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Found 3 results

  1. Hello again Opengrow members, Been having a little break to enjoy some well deserved rest lately, but during my intermission I thought it may give me the chance to show a little breeding project i did a while back but havent had a chance to pop the F2's that came from the project. "Breeding" is all the rage with the kids these days .....so I thought I would share this with you Down to the details, The mother was a genuine cut of Bruce Banner #3 (Coal Creek Kush x Rez's Strawberry Diesel) The father a very electric Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk x Haze) Of the 10x sprouted, these were the 3 ladies that gathered my interest the most. I have dubbed them "Green Lemon" (In advance, sorry for the lack of detail in the OP photos, shot with a 35-80mm lense, my 15-50mm lense aludes me.... *scratches head) The 3 Princess's, 1 - 2 - 3, left to right Enjoy! Rose. Green Lemon #1 Green Lemon #2 Green Lemon #3
  2. I have an amazing Soul Assassin OG and an Amazing pink pheno of the selene. And working at the hydro store I work at we just recieved in a shipment of Tiresias mist, which can basically create feminized seeds like silver colloidal by reversing the sex of one of the strains. My question was, and with the input I'm going to do a grow journal, Which strain should I reverse the sex of to dust the other? Should I hit the OG with the mist and use that pollen to dust the selene? Or vice versa? The Soul Assasin Cut of the OG is definitely a true ten weeker OG, not a cross. And the Selene I have is a 9-10 weeker that is fucking beautiful, I chose her out of 16 other girls so I got a really good keeper. Well, whatever the choice, I'm gonna be starting this grow within the week. Any feedback or opinions anyone has would be much appreciated. Here is a pic of the Soul Assassin I have flowering at 8 weeks. She still has two more to go. Pure Kerosene Fuel. This pheno is 70-80% Sativa so I thought the Pink Selene I have would be a good mate. Thanks for the feedback OpenGrow Growers. LAOGROW =D P.S. The Green Light from the picture is from the Green LED I use to check out the plants in the dark so I don't have to hit them with real light and shock the girls.
  3. Hi all I was recently gifted a few cross's. Of the cross's I received 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' a Whazzup & Eskobar combo put a BIG smile on my face the more I thought about it. Suprising as I do have plenty of both both parents beans but haven't sprouted any yet so I'm not that familiar with either, bar what I've read and seen on OG. 5 x 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' beans are currently being soaked (6 Hours). They will be placed in spongepots then transplanted to 15L airpots. Started under T5 - 210W and roughly 7-10 days after sprouting they will then be moved under a 1000DE to flower. All males will be removed and composted. Canna Bio Terra soil plus 5% perlite. Symbio - MycoForce Endo Mycorrhizal Liquid (PDF) (I will be dipping each spongepot in a solution of the Endo liquid and rainwater on transplanting to 15L Airpots.) Symbio - MycoForce Growing Media Activator (PDF) (This will be mixed through the Canna bio Terra and watered prior to transplanting) Sannies Buffer tabs. Canna Bio Bloom. (As required) Canna Bio Boost. (As required) Canna Bio Rhizotonic. (As required) Feed alternated between Nutes and AACT. Hope you all enjoy the ride. I'll post weekly updates with pic's and all questions and comments are welcomed. Grtz HillCrest
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