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Found 1 result

  1. I have been growing out Mad Scientist (feminized) since June of 2016, and am pretty happy with her so far. I have a beautiful mother, or had, until the fungus gnat problem in my veg room became obvious. I think / hope I'm winning now. So far my flowering room is clear, but I'm going hardcore preventive in there. (Five gnats on the fly ribbon in five days does not worry me, but she's still getting BT with eqch watering.) When I put my first plant into flower in mid-August, it eventually was clear that she had been exposed to too much nitrogen, given the dark green and the clawing leaves. My flowering nutes had caused her pH to drift down, too. (Note to self: check water pH after adding nutes, not before.) Both of those are fixed now and the plant is finishing well enough: modest anticipated yield of dense, frosty buds, though smaller than her sister a few weeks younger. Her lower leaves are finally yellowing after two good flushes and no more nutes. (She's already into overtime, at 11+ weeks, but the pistils keep emerging and the trichs are still clear.) Now my sea of green, four Mad Scientist in one 5 gallon pot, has shown the clawed leaf tips, too. She does not have the intense green. I am sure: she has had little added nitrogen; she never had a pH problem; and I don't believe I have over-watered her (though the gnats in my veg room might suggest I have a heavy hand at times). In fact, I have been so sparing with nitrogen that these plants have claws on the upper leaves while the lower leaves are yellowing. My questions for any who have grown this strain: Is Mad Scientist oversensitive to nitrogen? Does she just claw naturally? I'm using a good soil recommended at the shop (Malibu composted potting soil), but perhaps it can be a little hot? https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_86331.jpeg https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_45856.jpg https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_684415.jpeg
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