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Found 38 results

  1. There is a tut in here I believe of the new tincture I had made with CBD, turmeric, black pepper. I have added Frankincense to this one. My night tincture I had made the same, with the turmeric and black pepper. I now added passionflower and scullcap to it. There are many herbs that are synergistic, and as they work and bump up other herbs effectiveness, it also does cannabis. Certain herbs make cannabis more bio available. Combining some herbs with cannabis, makes the cannabis more effective and you can actually use less of cannabis, to get the same effect. This has made a difference in the feel of the tinctures. Frankincense is calming but also has a nice pain management, works very well for arthritis. I could feel the pain relief increase with the use of Frank. The night time tincture totally calms, relaxes, makes you feel like jello lol in a good way. Might want to look in to other herbs adding to your cannabis treatment to give more benefit to what you are treating.
  2. OK< that is cool as all get out, I opened up my albums, dumped the pics in, then opened new window, and took and dumped them from there into this post! Sweet! 0 I put the herb in jelly bags, as seen in the pic, In the ball canner which has temp control I do this for 6 days. I take it out several times a day, smoosh the jelly bag. Last day I strain and put it in a sausage press to get all the goodness out. I use 30 grams of decarbed bud to one cup of honey. It comes out to be 100mg teaspoons and it taste really good Perfect to use straight or add to tea or coffee. I also use the honey to bump up other recipes and I make PB kisses and tootsie rolls from it.
  3. My friend scored and picked up a Soda maker for 3 bucks and brought it to me so I could make MEDICATED SODA! Yea boy! Fun stuff! This one is Black Cherry, 150mg per cup. This is so cool!
  4. Flowering out finally, only takes me half a year to sex lol I had goofed and got a fem seed of Durban in with a Dragon's Blood of regular seed lol so had to end up waiting till both showed so I could see if sativa dom Durban is scary! lol has tested out at 34% with 4% CBD I can only imagine that in a concentrate! Danger Will Robinson Dragon's Blood Hash Plant, really excited for the new plants My pics aren't beautiful but figure we all love Bud Porn
  5. "According to the applicants (Zurab Japaridze and Vakhtang Megrelishvili), the consumption of marijuana is not an act of social threat. In particular, it can only harm the users’ health, making that user him/herself responsible for the outcome. The responsibility for such actions does not cause dangerous consequences for the public." The Constitutional Court of Georgia noted that permission to consume marijuana is an act of protection of the person's right to free development, and while prohibition of consumption of marijuana is an action directed against its turnover and therefore serves the legitimate aim of consumer protection of health, according to the Court, the role of an individual user in the support of marijuana circulation is very small, and consequently the threats from individual consumption are likewise small. Due to the above, the punishment for consumption of marijuana is disproportionate. http://georgiatoday.ge/news/11592/Smoking-Marijuana-Legalized-in-Georgia
  6. This is super for warding off colds and flu, and if used on a daily basis will prevent some. Adding in cannabis for the win on this. Cannabis is a natural antibiotic. Besides taking away some of the pain, and just makes you feel better. Ingredients 1/2 O decarbed bud- 14 gram or 3/4 O trim decarbed - 21 grams, I suggest using bud to keep the cannabis taste down ½ cup peeled and shredded/diced ginger root ½ cup peeled and shredded/diced horseradish root ½ cup peeled and diced turmeric OR 1/4 cup additional ginger and 1/4 cup additional horseradish ½ cup white onion, chopped ¼ cup minced or crushed garlic cloves 2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped Zest and juice from 2 organic lemons Raw apple cider vinegar ½ teaspoon black peppercorns Raw, organic honey to taste Optional Additions Several sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme (optional) Equipment Quart-sized jar, you might want to use a 2 quart jar so enough room to cover all with apple cider vinegar, and having a few inches above. Wax paper Instructions Add the cannabis, ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, jalapeno and lemon juice/zest to a quart-sized jar. Pack them down lightly so that the jar is about 3/4 full. Use a fermenting weight to hold down the veggies/roots, or place heavy roots at the top so that they will weigh down the herbs and jalapenos (which float). Pour a generous amount apple cider vinegar over the roots/vegetables. if you’re using a metal lid, line it with wax paper so that the vinegar doesn’t corrode it, then put the lid on. Place in a dark, room temperature cabinet for 2-4 weeks. (A month is best) When the cider is ready, shake well and then strain the roots/veggies using a cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve. Add honey to taste and store in the fridge Adapted from mommypotamus. Her suggestions How To Take Fire Cider Many people take 1-2 tablespoons throughout the fall/winter months as a preventative measure, or every three to four hours if symptoms are present. Here are some more ways to use it: As a “wellness shot” – I actually love the taste, so I put about 1 oz. in a shot glass to drink straight up As a tea – Breathe in the steam as you sip to relieve congestion In juice – For little ones, it’s best to serve a small amount mixed in freshly-pressed orange juice or lemonade As a marinade or salad dressing To Speed this up, you could heat on a double boiler for 8 to 10 hours.
