with the post and suffice to say the man didn't let me down:o) so thanks again and if you are gifted something..the less you can do is share.
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