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Found 4 results

  1. Hey People, my Growmie decided to put all our saved phenos of KF, Jack, Chemistry, Chuck and a few seeds in the dirt to put them out or in a greenhouse. Im impressed to see them all perform under the sun. I hope they can make it here.. Lets see.. Sannies JAck F7 , over 2 meters Jackberry x Heribei Chemistry ...tbc ... The greenhouse, left ist most Killing Fields purple pheno, one Chucky in the back and a JB x Big White in the front. The right side is some Jack and mostly a angry growing skunky bagseed HB x BW KF bunch ... Cant post so many pics..lol .. After all this picas and the morning started with Huck Kush i decided to do myself a nice hitter of this.. Hopfully the KF in tha greenhouse end like that...yummy boOm 100
  2. OK ere we go again 8th grow Jackberry and chemistry Chemistry 21days flo. Jackberry 21 days flo Jackberry 27 days Chemistry 27 days flo. Cheers JIMBO Using t same food as last time jungle juice veg and bloom co2 tabs big bud powder top the 2 of them 3 days into flower. seems 2 of wrked well. think t chemistry is 10 to 12 wks flower so she luks a little behind. she still luks gr8 tho
  3. 1x fem Mad scientist, popped 2/12/14 1x reg chemistry, popped 2/13/14 3x reg chucky's bride, popped 2/10/14 Shitty pic. But three sets of leaves on two of the cb's, two sets on the other. Two sets of leaves on the mad scientist and chemistry. Have a 260 cfm fan blowing through carbon. Will update with "better" pics in the future. And more info on the grow.
  4. Hi, Im Urban Ninja and i started Growing Outdoors with a Mate back in the 90´s...well over there i only was the lil Helper and 2011 i started my own Indoor Grows...... Now i found this Forum and Sannies Shop by Googling thru the Web for some diffrent Strains not that Commercial Breeders Stuff.... well here i am and quickly Ordered Breeders Choice Cheese Mix Pack..... Today the Beans arrived fast and save over here and i got a nice Freebe Called Chemistry.....so far i saw in the Freebes Section Chemdawg x Mystery... well i love Mysterious Things so letz Popp thoose Beans...... All Seeds went into a glass of Water where they stay overnight and then they will go into the Spongepots....a nice extra which i didnt expect(the other shops always charge 6.- for them or u get em as freebe at big orders....so big thx Sannie). My Veggie...Clone and Seedling Area is at the moment my old Tent a Secred Jardin Darstreet 60...which i placed on the side to get a ground space of 140cm x 60cm insted of the 60x60cm..... Light at the mom. 36 w Lsr from the Reptile Corner(high lumen output...but gets upgraded soon)...... Flower Tent is a Homebox Xl 1,2 x 1,2x 2 m in the Summer 1 x 400w Hps in the Winter 2 x 400w (gets ugraded to 600w soon) 467/521 cbm Outtake Fan. Hopefully in this Grow i will get a nice Cheeseberry 99 and Nlxodus Male for some Hobby Breeding Projects that are in back of my Mind and off corse some nice Cheesey Dense Nugget Girls So far the Beans that arrived look really gd Nice Coloration and Tiger Stripes(big up to Eskobar long time since i saw such perfect looking Beans)....... well i think it was the right Decission to jump off that Hyped Strains Train and get back to Regs and non Big Commercial Breeders........ they do what they do with a lot more love and u feel that in the Strains hehe ....... Pics ill add 2 Morrow when i plug the Beans...... Ps: Im Still a Newbee and Help and Advices are welcome i wont bite more willing to learn
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