  7. Failed tests reached an all-time high in 2017, according to data from Quest Diagnostics Inc. That’s likely to get worse as more people partake in state-legalized cannabis. Employers are struggling to hire workers in a tightening U.S. job market. Marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington, D.C., meaning more than one in five American adults can eat, drink, smoke or vape as they please. The result is the slow decline of pre-employment drug tests, which for decades had been a requirement for new recruits in industries ranging from manufacturing to finance. Excellence Health Inc., a Las Vegas-based health care company with around 6,000 employees, no longer requires drug tests for people coming to work for the pharmaceutical side of the business. The company stopped testing for marijuana two years ago. “We don’t care what people do in their free time,” says Liam Meyer, a company spokesperson. “We want to help these people, instead of saying: ‘Hey, you can’t work for us because you used a substance,’” he adds. The company also added a hotline for any workers who might be struggling with drug use. https://www.seattletimes.com/explore/careers/the-decline-of-the-pre-employment-drug-test/
  8. I have an anxiety disorder that got so bad it is now considered a Panic disorder. I had this under control for years, then when I was raided PTSD raised it's ugly head and the panic started. Got it under control again, and my hospital stay of them threatening the police on me, once again PTSD raised it's ugly head. A year later, got it under control, they gave me Zantac to take with Motrin, should had neither I am blood thinners lol anyhoo the Zantac started the panic attacks, thankfully not all the other crazy the PTSD does, but I started to even panic when I took a shower. Enough is enough. They prescribed me a non addictive anti anxiety, it helps but does not take care of the panic. Now mind you I had this under control and just could not figure out what happened that I could not get it under control again. I did a double check, quit tobacco for a bit, might have caused it, Check, took all my supplements away, and added them back one at a time, check. Has my eating changed? Is my sleep apnea kicking in, raised my pillow, check. I could not figure out what it was, if perhaps I brought this on myself by what I do or take. Then it dawned on me, I have been short on CBD, I have not been using it and reserved what I had for my patients. I have tried a lot of things, natural herbs, teas, breathing, meditating, nothing was working. Bring in the CBD, and no More Panic attacks. I am sleeping like a baby again. I added CBD to my major night dose of 1 gram. Here all it was, I simply needed to get back on the CBD. Whew! This was a hell of a ride the past few months. Thank God For Cannabis and CBD.
  9. CBD with most people it gives them energy, mind clarity, pain relief. Some people instead it puts them to sleep, pain relief is there, but instead of giving energy it puts them to sleep like a heavy indica. CBD would be chosen as a sleep aid along with pain relief instead of for day time use. A Sativa might work better for day time. CBD can not be used by all some with mental disorders it will set off, like bi polar mania, it does not all but some it does. CBD can bring on OCD heavier as well. With dosing some of this can be avoided, such as OCD in lower doses is fine but heavier will do this. Like with all of this, we have to experiment to see what works best for each of us.
  10. 4 Tablespoons infused butter 1/2 cup corn syrup, if you want your starbursts, I call them chews stronger, you can bump up potency by using either infused corn syrup or honey 1 cup sugar smitch over a teaspoon of flavoring 1/2 teaspoon citric acid Prepare a 9x5 loaf pan by lining it with foil and spraying the foil with nonstick cooking spray, or use molds. Combine the butter, corn syrup, and granulated sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir until the butter and sugar dissolve, then wash down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to prevent sugar crystals from forming. Insert a candy thermometer. Cook the candy, stirring occasionally until the thermometer reads 245 F to 250(118 C). As soon as it reaches the proper temperature, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the flavoring, citric acid, and yellow food coloring. Stir until the ingredients are well dispersed, then pour the candy into the prepared pan or molds. Allow the candy to set at room temperature until it cools and sets completely. About an hour. Once set, remove the candy from the pan using the foil as handles and flip it upside down on a cutting board, or remove from molds. Carefully peel the foil off the back. Use an oiled chef's knife to cut the candy into small 1-inch squares to serve. Wrap and enjoy I made some tonight for the concert tomorrow. Remember the Jelly Belly flavors? I loved butter popcorn and Loraines has that flavor, taste just like em. With some like that type you want to omit the citric acid. I've even made Jalepeno ones, they were quite good actually. The first pic are grape ones formed in the pan and cut. The second are ones from a mold.
