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Found 3 results

  1. Whats going on fellow opengrowers I have finally settled in my own place now so can fully concentrate on growing as usally have grown at friends/family places until now. So more grow journals from me from now on in. I have already started this grow 25days in have had a few problems as room wasnt 100% dialled in but i am getting there, i will post pics from the start. Setup: 2.4 x 1.2 Loft grow tent 1 x 1000w Gavita 2 x 600w hps lights Ram air pro fan controller - brilliant bit of kit. 6" Rvk 720m3 outake 6" Rhino hobby filter Also 5" fan & filter setup but temps fine so havent had to turn it on. Nutrients: House & garden a&b grow and bloom h&g multizyme Metrop calgreen h&g root stimulator superthrive il upload pics of setup then carry on uploading until up to date with me. Thanks Snydgrow
  2. Hello to everyone on opengrow I would like to share my garden with everyone on here My setup is as follows, Secret Jardin 2.4 x 1.2 2 x Gavita 1000w Lights 1 with 1000w phillips green power and 1 with 1000w osram bulb. Canna Aqua nutrients CalGreen Superthrive BudXL PK13/14 Maptio in 30l toy tubs 12" 1800m3 extraction 4" intake need to get bigger fan but will do for now. Sms fan controller 4.5amp. Strains are BlueCheese from cuttings I have 12 in 6 tubs 4 weeks into flower. 6 x Casey Jones from seed from devil harvest they are 3 days into flower. I started on new Maptio only washed through with tap water did not ph it this has caused me problems with blue cheese as ph wouldn't stable so have had bad calcium deficiency this round silly mistake!! Some pics for now.
  3. Greetings again everybody! Over the past few months I have tried very hard produce various grow journals but have failed completion due to a very busy and complicated schedule and lack of "free time" I am hoping to free up some time over the next few months to show some of the little projects I get the pleasure of creating. In an attempt to make up for some previous incomplete journals, here is a peek of a little bit of testing with some new toys and design for you all to enjoy. Once again, all fruits of this labor of love are given away free of charge to those in need. My fee still remains the inner joy of growing and giving. First up, We have had a little room upgrade from a 4ft x 7ft (1.2x2.3x2.0) to a 5ft x 10ft (1.5x3.0x2.3) The tent on one side has a Gavita Pro 1000w DE and the other side a Dimlux 1000w DE. On the left half of the tent we have 4x Grateful Casey (Casey Jones) vegged 3 weeks. On the right of the tent we have 2x Super Critical (Critical Mass x White Widow) vegged 3 weeks. And on the right a C99 mother that has been heavily LST'd and put into flower. All of these ladies are in 8L Rocket Pots filled with Coco that has had Beneficial Fungi hand mixed in. The watering system is a Tropf Blumat system using an elevated control tank. Some lovely root mounding. The Blumat system is using a control tank to maintain consistent pressure. It is simply a reservoir pumping water up to smaller shelved reservoir and overflowing back down to the main reservoir. By doing this the line pressure remains consistent regardless of the lower reservoir level due to the the upper reservoir always being the same fill level. The ladies (except the c99) were vegged for 3 weeks from rooted clone and topped going into flower. They are currently at the end of week 2 of 12/12 They are running on BAC Nutrients for this grow. Recipe thus far has been: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Silica Power 0.2ml/L BAC Bloom Stim 0.05ml/L BAC Pro Active EC 1.6, PH 5.8 I foliar spray every third day in a cycle: Grotek Calmax + Dutch Master Saturator Dutch Master Liquid Light + Dutch Master Saturator And have sprayed BAC Foliar Spray once a week since 12/12 Girls are currently drinking 40 litres per day. Enjoy! Rose.
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