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Found 12 results

  1. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  2. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  3. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  4. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  5. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  6. Glueberry is a amazing Strain. Buds hard like Stones. Frosty.. Diesel/strawberry flavour. I had 2 Seeds and both Phenos are same.. Harvest Day 75-80
  7. Lemon Zkittle was a very great Strain! Very stabil.. Good Harvest. From 3 Lemon Zkittle just 1 Pheno was "yellow" and the flavour so great.. Citrus/Coconut The other Phenos had nice colors and the flavour was nice too but less citrus. Very hard Nuggets.. ans very Strong long lasting High! One of my favorite Strains Harvest Pheno1(black/purple) Pheno2(yellow) pheno3(green/purple) Pheno#1 Yellow pheno#2 Pheno#3
  8. I had just one Pheno of Passion Fruit and she remember me Orange Bud. The flavour is Orange Bud. Passion Fruit harvest Day 80
  9. I don't know about you all... but I enjoy harvesting seeds before a plant finishes. I find some seeds tend to finish faster than others and you can get more of a perpetual seed harvest this way. I also think it encourages more seed production to compensate for the ones that in nature the birds might have plucked off. But really, why bother? Isn't that just extra time and work for a BIG maybe I'll get a few more beans???? Probably. There is no harm in leaving a seed too long, right? So what's my problem??? A: I find seeds tend to want to pop immediately when fresh plucked, otherwise they begin to go into a dormant protective phase before sprouting. B: I have tested this theory and found it to be true. but C: I had no idea how right I was until the other day when I was picking some seeds out of the buds, and found a full grown sprout!!! And then another... and then a few cracked beans with a root beginning to emerge. WTF!!!! it's winter... it's dry... it's cold... there is every reason this shouldn't have worked. The hilarious part: I had given them a nice little PH balanced mist the other day, just to keep things happy and keep the dust off so to speak. Well I guess it was just enough moisture to encourage these prime beans to hatch. They came out like hydrogenas, I mean bone dry, but they were sustaining themselves on air and what little moisture they could pull from the buds. Really demonstrated how little moisture a seedling can need, whereas too much is inevitable root rot. The second they hit medium they were thrilled! I've never seen plants happen so fast. I literally was pulling little plants off of... yes PLANTS! I found this all very odd and humorous and had to share. This ever happen to anyone else??? Nature is full of many pleasant surprises. So, little ones are on the way while the seed mama still buds and produces more seeds. That's my kind of awesome! Peace out! Midnight
  10. high- I have a grow in a shed attathed to the house with 1 hps 150watts, 1 t5 tube, and 2 cfl = 300watts full spectrum. Right now I am growing 1Killing Fields, 1Shackzilla, 1Hercules, 1Wild Green Thai sativa(landrace) from ko chang, and 5Chocolate Rain. All are from seed and I am growing them as mothers. I cloned 4 Killing fields, 1 hercules, 1shackzilla, and 1Thai so far. I plan to select 1 Chocolate Rain mother soon. Germenating Chucky's Bride, Blue Chocolate, God Bud,and burmese. Is "bag seed" a way to get a good plant? Will it become a herm?
  11. This is only affecting 1 of 4, and this one was topped in veg only once and has since sprouted 2 main branches with 2 extra super long side branches that are half the size of the main 2. I also had to use the double potting method for several reasons so now it sits in 2/3s of another 5 gallon pot. The roots are still white and healthy and growing into their 2nd pot rather nicely, I have noticed a few inches gained on the plant overall because originally I thought I only had 3 real good branches from it, it's turned into a complete bushy monster since putting it in double pot just no buds forming...white hairs all over the place on even the mini branches. Nutes: Fox Farms Open Sesame (Finished using) Fox Farms Beastie Blooms(1st dose 6/1/11) Fox Farms Cha-Ching(not used yet) Dyna Gro Bloom (Has had this arbitrarily only twice) Good ol' water The fox farms combined only make up close of 1g it's some mini-packs I bought not the whole bottle so plan is not to use them all the way out and mainly use Dyna-gro. Reason I throw in good ol water is because this girl also tends to dry out quicker than the others and pot gets light feeling before my in between feeding of every 3 days. Pics are all of the 1 in question. I have checked it everyday and there are no balls to be seen so it's certainly not hermie, I honestly didn't mark what strain this was but I only used three different ones and since I'm unable to determine it like the others the closest it looks like is Breeders Choice Anesthesia, as I only used that New Blue Diesel and Seedsman Narkush, I have 4 total and the 3 I have that are doing fine luckily are 1 of each. The one that hasn't bloomed looks like Ana, same leaf structure. I'm also noticing that the fan leaf branches are turning purple-ish like they have been bruised and these are the ones I have been moving out of the way for all the inner growth to get better light penetration , is this from bending it like that or something worse? I also accidentally snapped one today when I moved it so yeah thats great ...any idea why this 8-10 week strain is procrastinating? ALL are Indicas/Indica Hybrids.
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