  11. Mucus feeds cancer, excess intake of carbs and sugar increases mucus. List of foods to avoid, and those that are OK. If you are fighting cancer with a natural such as Cannabis oil, it is important to follow a diet as well. Some have argued with me about that, but simple fact is, those that follow a diet have better outcome and cancer stays at bay, more so then those who do not follow a diet. Mucus Feeds Cancer 21 mucus-causing or mucus-thickening foods to consider removing from your diet: Red meat Milk Cheese Yogurt Ice Cream Butter Eggs Bread Pasta Cereal Bananas Cabbage Potatoes Corn and corn products Soy products Sweet desserts Candy Coffee Tea Soda Alcoholic beverages So what’s left to eat? Foods That Reduce Mucus While it may seem like you can’t eat anything because all of the major food groups have already been wiped out, there are actually some foods left that have the ability to reduce your mucus production. Here are 21 of them: Salmon Tuna Sardines Flounder Pumpkin Pumpkin seeds Grapefruit Pineapple Watercress Celery Pickles Onion Garlic Honey or agar Ginger Lemon Cayenne pepper Chamomile Olive oil Broth Decaf tea
  12. Seniors are giving rave reviews for medical marijuana. In a new survey, those who turned to it for treating chronic pain reported it reduced pain and decreased the need for opioid painkillers. Nine out of 10 liked it so much they said they'd recommend medical pot to others. "I was on Percocet and replaced it with medical marijuana. Thank you, thank you, thank you," said one senior. Another patient put it this way: "It [medical marijuana] is extremely effective and has allowed me to function in my work and life again. It has not completely taken away the pain, but allows me to manage it." https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/news/20180705/medical-marijuana-a-hit-with-seniors#1
  13. I know know most of the oil recipes on here call for a much longer infusing time. I just wanted to share what has and does work for me. I copied this from another Canna Forum a few years back (don't remember now which one). I have made tens of thousands of capsules using this guide over the years, helping several patients with stunning results.I will be trying some of the recipes on here in the future though. Cannabis Capsules – A step-by-step guide. Part 1 - Acknowledgements and thanks. I’d like to begin with a big thank you to weedhound and sickpup45 who inspired me to experiment with Cannabis Capsules in the first place, and to Opie Yutts who ‘nudged’ me into writing this ‘step-by-step’ tutorial for the forums. Cheers guys! Secondly, I’ve tried to keep this guide as simple as possible, but, as the box says ‘Some assembly is required’, and therefore, this guide might not be suitable for everyone. It needs some ingredients to be measured (with a teaspoon), and the purchase of a few essential (and some optional) items. Where possible, I’ll include detailed descriptions of everything you might need, where to get it from and roughly how much it might cost etc. To give you an idea of the unit cost (excluding the price of the weed), if you made 1000 capsules (enough for 1 person to remain high for a year!) the cost would be around $51 or £25 for the ingredients (oil/butter and capsules). That’s less than $0.05 cents or £0.03 pence each! Including the cost of the weed (based on an average price of $15 or £7.50 a gram), you’re looking at around $1.30 or £0.65 per capsule (for caps made from hash or kief) or $1.90 or £0.95 pence (for caps made from prime bud). Still reading? OK, here goes: Here’s what we’ll be making. The following ‘step-by-step’ tutorial outlines the tools and techniques needed to convert quantities of bud, hash or keif into tasteless pill capsules that can be swallowed to give a measured dose of potent, active THC to the user. For simplicity and economy we’ll just be using 1 gram of hash or kief (or, one and a half grams of bud) and making it into 12 cannabis capsules, each containing around 0.08 grams of activated THC. As a guide: 1 capsule can be taken by medicinal users for strong pain relief. 2 capsules will give a regular smoker an intense 4 to 6 hour trip. 3 capsules (experienced tokers only) a 6 to 8 hour plus ‘wild ride’. To make larger quantities of capsules simply increase the ingredients pro-rata. i.e. To make 24 pills just double everything, for 48 double everything again and so on. Part 2 - What you’ll need (some essential and some optional items). The essential cookery ‘Equipment’: 1. A Slow Cooker (see the first picture). Also known as a ‘Crock Pot’ in the States. Or: A medium sized pan, a mixing bowl and a lid (see the second picture), and some hot water. 2. A quantity of size 00 Gelatine Capsules. They can be bought from some pharmacies, health food shops or online in quantities of 100+ (see third picture). 