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Found 4 results

  1. Hi OGs! I wanted to share my first attempt at making dry ice hash. I had a good amount of nice trim from the harvest in my journal. I had some free time so I picked up a block of dry ice and a set of 5 gallon bubble bags. For the hash catcher I used the mixing tubs in found in the concrete section of your local DIY box store. I used 2 different sizes. The larger one to collect the early sift and the smaller one to catch the more contaminated run. I filled 5 gallon buckets about halfway with frozen trim and small buds then broke up and added the dry ice. I gave this about 2 minutes to cool and shook it up a couple times to mix it. After the short wait I used only a 120 micron bag, shaking it for 1-2 minutes in the high quality bin then another 2-3 minutes in the 2nd bin. I know I could have gone longer in the quality run. I'd usually be shaking the bucket a good minute in the 2nd bin before seeing anything greenish. I knew I was using this for cooking etc so I wasn't too worried. Here are the results. Good pile - clean as can be! Greenish pile - You can definitely see a lot of nice hash mixed in there. I'd wait longer before switching in the future. 3 min maybe. Here's a 2 gram puck I pressed. After that I had to figure out how to make rosin...
  2. I have long had a tupperware container filled with frosty trimmings, just waiting to be put to good use. Unfortunately I’ve never been a huge fan of baking with cannabis; my results have been inconsistent and the high I get from ingested weed lasts too long for my taste. I feel more like I’m tripping when I eat THC, and it’s just not practical for me to be stoned allll day long Hash is a different story – I love spicing up the usual bowl or joint with some fine extracts. So I finally got my hands on some bubble hash bags – after a while of shopping around I stumbled across a ‘maxtractor’ bag set. It contains three separate 1 gallon bags with 190, 73 and 25 micron screens at the bottom. Three bags simplify the process and for my small-scale operation, I figured they would be perfect. I got some ice ready and threw a few bottles of water in the fridge along with ½ L of frosty trimmings to start. I should also mention these trimmings were mixed from at least 8 different strains like head candy, choc rain, og kush, critical, mad scientist and others - I’m really just trying to salvage what I can. Time to whip up some hash I just used the 190 micron bag as the ‘work bag,’ filling it with ice, water, herb, more ice and more water. I stirred for 15 minutes and when I saw bubbles start to form, I let the mix settle for a few. And now sifting for green gold The leftovers: The goods I haven’t made hash this way before, so I’m pretty pleased with the results – the bags worked exactly like they were supposed to. I’ll return with some feedback on how it smoked, but I’m expecting some real fire
  3. It must be Croptober in California.......A friend just dropped off an unbelievable amout of trim....... I have always been their hashmaker........but seems they had a awesome year........or finally felt safe dropping off a truckload of trim........so its time to dig in...... here we go....some good trim some indoor some outdoor ...sorta mixed bag I checked everything for the year......machine works......Boldt bags cleaned.....called my ice guy.....think its time Now just wait for a cold day.......I never make hash when its warm.....the best bubble hash is made in cold conditions.......and it MUST be made with good trim......start with quality you end with quality I am gonna start a hasmaking thread in a couple days .......gonna be making some super full melt .....and some lower grade hash......they ordered some hash pucks too so I will be making pucks as well stay tuned Budfather
  4. I'm interested in producing a batch of bubble hash. I'm likely going to purchase a kit but before I do, I want to know just how many/ much trimmings I require to make it worth it? I currently have an extra large freezer bag mainly filled with sugared leaves, bits of stem and discarded bud. Will this be enough to produce a good batch? Thanx
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