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Found 9 results

  1. I began an outdoor grow the beginning of April with seed from a successful Jackberry and Herebei grow years ago that I let go to seed primarily so I could learn how to grow them. I was new and having a lot of trouble. After 15 weeks of growth, I now have several females as tall as I am in my garden, including both the Blueberry and Green phenotype's associated with the Jackberry. I really don't know how to classify what I have growing other than a cross between the two genotype's, Jackberry and Herebei- or what the result will be, but I am very happy that they have done so well from seeds years old. We've decided to move though, so now I am putting together a plan to save what I can. I'm hoping that I will have time for my garden to mature enough to harvest something useful from it and I've also taken several cuttings and was able to use my Ez-Clone for the first time, as you see in the pic. Beginning with the left-rear corner, there are 4 rooted clones in a row. These were taken from the mother (in the 2nd image) 11 days ago. Notice how dark the stems and stalks are on them. It's actually a very dark purple that appears almost black in the pictures. In each of the opposite corners of the cloner, I put 2 clones taken from my next 3 strongest growers. All are of the "Green" phenotype, unlike the previous Blueberry one. By far, the strongest mother from which the remaining clones were taken, was one that saw 9" of growth in as many days! (remember, these seeds are at least 3 or 4 years old- incredible imho). All of the clones in the cloner have rooted- but all of them took longer than I expected them to. It took them 8-9 days to show roots. Even today, after 11 days, I have one or two that are still showing only a few roots starting. Having never cloned before, I intend to leave them in the cloner as you see them here until I see a nest of roots 2-3" long before I transplant them into 1 gallon coco-perlite bags. Because we are moving, I will keep them in those 1 gallon bags in this tent under T5's until I can get something setup at their home. Sucks... But no other way around it I do have a question about how to start feeding the clones. I am using GH Flora Series products. Do I treat these as newbies, or hit them with full veg nutes? If I set them outside to finish (in DC area), will they have enough time? Or should I finish indoors? If so, how long should I let them veg before switching them over to 12/12? I have a large grow tent I can finish them in if needed. It's great to finally have options to where this kind of unexpected thing stops you in your tracks! I have other questions about my garden and what I plan to do with it in another thread... Thanks for all of the support here!
  2. Hello Peoples! I thought this might be an interesting topic to generate a discussion. Mother and Father plants, Do you have a particular technique (pruning pattern) for taking cuttings? How long do you keep your mothers before taking a new cutting to replace her? How do you handle genetic drift in a strain you want to keep going?? Are Father plants handle the same as moms? Feeding Mothers and Fathers as they get older. How often do you repot? When repotting do you use same pot or increase in size and how often do you repot? I have personally kept a mother going for almost 2 years, until she got so brittle the limbs fell off, so I was wondering if there's a way to prune to extend this. These are just some general questions to start, feel free to add too! I have my ideas on these questions, but it's always best to gather opinions from others with the same passion for growing kick ass weed, I've been popping seeds since 1971 and still learn something new everyday, mostly thanks to OG! Best, BQ
  3. I attended the Oregon Hemp Convention over the weekend and one of the top, bigger medicinal growers in Oregon was discussing his use of hydrogen peroxide in his grows. Besides using it to kill He stated that he adds 1/2 cup (over the counter hp) for every gallon and soaks his seeds to germinate. He states he gets an almost perfect germination results with this method and it also makes the sprouts stronger. He also uses the same mix for his clones, which besides killing any bacteria and prevent infections, it helps with speeding and strengthening the rooting process. He states HP works a lot better (and a lot cheaper) than all those so-called rooting gels. I've been trying to research it on the web but there's not a lot of info about cannabis seed germination or cloning using HP, most of the info is about vegetable and flower seed germination, which I know really doesn't matter because seed germination is the same in all horticulture but I was wondering if anyone here has tried using these techniques and what the results are?
  4. Hey guys, like the title says, Do clones mature at 12/12 faster than seed plants? Here's the reason for my question: I have 2 phenos of Huck Kush in flower right now. They are at about 47 days of flowering, but they look done to me. The plants they came from went right about 56 or 57 days. The pistils have pretty much all turned color, and from what I can tell, the trichromes look cloudy, with maybe 10 percent being amber. Didn't really see too many clear ones. I'd be interested to hear the opinions on this.
  5. I always take my clones after a few weeks of flowering produces many limbs and to me seems to increase yields, I have done some monster cropping outdoors and love the bushes it grows anyone else? happy growing hawky
  6. Spring (in my part of the world, anyway!) is almost here... and that means that a lot of your dormant landscape plants are just about ready to start kicking off their growing season. In that spirit, I thought I'd share a neat little tip that I learned from an organic fruit tree grower that I met at a class on plant propagation a few years ago. Willow plants - the shrub/tree that provide us with landscape plants, soil erosion control and summer shade - are naturally high in the plant growth hormone Auxin at the tips of their branches in early spring, especially when they first begin to bud up and leaf out. Old-school plantsmen would sometimes take a few cuttings from a willow - crush them up - put them in a bucket of water and then soak their fruit tree cuttings in this solution for a few days before planting them out in a cold frame to root - simply on the basis that a bare willow stem will almost always root so long as it's not dried out - they saw it work in theory - but didn't understand the science behind it. Auxin is water-soluble - so you can actually make a 'rooting tea' from the bruised and crushed tips of any common species of Willow by cutting a few cups-worth of the growing tips from a healthy plant, bruising or crushing the plant material a bit, placing them in a quantity of water to cover and letting it steep for a day. You then strain off the water from the plant mass and place it in a sealed jar in a refrigerator until you're ready to use it. When that time comes, pour off enough to steep your cuttings up to the first internode that will be the source of your roots and let them stand in the solution for 24 hours - and then plant them into your soil/soilless mix of choice. Refrigerate the rest of the solution for your next round if you like - it should keep, sealed for the rest of your growing season if the water you started with is free of any nasty bacteria - willows also contain salicylic acid in their bark - which some of you may recognize as the precursor to that modern wonder-drug, Aspirin. With the increase in organic growing fans, I thought that this was a perfect time to pass this tip on. Any comments or feedback is welcome, of course... and as always, your milage may vary - but best of luck in your grows. Peace, BB
  7. So I've seen here that a few of you coco growers don't use domes, and just go straight to coco in party cups. As I'm growing in straight coco for the first time with my indoor set up, I think I'm going to I've it a shot but I was wondering about drainage- do you poke holes in the bottoms of the cups or no? That's my biggest question. When I grew in soil and used a dome I was getting 100% clones rooting and I'm not expecting that again (though it would of course be nice!) but I want to keep going with straight coco for now
  8. I thought it was about time to open a thread on the ever elusive sci-fi subject of tissue culture propagation. This is a place to share insights, stories: success or failure, and any thoughts on the topic. I would be happy to share more of the results of my research and experiments after we get a chance to hear from some of the giants in the community. I am particularly interested in some of the simple DIY methods I have seen that you can do from home. Clearly the main thing is the sterility of your environment, which can be achieved in a number of different ways. I can see the parallels between home brewing, making vinegar or sauerkraut, or even growing mushrooms. An interesting science project and a great way to preserve genetics. One could even cryogenically freeze plant parts for future use in order to catalog certain genetics. OK, that said... I would love to hear any thoughts on the subject and will chime in from time to time, but really want to hear what people have to say. Thanks!
  9. Hey all!! Ive been growing medically for 5 years. I love to learn new techniques, as well share some of my own. Im here to be a noisy fly on the wall, I live a busy life yet i still love to take time out and smell the flowers Thanks for letting me into your community here at Open Grow Purely Medical
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