3. A teaspoon (hopefully everyone will have one of these). The essential cookery ‘Ingredients’: Either: 1 gram of good Hashish (not soap bar). Or: 1 gram of fine grained ‘keif’. Or: 1.5 grams of good ‘Bud’ (no stems, no seeds, or pointy leaves). And: 7 grams (one and a half teaspoons) of Coconut oil or clarified butter*. The optional cookery items: A capsule holder to help when filling (see part 3). A syringe or pipette to fill the caps with a measured dose of oil (see part 3). A set of accurate measuring spoons (see part 3). OK, assuming you’ve got access to a ‘crock pot’ (or a least a pan and a mixing bowl), and a little ‘weed’, what else is required? The other main essential items are the capsules to put your activated mixture in, and (possibly) a few other extras to help in the measuring and filling process, and that’s it. Part 3 - Where to buy what you need, and for how much: The essential items: Empty pill capsules come in several sizes, the ones I recommend are 00 sized, as the smaller ones are a little fiddly to make and don’t hold much, and the bigger sizes are a little hard to swallow. Also, select only the Gelatine variety not the vegetarian ones as they can leak when exposed to fats and oils. An internet search for ‘empty 00 gelatine capsules’ will no doubt give you a variety of sources. Expect to pay ‘roughly’ $3.00/£1.50 per 100. Ideally, you’ll also need a jar (or tub) of Coconut oil, or failing that some clarified butter (or ‘Ghee’ as it’s called in Asian cookery). If you’re struggling to find either, don’t panic, it’s easy to make your own Ghee using ordinary butter (I’ll explain further on). Coconut oil (solid depending on room temperature) can be bought from some health food shops and other specialist food stores. Go for the ‘extra virgin organic coconut oil’ if you can find it, as It’s one of the safest oils to cook with, contains no ‘trans fats’ (unhealthy fat), is high in saturated fat, and most importantly is ‘digestion friendly’ (unlike certain other monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils) meaning the THC can be absorbed easily by the stomach and liver, and therefore passed into the bloodstream to do its job without loss of potency. Expect to pay between $7/£3.50 for a 200 gram jar. Enough for around 336 capsules, plus it’ll keep for years in the fridge. The optional items: In addition, there are some items that’ll help in making the capsules easier to measure and fill, but you can get by without them as long as you have a steady hand and some patience. However, for those people who are likely to repeat the process, they are inexpensive to buy and make it much easier and quicker to make regular or larger quantities. They are: A) A capsule filler container. The one shown in the picture is a ‘Cap.M.Quik’ model which holds 50 capsules. Expect to pay around $20/£10 for one. N.B. Make sure it is sized for 00 capsules. Typically, if you buy one from ebay you’ll be offered it with the capsules bundled together (usually 400/500) for around $40/£20. A syringe or pipette. To siphon off the activated oil and ‘inject’ into the capsules (the one pictured is a children’s liquid medicine dispenser and holds exactly 1 teaspoon (5 ml). For sale in most pharmacies for around $2/£1. C) An accurate set of measuring spoons (a ‘nice’ to have). The ones pictured can be used to scrape exactly the right amount of ‘solidified’ Coconut oil or clarified butter out of the jar or tub (assuming it’s straight out of the fridge). Once you’ve levelled off the spoon, you’ll have the precise amount, 5 ml (Useful for dosage control). These can be bought from most household or cookery stores for around $5/£2.50. Part 4 - The science bit. The key to making effective capsules is in the THC extraction process. In short, the secret is to expose the bud, keif or hash to prolonged, low heat (simmering) in an oil or butter high in saturated fat* in order to thoroughly break down the structure of the resin heads and allow the THC to ‘bind’ to the fat molecules. If the temperature is too high, you run the risk of losing potency due to the vaporisation/evaporation of the THC (if the smell is strong, you’re doing it wrong). Too low, and you won’t convert the inactive compounds into active, or allow them an opportunity to effectively combine with the oil/butter. This fat is then added to the capsules, which once swallowed, release the concentrated THC directly into the stomach for maximum absorption into the bloodstream. *The type of ‘short chain fatty acids’ that are found in Coconut oil and Ghee (clarified butter) are excellent conductors of THC, and much easier for the human digestive system to metabolise. Therefore, where possible, go for an oil or butter high in saturated fats rather than monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Although they’ll still work, much of the potency will be lost, requiring much greater amounts of weed to eaten in order to achieve similar results. As coconut oil is far cheaper than good weed, you’re better off investing in a jar. N.B. 1 gram of weed in a firecracker is good for only one hit, 1 gram in this capsule form is good for about 12. For a more detailed explanation of how to make Canna-butter and the science and techniques