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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, I've been waiting a long time to do a report on this strain, but I also wanted to wait for at least four months to let it get a really good cure berfore making any assumptions. I saved two jar just for this purpose, they haven't been opened since before Christmas... and let me tell you something, as soon as I took the rings off of the Kerr jars the lids blew off with a little bit of force and now my WHOLE house smells of spicey-Thai Blueberry weed. This smoke report is on two different Blueberry Sativa phenos that I got: My BBS#1 has more blueberry smell and flavor than the vast majority of ALL BB strains I know of or have ever grown. She was a 6' tall beauty of dark green with a Christmas tree structure covered with buds frome head to toe emitting a moderate toxic blueberry fragrance. My BBS#2 was a tall, slender Thai-Blueberry lady that was also Christmas tree shaped, but a little more lanky. This one was budding same as her sister, but had that distinct, slightly pungent, spicey-Thai smell... seems a lot of my friends either don't know or don't remember what Thai smells like. Blueberry Sativa #1 Smell: This pheno is heavy on the berry and it has a lot of subtle, earthy tones with a sour note to finish. Taste: This definitely has a stronger blueberry flavor than most strains. It has a fruity essence, but the BB powers it's way through on the inhale; the exhale is all about a skunky-berryish flavor ending with a tartness on the tip of the tongue. Incredible flavor! Effect: This strain is an excellent choice as a morning/daytime smoke... goes very well with coffee and one good smoking session will do you 'til lunch. After a few hits I was feeling great, every hit leaves a good taste in your mouth all the way through. When the little voice in your head tells you to stop and you 'just take a few more hits'... you're gonna be really stoned, but there is really no 'couch lock' to speak of, although you may be moving more slowly for a while. This strain will make shitty coffee taste much better as well. This is my wifes favorite smoke... it chills her out, but it makes her horny too.... thanks E$ko!! Blueberry Sativa #2 Thai-berry pheno Smell: Sweet, spicey-Thai followed by a faint musky berry with some fruity tones mixed in. This pheno has the unmistakeable smell of Thai w/berry. I love it, its a very refreshing change of pace for me. Taste: Subtle blueberry flavor infused with a spicey Thai. The Thai flavor on the exhale is more pronounced than the berry is on the inhale. There are musky, earthy-sweet, floral accents to be found in this pheno as well. A well rounded smoke with many different flavors to enjoy. Effect: This strain is one of the true daytime smokes, with a very mellow, yet up beat high. The high lasts me for many hours and leaves that great Thai-berry flavor behind with every hit.... this strain makes those with bad breath much more tolerable to be around. I can smoke a bowl or two, get my head straight and still be coherent enough to go about my day feeling happy and wearing a big smile. The Thai in this pheno is no joke, excessive smoking may lead to taking a nap... stop when you are stoned. This pheno, same as her sister, seems to have no couck lock to it, but then again, I do have a very high tolerance to most strains. I have noticed no couch lock in these strains when my wife or my friends have been smoking it. But don't go crazy with it... just because its a sativa doesn't mean it can't fuck you up. This is good time weed... relax and enjoy yourself. This pheno is my favorite of the two. Thanks go to E$kob@r for creating this awesome blueberry strain... perhaps one day you will release this strain again.... I know my fingers are crossed. Keep it green Brothers! DesertGrown
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