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Found 4 results

  1. inspired by this thread: https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=309172 after a failed attempt, my first successfull cob enjoy. after 16 weeks of 11/13 some of the semi-dried bud gets cobbed sealed but NO vaccum i left it on my router for a few weeks to sweat in peace after one month the cob looks like this detail of the result now i just let it dry in roomtemps and seal it (this time in vacuum) for another few months as long as i like, really ... it gets only better from here uncobbed bud: dry, woody-spicy, hazey, typical satty bud smell and taste we are used from landrace buds (not very special, imvho) cobbed bud: vanilla, chocolate, smashed rotten fruits and a spicy taste and smell (cobbing is very nice for smoke that tastes bland by itself, makes better smoke) smoked effect is not very different, but i bet it makes a difference form plant to plant. the cobbing process decarbs the bud so it can be eaten as well with very nice effect. some say it is psychedelic, but those have never tripped on real entheogens. it sure makes a warm feeling in my chest and big smile on my face, tho hope you liked this tiny sum-up of my cobbing adventure ... the linked thread provides all the info you need to make it yourself. enjoy your smokes, everybody SAN
  2. hello, I have been growing hydroponically for 7 yrs. I cant seen to get much taste out of my grows . they are good , covered in crystals . big nuggets. I get 14 - 16 oz out of a 6x4x4 box. no problem . 600 w sodium. cooltube , 200cfm fan and filter. temp 88degrees . big alum reflector . sannies KO Kusk, barneys farm Vanilla Kush and barneys farm Grape Ape.,all mother plants , sog clones hydro. 3wks old veg into 8wk box.flush full wk8 water. some cloudy and a lot of amber when i look at buds through my microscope .neutrents. g h micro floro, big bud, calmag, g h florious plus, bloom blastic. I use it like the instuctions says.grows are easy ,no probs,and good. dry it in a 3 ft x3ft box with a fan on it for 72 hrs. its dry . but still moist inside the buds , but stim will snap most of the time. I manicure buds. put into glass jars now. open jars for a few mins a day for a wk . bud feels great can roll and smoke in a joint no prob. the kush taste strong . I like it . its real nasty , now the vanilla kusk almost tastes like the ko kush. just no kind of sweet taste at all . just that strong kush taste and the grape just tastes like some real strong good weed .almost like a white widow taste . totally different from the kush but no sweet or grape taste at all. all the weed is supurbe on the stone. some of the best . just no SWEET taste on it . what am I doing wrong.why no sweet ? i want to hear other peoples cure methods!!!!!!! THANKS
  3. I need some help on this one. I have Northern lights and Blue dream which smelled before the chop. After flushing for 2 weeks, drying for a week and two weeks of cure with daily burping the smell disappeared. Is there something I am missing or is it the genetics? Thanks for any input.
  4. Hello everyone, I have created a couple of posts over the last couple of days but I finally reached the end of my 1st successful harvest and I'm already eager to begin the next round. Before I do however, I would like to share some of my experimentation findings with others and hopefully get a few responses. Everyone states you should hang your plants up until the stems snap but I have found this really depends on how moist your soil was prior to harvest. If you did like me and flushed for 2 weeks, and on the last week (or couple of days) deny your plant water, you can jump-start the drying process. I ended up doing this because my last 2 strains out of 6 were not ripe yet and I had came across a thread about this on another forum and I decided to experiment. It makes sense if you think about it, your plant begins draining all of it's stored life out of the remaining fan leaves causing them to yellow, add in denying water and it will begin utilizing it's stored moisture as well. I found after denying 2 strains water for 7 days, on the day of harvest I squeezed a bud from each prior to cutting and it was of course hard and dense but once cut and hung for a few hours you could feel it and it become a *little* soft and you could feel a LITTLE moisture in the buds, after 4 days of hang drying with a CFM blowing not directly on the plants but beneath them pushing the air up into the atmosphere I came back to check them and the stems are still bendy but now brown, not the light dry brown that is usually seen when the "snap" is present but brown never the less. I have tore open the stem branch and the main stem (hung entire plant) and felt it and it's dry as a rock on the inside and I know when I chopped them I could rub the main stem and feel a little moisture in it the day I had chopped. As far as the buds they are crisp on the outside and dry on the inside I have since smoked some from each and both burn great and does not go out like wet bud does. It seems like if you deny your plant water for at least one week (I did it for 7 days) after all flushing is done and let them hang dry for 4 days w/ some type of ventilation, your buds will be not only smokeable and not harsh but also ready to be jarred for the cure. I don't have a hygrometer but I do have a thermometer so I can at least let you all be aware my drying temps in the closet was at 74 degrees during the day and fell between 70-72 at night. I used a 6inch CFM inline fan for ventilation. I live in the south so the humidity levels have been around 54%-65% outside lately. I also want to add that the other plants were harvested prior to the last 2, I had to give them some extra time because the trichs were not where I wanted them to be but the others that were harvested normally I did have one that I jarred from that batch that it's stems was not snapping either but was dry like the 2 mentioned here, it has been in the jar for 9 days and I burp them everyday for about 30 minutes I just want to throw in that the stem can begin snapping AFTER a few days of it being jarred because mine are now, I discovered them snapping about 3 days ago, and that is a kush plant, I removed the stems from the others though so the kush one is really the only one that has stems attached to some of the buds but never the less my findings have concluded that they don't have to snap prior to jarring as they can also gain the "snap" after a few days of being jarred, they just have to be picked at the right time. No green or chlorophyll taste in any of them, kush is getting where it needs to be on inhale it tastes like regular but when you exhale you get a light kush undertaste. I have some regular bagseed jarred too so i know what to expect from it from what is suppose to have come from "Lambspread" batch and that is what is mainly a mix of hay/spicy I mentioned. This I actually decided to let hang dry the longest since I knew it being regular I wouldn't risk much thc and it hung up until the 72nd day I gave it 9 days hanging it was the 1st to be chopped and the stems never snapped but was feeling too crispy inner and outer for even my taste, so I understand drying is an art but from what I can tell I have everything correct my house already feels like a morgue when I let the AC run on 70 all day the rooms are cold, I also tried different parts of this specific plant in the best parts of the house that met permissible drying conditions and all had the same end result. It of course feels somewhat better after being jarred but this plant was more airy and I of course had low expectations for it to begin with but feels nowhere as good as the others mentioned and has the less bag appeal, I checked up on it throughout the 9 days and despite it feeling worse to me I wanted to wait as long as I could take it for the snapping to come about. The 2 that this thread about never lost their smell at all. (the 2 are NBD and Ana) I also want to note those 2 strains that were denied water & were hungry hungry hippos, NBD was a little over 3 ft tall and even during it's regular feeding schedule of every 3 days it was always the lightest pot out of the others and was the biggest one. So all of this could also depend on how much it takes up what your giving it too...I used MG Moisture control with 1/4 of FFOF, both feed plants for up to 3 months and I vegged for 2 and everything was harvested by 72 days of flower.
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