involved, check out my other Cannabis cooking thread: Cannabis cooking made easy – A tutorial and guide. To make the capsules we’ll be following the exact same procedures, but using smaller amounts of oil/butter. (If you haven’t time to read it, don’t worry, as everything you need to know is contained within this guide). Part 5 - Now the ‘how to’ bit: I usually recommend using ‘hashish’ or ‘kief’ over ‘Bud’ when cooking, because it is a quicker and simpler process of conversion, and the effects are (slightly) more predictable. However, if you only have access to ‘Grass’ don’t worry, you can still make them just as easily using the following method. Grass method: Due to the difference in THC strength, you’ll need to use 1.5 grams of good quality well cured bud in order to match the potency of 1 gram of hash or kief. Firstly, remove any stems, seeds or obvious leaf material* then grind to as small a grain (powder) as you can manage, then just follow the rest of the steps as detailed below. The Canna-oil Method: If using a Slow Cooker (Crock pot). The beauty of slow cookers is you can pretty much switch them on and forget about them. Typically, a slow cooker will have 2 or 3 settings (low, medium and high). Due to the size of these ‘cookers’ I recommend placing your oil/butter in a much smaller ‘oven-proof’ container otherwise it’ll just make a thin coating on the bottom of your pan. In my case I use an eggcup (or a coffee cup when making larger quantities) the shape makes it easier to ‘siphon’ off the oil and to scrape out the residue. Simply set the cooker to ‘low’ (around 80/90 degrees centigrade), add the ghee/oil and then the hash/kief or bud and leave to slowly simmer for the required time. 2 hour for hash. 3 and half hours for kief. 4 hours for bud. The Canna-oil Method: If using a Pan and Mixing Bowl Pour around three inches of boiling water into your cooking pan, then sit the mixing bowl in the water so that it’s floating just off the bottom (very important – see picture), add the oil or Ghee (clarified butter) to the mixing bowl and let it melt, then add your hashish, kief or powdered bud and dissolve slowly while keeping the lid on and the boiling water just barely simmering beneath. N.B. Floating the mixing bowl in the water and keeping the lid on prevents ‘burning off’ the THC which evaporates/vaporises at high temperatures (around 140 centigrade plus). The boiling water keeps the butter/oil at the perfect temperature of around 100 degrees centigrade (boiling point) to slowly ‘wring’ out every last molecule of ‘spacey goodness’!. Attached Thumbnails Part 6 – Filling the capsules: Now that you’ve made your concentrated THC saturated oil/butter you need to get it into your capsules. Firstly, wait for the oil to cool down a little otherwise you run the risk of melting the capsules. Both the coconut oil and Ghee will remain liquid around the 24 degrees centigrade mark for quite a while, therefore it’s easier to add the oil while it’s still in this form assuming you have something to draw up the liquid like a children’s medicinal syringe, pipette or similar. Just add it in equal measures to the capsules. Once you’ve added even amounts of the oil to your caps you’ll need to scrape out and add the residue. I’ve found that the handle of a teaspoon or coffee stirrer is ideal for this process, however if you want to take it to another level you can always purchase a laboratory spatula or spoon like the ones in the picture. N.B. Depending on whether you used hash/kief or ground bud will dictate how easy this process is. For example hash and kief will be mostly oil with a small residue at the bottom, while ground bud will be more like a paste, and as such hard to draw up in a syringe. In this case (or if you don’t have a syringe), you may want to pour the oil/butter onto a small plate and then put it in the fridge until it sets. Later, using the tip of a sharp knife, cut the butter into twelve equally sized pieces and poke them into the capsules using a chopstick/match etc. Part 7 - Master class techniques and tips. If using bud, remember ‘no stems, no seeds or pointed leaves’. Anyone who’s grown and studied their plant under a x30 jeweller’s loupe will be able to describe the microscopic thorns that the pointed leaves are covered in. Even when finely ground, some of these thorns can survive and irritate the stomach lining. Also (contrary to most advice given about eating cannabis), I don’t recommend you take cannabis capsules on a completely empty stomach. Remember, normally when you eat a firecracker or space cake your eating weed that is bound to (and diluted in) some form of food. Therefore by eating something like: a slice of toast, a sandwich or a packet of crisps beforehand, you’re preparing your stomach to digest food and thereby activating the gastric juices which will break down your capsules quickly and efficiently. Part 8 - Key Recipe Features: • The ultimate stealth ‘medication’. • Highly concentrated form of THC • Requires only very small amounts of