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Found 7 results

  1. I began an outdoor grow the beginning of April with seed from a successful Jackberry and Herebei grow years ago that I let go to seed primarily so I could learn how to grow them. I was new and having a lot of trouble. After 15 weeks of growth, I now have several females as tall as I am in my garden, including both the Blueberry and Green phenotype's associated with the Jackberry. I really don't know how to classify what I have growing other than a cross between the two genotype's, Jackberry and Herebei- or what the result will be, but I am very happy that they have done so well from seeds years old. We've decided to move though, so now I am putting together a plan to save what I can. I'm hoping that I will have time for my garden to mature enough to harvest something useful from it and I've also taken several cuttings and was able to use my Ez-Clone for the first time, as you see in the pic. Beginning with the left-rear corner, there are 4 rooted clones in a row. These were taken from the mother (in the 2nd image) 11 days ago. Notice how dark the stems and stalks are on them. It's actually a very dark purple that appears almost black in the pictures. In each of the opposite corners of the cloner, I put 2 clones taken from my next 3 strongest growers. All are of the "Green" phenotype, unlike the previous Blueberry one. By far, the strongest mother from which the remaining clones were taken, was one that saw 9" of growth in as many days! (remember, these seeds are at least 3 or 4 years old- incredible imho). All of the clones in the cloner have rooted- but all of them took longer than I expected them to. It took them 8-9 days to show roots. Even today, after 11 days, I have one or two that are still showing only a few roots starting. Having never cloned before, I intend to leave them in the cloner as you see them here until I see a nest of roots 2-3" long before I transplant them into 1 gallon coco-perlite bags. Because we are moving, I will keep them in those 1 gallon bags in this tent under T5's until I can get something setup at their home. Sucks... But no other way around it I do have a question about how to start feeding the clones. I am using GH Flora Series products. Do I treat these as newbies, or hit them with full veg nutes? If I set them outside to finish (in DC area), will they have enough time? Or should I finish indoors? If so, how long should I let them veg before switching them over to 12/12? I have a large grow tent I can finish them in if needed. It's great to finally have options to where this kind of unexpected thing stops you in your tracks! I have other questions about my garden and what I plan to do with it in another thread... Thanks for all of the support here!
  2. I am a Veteran in Virginia that is retiring from professional life to focus on my health, which includes the use of Cannabis. Because it is still ILLEGAL (even CBD oil!) in Virginia, I went through the motions to obtain a permit to use CBD and THCA only to be told I couldn't get it yet... Since I also own a small farm, I found that I could now register to grow and process "Industrial Hemp" as long as the THC content is below .3 %, so I am now waiting on those permits and have also contacted the University of Virginia to participate in the only research program in Virginia I am aware of that is studying the medical aspects of Cannabis here. I have also built out a small grow and processing room. What I need now is Seed and/or Clones! I have found some local growers. However, I am finding that they all seem to require large purchases of 1000 or more clones or prices as high as $500 for a few seeds. My next step is to contact them individually to ask if they would make an exception in my case as I just want to keep a few mothers of particular strains that work well for PTSD, Anxiety, etc. But before I do that, I thought I would post here and get some suggestions since I am so new to the culture. I had hoped this would be as easy as buying regular cannabis seeds but it isn't nearly as straightforward with "hemp." So it looks like I will just have to grow and try several strains to find ones that work best. Anyone have knowledge in this area to help a guy out? Thanks very much!
  3. here are two statements that I've heard: 1) you can't clone and auto 2) you can't top an auto 3) you can't clone from a clone what's your thoughts - mine: you can do all of them !
