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Found 2 results

  1. Haven't had a chance to upload some nug shots (I will asap before I smoke it all) but I was able to pick up an authentic bag of BCBD's Girl Scout Cookies. I really wanted to grow it out on my own, but since I retired I have to lean on other means to get my medicine. First off and in only my opinion, it tastes like the vanilla-cream filled girl scout cookies, almost to an uncanny level that you taste the filling and the biscuits. I can detect an undeniable "Kush" flavor in there, earthy and maybe it's that part of the equation that tricks the taste buds to get that biscuit part...either way, really enjoyable flavors, soft and really smooth smoke. Second is the effect. I feel like I can really pick up on the Durban more than anything (if anything is actually present). There is a bit of electricity to the buzz right at the start like a good strong Durban and then a long period of blissful pain relief with no anxiety which by all means is exactly opposite of what Durban carries. I love it. It's very unique and that's all I crave after almost 30 years of being around this shit Bag appeal is right where you want it. Enticing to indulge with a quick glance. All around, if and when I get back on the saddle I'll have this cut to fuck around with. With all that, I am definitely not telling anyone to go out and buy these seeds I just wanted to give a bit of feedback on the finished product because it's been debated several times here on it's authenticity. The 7g sample that I received certainly lives up to the hype of the original. As a side note, the same grower gave me some of his Grape God...and OMFG. RM
  2. This is Day 1 Of week 10, and everythings coming down . I ran 8 1000 watt lights, two tables of 8 different phenos of chocolate rain, and a table of Herojuana Og and a table of the Platinum cookies. I did everything from seed so I had different phenos of each strain, looking for the keeper pheno of each. Here are some pics of the different pheno's of the chocolate rain. And my favorite pheno was #7, one of the trichiest strain's I have ever grown, which is perfect as a wax/hash making strain imo. Plus smell is incredible, And here are some pics of my fave pheno of the Herojuana Og, the one that leans more toward OG The platinum pheno of the platinum cookies. And my favorite pheno of the platinum cookies, the one that lends itself more to the cookies. It was a pretty good run. Im the manager at a hydroponics shop in California so these plants got the best of the best. Now that I have my keeper pheno's its just dialing them in. I'll have video smoke reports of these strains, check out my youtube channel LAOGROW and it's got smoke and grow reports along with joint rolling tutorials and fat sessions =D.
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