bud. • Great for stealth cooking as the low heat creates virtually no smell. • Extremely potent due to the type of saturated fats used. • Simpler to make and keep than a firecracker. • Incredibly cheap • They’ll blow your tits off – Guaranteed! N.B: Effects will start to ‘kick in’ after about an hour and a half, and last for around six to eight hours (depending on how many you took). Should you begin to feel overwhelmed you can shorten the ‘trip’ and reduce its effects by eating sugary foods, or drinking fruit juices rich in vitamin C. expected results = 24 Canna Caps BTW, I made mine with homegrow Blueberry..... yum!! Overview: 20-30 minutes prep time 2 hours cook time 20-30 minutes finishing time Step By Step: Step 1: put the oil in the coffee cup, then set the coffee cup in the crockpot, put the lid on the crockpot and set it on High Step 2: turn on the crockpot and get it warming up as you grind up the herb Step 3: using the cannbis/coffee grinder, grind up the herb to a fine powder, then carefully scrape it into the warm Coco Oil in the coffee cup and stir the mixture, pushing all of the herb into the oil Step 4: let the oil and herb cook together for an hour, then return to your oil and stir it for a minute.... then let it continue to cook Step 5: return after another hour (1+1 = 2 hours total cook time), stir it up and remove the oil from the crockpot... use a pair of oven mitts so you don't burn your hands Step 6: let it cool for a while but be sure to keep your eyes on the oil as Coco oil will solidify at room temp and you need it to be slightly less than solid to pour it into the caps Step 7: pour the cooled oil into the gel caps, making sure that they are equal in measurement so they will be equal in dosage... if there is any 'gunk' in the bottom of the cup scrape it equally into the caps Step 8: put them in the fridge or freezer for a while to set up.. I am not quite there yet so I can't tell you how long . ____________________________________________________________________ Temperatures Although the 'boiling' point of THC is around the 200 degree centigrade mark (392 fahrenheit), most experts cite 140 degrees centigrade (285 fahrenheit) as the point that THC begins to evaporate/vaporise, so going beyond this point, even for short periods 'can' affect the potency. I say 'can' because in some respects the oil acts as a barrier to prevent THC loss by trapping it (some will escape though). To get even more technical (sorry), here's a guide to what happens to your bud when cooking and at at what temperatures: a) Between 46 and 50 degrees centigrade (114 to 122 fahrenheit) the inactive THC acid starts to decarboxylate into active THC. (a good thing). b) At between 50 and 75 degrees centigrade (122 to 167 degrees fahrenheit) the CBD starts to melt (also a good thing). c) Once you go over 75 degrees centigrade the resin heads start to melt (essential). The beauty of using a crock pot for this type of cooking is: firstly, you don't have to watch over it all the time, and secondly, it's a stable, regulated temperature that ensures you get consistent results. i.e. on a 'low' setting your 'simmering' your bud at around 80/85 degrees centigrade (176 to 185 fahrenheit), which means you'll have converted the inactive compounds into active, melted the resin heads and allowed the THC to bond (at a molecular level) with the saturated fat. But, not 'burned off' any of the THC. Thereby retaining maximum potency. So, assuming you don't exceed 140 degrees Centigrade, you're fine to cook your bud longer. If it starts to smell strongly however, keep an eye on it. Lastly, there are some medical and scientific studies that compare the different effects of temperature on the kind of high you'll experience (dependent on the percentage ratios of the CBD, CBN and THC that's left in your oil after cooking), but I'm still working on that element. But as a rule of thumb (for now at least), the lower temperature ranges give more of a head high, the higher temps, more of a sedated, couch lock effect. ____________________________________________________________________ I simplified the above data, and made this word document below and put into my MMJ recipe folder. The essential cookery ‘Ingredients’: Either: 1 gram of good Hashish (not soap bar). Or: 1 gram of fine grained ‘keif’. Or: 3.5 grams of good ‘Bud’ (no stems, no seeds, or pointy leaves). 