  4. hello my friends. im ready to share my new report. Aztec Rian, Oaxacan and Purple Storm (PS only 1 feno). few upgradings of my grow equipment and environment: 1. i had extended my grow space and it almost 1.7m2 now. 2x400 HPS + another one at 2-3 last weeks (or 2x600+400, depending on outside temperature) in other words i will give as much light as ill be able to keep with under 29c temperature. Also i have a 1.2x0.6x1.5 tent with HPS 400 or 600 HPS 2. also i changed my cheap PE web with Secret Jardin WEB IT. 3. i made pregrow box with three shelfs and 4x30wt T8 on each shelf 4. i made arduino controller which will manage the humidifier (also DIY) and air damper, depending on temperature and humidity. this is very simple device - by pressing encoder changes mode HumSet/TmpSet. by rotating encoder changes temperature/humudity depending on mode. first 2 digits is current humudity and temperature. when current temp < TmpSet servo closes air valve. when current humudity < HumSet relay switches on humudifer. so i can easely hold 22/28 night/day temp and 65/55 night/day Hum. it do the job perfect. the wite cover with wire on the overview foto is temperature and humudity sensor. ill add the list if i forgot something veg nutriens - 1part 13-40-13 + 1 part 15-0-0-25Ca = 1.1-1.2EC (usualy 1.0EC is more then enouph, but i just want to try this strength) bloom nutriens 1.5 part 3-13-38 + 1 part 15-0-0-25Ca = 1.1-1.2EC feeding +/- i use veg nutriens for cut rooting and to 12/12 PhDrop day(2-3week). then i start to dilute veg tank with bloom nutriens (3-5week). aprox at 5 week 12/12 ill waste tank and fill it with full bloom nutriens (just because its cost me nothing) flooding every 3 day to 1/3 of crate heigt, as usual. before 4-5 floodings to chop day (1-2 weeks) i flood only with 15-0-0-25 = 0.3EC im going to use H2O2 35% 1ml/1Ltr (advice me please a good proportion for H2O2, who knows) so let start: day 1 - take clones. some Aztec Rain, Purple Storm, Oaxacan and may be few Lady Cane - no foto day 7 - first roots apears from rw cubes - no foto day 12 - repoting to the 0.3 pots for pregrowing this rooted clones can be repoted few days early you can see too high clone flooding at this photo (root growth up) just try to root toping clones with 3mm long stem))) 4 Oaxacan clones - ## 1, 2, 3, 4 for small tent. day 18 - descent day. stright 12/12 mode tent clones gets 11 pregrow days before descent to big pots overview. Day 1. watered - 1Ltr per clone. 1.0EC Ph 5.5
  5. Hi there I am new to this forum so would like to say HI to everyone and show you my current grow. Lets introduce the system im using to grow best plant in the world SOIL 2-3 years ago it used to be plagron light mix and it has been recycled many many times since RECYCLE worm castings POTS 18, 11 and some range of small ones FERTS - powders: blood meal, kelp meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, DE, rockdust, rock phosphate - liquids: MEDI ONE, MASSIVE, FINISHER by green planet but migh swoitch to BAC line ROOTS root excelurator H&G bio gold by green planet worm casting TENTS LIGHTS and FANS 1x 120x240x200 flo only, 9x 140w plantphotonics LED fixtures (1260w), 2x rvk 125mm 1x 120x120 veg/flo, 1x 250/400/600w hps + 1x 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, some 100mm fan 1x 120x60 90w + 23w 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, no fan CLIMATE CONTROL Siemens Logo PLC Dehumidifier WATERING auto topup RO water into 50L tank used for blumat gravity system At the moment strains I grow are (but those change from time to time): Cheese and Amnesia (Dinafem) Birmingham Cheese (UK cheese clone only) Kolossus (Sannie) Killing Fields (Sannie) Photos Biggest tent is "divided" in half (no wall just 9 plants on each side 4 weeks apart At the moment plants are in 53 and 24 days of flowering (67/38 including induction) Any questions?
  6. Fellow growers, I've grown fem seeds SCROG style ever since i started. I felt comfortable not having to keep moms and being able to maximize my limited space by not having to remove males. But then I came across these Sannies genetics and finally decided to give reg seeds a go. I can only grow during the winter season, in one flowering tent (D120). That will give me two harvest. I got a pack of Cheeseberry Haze, Chucky's Bride, Pineapple Diesel and 3 seeds of Vortex and Deadhead OG. They will be grown in a COCO DTW system. My idea is to plant as many reg seeds as I possible, flip after 3.5 weeks of veg, then clone the ones showing female pre flowers. Finish the moms in a SOG style, while keeping the female clones vegging in a smaller tent. Once the moms are harvested, i'm moving in the 6 best clones and SCROG them for a 2nd run. Now, as a Reg Seeds Grower NOOB, I'm a bit confused when it comes to cloning and timing everything. So my questions: 1. Any idea how many Reg Seeds in 3.5 l pots can I plant in a 1.20m x 1.20 tent, under 400/600w HPS? This will be my first non SCROG grow. 2. Will the clones be weaker (or less yielding) when I take them from pre-flowering moms? Or is it a must to take clones before the flip? I've heard of flowering clones having to reveg, taking months to root etc. 3. How big will the clones end up to be 11 weeks after the cut, in the 250w HPS veg cab? 11 weeks includes the 10 weeks it will take the moms to finish plus 1 week of drying in the flowering cab. 4. If the clones end up too big in the veg cab, can I clone them again, to use those new clones as the batch that will replace the moms? I think that's it for now. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello, I'm asking myself some questions. I often share clones friends, and some friends do the same. A way, to avoid buying the same seeds, while we can share clones easy. This way i was given opportunity to try strains i couldn't afford Lately lost my mums, i'll run seeds soon (already ordered !), but i'm also interested in buying some clones. As i don't know what's the law saying about clones, i'm posting this message to gather infos. It seem to be legal in the US. Once clicked an adv at Seedfinder, that led me to some polish or Czek website, selling clones, so i assume it's legal there too I bieleve in place where it's unallowed to grow, clones are considered as plants and simply shouldn't exist. But in places where it's authorised, can clone be sold/bought ? Switzerland ? Spain ? Portugal ? And another question, do someone know a good and reliable shop, that sells clean clones in Europe ? Any shop would send it over mail ? (if i can save a weekend, and pay a little more, it's not a problem) Thanks in advance. Jim
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