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Found 4 results

  1. I've introduced myself, but this is my first real post after a few years of lurking. Here's some shots of a cross I made outdoors last year from one of my favorite JBF4 phenos crossed with a kick ass CCK male. He stunk it up even in veg and had more trichomes than I've seen on a male plant, so even though I don't normally breed, I had to collect a little of his pollen and cross it not only with the Jackberry pheno, but two different CCK phenos, making some F2 version CCKs. Anyway, this pheno of the Jackberry crossed with the CCK has completely taken over my indoor stable. She is dense and covered in trichs at day 49 and a dried sample looks, tastes and hits heavy already, but she shines at 56 days and even has better buzz reviews than at 63. I'm gonna a take one 70 days this run, just to see and sample. She's a short, sticky plant with pinky sized stalks at their terminal ends, grows slow in veg, but doubles her size in stretch. I grow with water and molasses only in an organic super soil I created.
  2. Hi og Started some dynasty genetics and cookie hybrids over a month ago after my last harvest of some fake amnesia clones , cheese and some bb x sd riri. I didn't find any keepers that run so i culled all clones and started again. Currently vegging : > caramel candy kush >huckleberry kush >cali conartist gsc s1 ( got one bean from a friend ) > some thin mint hybrids >rainbow rug ( my cross ) >Free kush sannie freebee >la confidential All males culled apart from a cookie hybrid that smells like ginger or a mild ginger ale and has purple preflowers. Clones have been taken of a cookie hybrid female that smells of vix vapour rub. No doughy smells, just mint and a kind of red fruit. This thread will be slow as I'm vegging for a little while this time, but the show will commence Individual pics later Best vibes og fam
  3. So I ordered me some Huck, CCK, and CC My funds were returned and I had to resend. By the time I was able to resend, CCK was out. Might've still gotten it if my package hadn't been thieved. The only time I've lost anything, no notices, no mail, no nothing. No sign. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that means theft. Now they're completely out. So, no CCK for me. Need a second choice. Since the whole point of my order was to embark on a caramel project, I'm curious as to what you all might recommend. I had really wanted to cross the CCK and CC. So.. DesStar? Ms. U? What's next in line as caramelicious??? It also would be helpful to note which plants have phenos that tend toward caramel, not just contain the pheno? Catch my drift? Highest likelihood of caramel flavors/phenos. I'd also be interested in any thoughts on the Huckleberry Space Queen, since I've also been working with Huck.
  4. First off let me say hello as this will be my first post here on opengrow. I have quite a few new seeds started a couple weeks back and 3 of those are dyansty cck I have from sannies. setup nutrient- gh flora series doing lucas formula modified to heads formula for coco. 6mlmicro 9mlbloom 1g epsom salts and 1ml silica per gallon ph set to 5.8 or abouts. hand watered daily to waste with 20% run off. veg tent is 2x3x6.5ft with 8 26w cfl bulbs of mixed spectrum. flower tent is 4x4x7.5ft running 600w cooltube,4in carbon filter, 4in ventec inline fan, with a 4in duct booster and for my intake i just vent for airflow..also have a 150 hanging in there that i turn on from time to time open bulb vert. medium is coco/perlite 70/30 in smart pots 1 gallon veg and either 2 or 3 gallon for flower size and room dependant. on with the show... cck#1> was just topped in the last couple days and the one I waited longest to do any training with. cck#2> topped early and responded well cck#3> this i used the old fim on and just ripped the top off she loves it when i smack her around(hope it's a she) group photo> so besides me overwatering a little they are still doing there thing and are now taking the full 6ml 9ml and eating it up!!!!!!! hopefully get around to placing them in the 1gallons i plan to veg with for another 3 weeks and then to there final resting place for flower. If I get it done I will take some pics and upload them.
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