7 grams Coconut oil (solid depending on room temperature) can be bought from some health food shops and other specialist food stores. Go for the ‘extra virgin organic coconut oil’ if you can find it, as It’s one of the safest oils to cook with, contains no ‘trans fats’ (unhealthy fat), is high in saturated fat, and most importantly is ‘digestion friendly’ (unlike certain other monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils) meaning the THC can be absorbed easily by the stomach and liver, and therefore passed into the bloodstream to do its job without loss of potency.ms (one and a half teaspoons) of Coconut oil 1.5 tsp (teaspoons) of sunflower or soy lecithin Materials Used Crock Pot Oven Pint Canning Jars, Jam Jars, or a coffee cup. Spatula Coffee Grinder Baking Sheet The Procedure Started by preheating the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While the oven is preheating, I fill my crock pot with some hot water and turned it on to LOW heat. I take the buds and brake them apart slightly, removing the larger stems, then placed them on a cookie sheet wrapped in foil.. I decarb at about 240-250 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes for high THC strains, and 60 minutes for high CBD strains. When the buds are done decarbing, I put them into a coffee grinder and grind them up very fine into powder. I then add the Cannabis to the coconut oil / lecithin mix. The Canna-oil Method: If using a Slow Cooker (Crock pot). 1 hour for hash. 1 and half hours for kief. 2 hours for bud. (I usually go for 4 hours) The beauty of slow cookers is you can pretty much switch them on and forget about them. Typically, a slow cooker will have 2 or 3 settings (low, medium and high). Due to the size of these ‘cookers’ I recommend placing your oil in a much smaller ‘oven-proof’ container otherwise it’ll just make a thin coating on the bottom of your pan. In my case I use 1 pint canning jars, or small jam jars, or you could use or a coffee residue. Simply set the cooker to ‘low’ (around 80/90 degrees centigrade), add the oil and then the hash/kief or bud and leave to slowly simmer for the required time. I now have the mixture going on LOW heat in the crock pot and will let it go at this pace for the next 4 hours or so, stirring it a bit on the hour. After cooking in the crock pot, I then place the oil/bud mix in the refrigerator over night. The oil rises to the top. I then take the oil from the top, warm it up just enough to easily fill the capsules. You don't need capsules though, you can just 'scoop' out enough oil in a measuring spoon. You definitely need to 'test' each batch for potency. It is VERY easy to over medicate. Peace!
  14. I have been using Green Dragon Tincture (GDT) for chronic pain and insomnia on a daily basis for the past five years. The time and temperature for Decarboxylation of the flowers is what I have found works best for the electric oven I use, but it seems that many of us find different temps and time for Decarboxylation that works better for our individual situations. Green Dragon Tincture Recipe This is a simple and efficient 4 Step process. Requirements: 1/8oz high quality cannabis 3.5 grams 2 oz of Everclear or Bacardi Rum – 151 proof Process Summary: 1. Chop cannabis very fine (coffee grinder works great) 2. Place in a shallow pan (a sheet of aluminum foil works great) and bake at 250°F/121C for 30 minutes. 3. Remove from oven and place cannabis(make powder) in 2 oz of Everclear or 151 proof rum. Don't use anything under 151 proof. (use a small wide mouth mason jar) 4. Simmer in a water bath for 20 minutes. Maintain temperature of the rum/cannabis mixture 170°F/77C. Heating the alcohol mixture can be done very safely using a hot water bath. You will need an accurate candy or quick read thermometer. Place about 1 inch of water in a wide, vertical-edged pan (9” diameter x 3” high). Bring the water to a low simmer. The rum/cannabis mixture should be in a small (1 pint) mason jar. Do NOT cover the jar. Put the thermometer into the mason jar and place into the simmering water bath. Bring the temperature of the rum/cannabis mixture to about 170°F/77C. The alcohol should be just barely boiling. You should have the oven fan on high. You will notice that any alcohol fumes are mixed with water vapor from the water bath and vented out the fan. This combined with the fact that you are trying not to boil the ethanol makes the process quite safe. 5. Strain the mixture and store. When you are finished with the extraction you will be left with about 1oz of green dragon tincture after you have strained the extract. Notice that one ounce of the alcohol has evaporated. The liquid should be dark brownish-green and smell like cannabis. Dosage: One milliliiter (one full eyedropper) is very nice. You must self-titrate (test it on yourself) as each batch will be slightly different. Effects take up from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to begin (at least in myself) and lasted for 5 hours (1 dropper) to 7-8 hours (2 droppers). 1.5 hours of lingering aftereffects. Sub-Lingual (under the tongue) is much quicker. I place one eyedropper (1ml) of Green Dragon in a small glass. I then add a small amount of water (1-2 ml) and drink. Do this on an empty stomach for best results (about 20-30 minutes before eating a main meal is good). A standard eyedropper will transfer about 1ml (or 1 gram) of liquid. There are 29 milliliters in one ounce. So you should end up with about 30 or so full eyedroppers (30 milliliters) of Green Dragon. Titration. Everybody is different. It takes me between 30-90 minutes to feel the effects of Green Dragon (depending on how much food is in my stomach).
  15. Free radicals can cause damage to parts of cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membranes by stealing their electrons through a process called oxidation. (This is why free radical damage is also called “oxidative damage.”) Did you know by eating THC it fights free radicals and protects your DNA? Smoke, smoke, smoke all you want, but eat or shove a bit each day, your body will TY for it
  16. From scratch, no cake mix here I'll give you the recipe if you like, but I have to rework it cause they had it wrong lol I run across that in about half this recipes, can get expensive. That is why when I put recipes up, they have been tried and are true.
  17. This is in the oven decarbing. The reason why my medibles do not have a heavy cannabis or veg taste, I use 90% bud, and 10% sweetleaf. I leave the sweetleaf to make oil with. I do all slow and low, do not boil anything. I let my products rest over night before serving. I make ghee, honey, corn syrup, tinctures from this type material. I never introduce water into any of my products.
  18. I keep finding uses for the infused honey. These are beautiful and taste straight up Strawberry I hulled 2 quarts of strawberries and pureed them, I added only light sugar to take the tang off, and added in honey for the medication part. With strawberries at 99cents for two quarts, cost like 10 cents each lol not including the cannabis, I think these things sell for like a buck a piece or more in bulk at grocery store, cost me a whole 2 bucks lol. Well there is a touch of lemon juice in there as well. If your recipe calls for puree, it takes twice as much strawberries to make puree. One cup of strawberries, makes 1/2 cup puree.
  19. These hit you with straight up Belgium chocolate then it subsides and lemon lingers in your mouth like a coating of velvet on your tongue. Rich chocolate then refreshing lemon lingers on. 50mg each I love the way they look. The cream centers also have zest.
  20. A couple patients who have hemorrhoids from opioid constipation. I simply infuse coconut oil with the fan leaves. This works better then Prep H. Our plants are amazing.
  21. This is a really good way to do dabs, like moon rocks without the bud. Broke it into small pieces, pick up a piece and add it to a bowl of bud. Perfect! Simply heated the shatter enough so the kief would stick. This is very tasty and smooth, you don't cough a lung up.
  22. I am very curious, I believe it is, I know medibles I make last for months longer then "normal" food does. I make fruit roll ups, and 4 months later were still good, yet normal ones would be less then a month. I have been monitoring this CBD tincture, there is still no mold. I stored it in the fridge, took it out to see if mold would grow if on the counter. There is still no mold. Is cannabis a natural preservative?
  23. Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke some more, out of a bong, in a joint, do some dabs, smoke, smoke, smoke as much as you want. But you have to at least shove some of that up or in or it is not going to give you deep benefit. So Smoke all you want, but eat at least a bit each day or use it in a suppository to feed your endocannabinoid system, that is when you will see a dramatic difference.
  24. Smells awesome in here! I just wanted to mention this while on my mind. I make a large base for the balm. I infuse coconut oil and cocoa butter. Then I have this on hand to create anything I would like later How long does it store? For as long as your carrier oils are good for, BUT I have found they do not go bad for years, no mold growth etc, if no water is introduced, and All plant matter is filtered well. I have studied to see, I put some for 5 years, in a dark blue container, in a cold environment, and no mold or bacteria. I would not guarantee effectiveness of balm, but I doubt being stored as is, that if much of any potency is lost. Buy fresh carrier oils that are known to have a longer shelf life, then you can make your base up in bulk, and grab and make as needed. One of the things, this stuff is stinko! by itself, the cannabis. By using coco butter cuts the smell while cooking.
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