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Found 2 results

  1. 3 Sannie's Jack FEM 4 Killing Fields FEM 1 Jackberry X MadScientist FEM (I killed it, sorry everyone ) Not enough space (DR60 ver. 2), so thats 60cm x 60cm x 190cm? 2 Has LED Panels (fall 2013 version, 65W each) 17liter pots, filled only to ~13 liters of soil (enriched with Sannie's Starter Pack + Perfect Start).. no Yucca unfortunately. Most of the grow reports I read on here are compiled by some really expert greenthumbs, but I know that when I started this grow after 7+ years of not growing - my knowledge base was lacking, and certain simple things were stressing me out that shouldn't have done so. I started a word document journal that I will copy into this first post to give everyone a glimpse of the timeline of events of my grow so far. Most importantly, the germination/seedling stage gave me a ton of grief. Patience is the key word here, and I wish I hadn't taken a week off of work to get my set-up ready, because I ended up overthinking everything. It's also a lot nicer to see your plants once every 8 hours or so to really see progress. Here goes... January 7, 2014 1 Sannie’s Jack seed and 1 Killing Fields seed dropped into spongepot with bacto according to Sannie’s formula (dome + perlite + bacto + humidity + spongepots). Didn't have a dome - used a plastic cookie tray after the cookies were done, and a big ziplock bag. January 9, 2014 1 Sannie’s Jack seed and 1 Killing Fields seed dropped into shotglass with BRITA water. January 10, 2014 Morning- Shotglass seeds placed into wet paper towels in tupperware container, put onto radiator (turned down heat). Evening- Tupperware seeds germinated, placed into spongepots + myco + bacto. Placed into dome next to first two seeds. 1st Killing Fields Seed is breaking ground with cotyledons. All seeds germinated. Pulled 1st SJ seed out of spongepot because was doubting germination – it had taproot of ~1/2 centimeter. Settled it back into the spongepot. January 12, 2014 Morning- All 4 seedlings emerged from spongepots overnight. The 1st KF seedling has green cotyledons and two green true leaves. The remaining 3 seedlings have green cotyledons, but yellowing or no true leaves. 1 of the 3 remaining seedlings is a triploid. Put an additional 1 KF and 1 SJ seed into shotglass of BRITA water. Transplanted spongepots/seedlings to 1.5L black pots. Evening- No change from the morning, seedlings angled themselves more towards the light. Planted the newly soaked seeds in the pots of the two weakest looking seedlings. Did not wait for germination in tupperware/Paper Towel container. Planted an additional KF seed and JackberryXMadScientist seed into the last two seedling pots that still only had 1 plant/seed per pot. The healthy KF seedling now has another KF seed in the pot with it. The assumed SJ seedling (from Jan 7) now has a JBXMS seed in the pot with it. January 13, 2014 Morning- The three weak seedlings all showed growth overnight. The assumed older SJ seedling enlarged its true leaves, and is a healthier shade of green. The two other weaker seedlings (Jan 9) both showed minor true leaf growth, but are still yellowish, with browned tips, but beginning to green on the inside of the leaf/new growth. Evening- Continued growth. No sprouts from remaining seeds as of yet. January 15, 2014 Morning- Watered 4 seedlings fairly thoroughly. The new KF seed in the slow-growing KF seedling pot sprouted through the ground. The seed casing had not come off, but I wet it a little bit and went to work. We’ll see how it does when I get home. Jan 16, 2014 All seeds sprouted. All 8. Now what do I do?! Jan 23, 2014 All plants continue to grow well. I know that I started with 4 KF, 3 SJ, and 1 JBXMS. From their growth pattern, and knowing where I planted certain seeds (like the runt KF got another KF seed, and the strongest SJ seedling got a JBXMS in the pot with it). The LED lights are proving what everyone else has already said – great growth with tight internode spacing. We’ll see how this keeps up during flowering. Strongest growth is coming from the SJ heritage. All 3 SJ are exhibiting a similar growth phenotype, which is even visible in two of the KF (the triploid main plant, and the back-up KF to the runt). The little runt still grows very nicely, but almost as if it was a dwarf version. The last KF seems to be growing slowly – maybe it’s struggling, or maybe it just needs more time because it’s a different phenotype. The JackBerry X MadScientist is also growing slowly. All plants are green and healthy! Jan 25, 2014 Transplanted into bigger containers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough soil to fill containers up fully. It could have been a 4 gallon grow container, but is closer to 3 gallons now. Changed light on/off schedule to 18/6, down from 24/0. Jan 29, 2014 Changed light on/off schedule to 15/9, down from 18/6. Jan 30, 2014 In the morning I FIM’ed 5 out of the 7 plants (didn’t FIM or TOP the smallest KF, topped the triploid KF for a guaranteed three nice tops. A couple hours before lights out I pruned most of the lower branches and fan leaves on all the plants. I hope to give them another 4-5 days to recover and restart growing before switching to flowering (whether they’re mature or not). Jan 31, 2014 Morning. Picture of the girls. Stay tuned I guess! I want to switch lights to 12/12 on Feb 3rd, and maybe do some sort of custom twine netting to scrog up the place a bit. I always wanted to a scrog, ahhhh exciting!!
  2. High, today i put 10 Caramel Candy Kush from Dynasty Seeds in Spongepots. I will weekly update this report. Equipment: Darkroom DR 90 Homebox XS AKF Carbon Active 350-400cbm/h ø125mm LTI Rohrlüfter PK 220/360 cbm/h ø125mm BLT Boxventi 2 x 36W PL-L Armatur 400W Philips SON-T Greenpower HPS AAW Medium Gavita Digistar 400 Composana Soil At the moment i have some Starbud and Bubblegummer in my Bloombox Here two Starbuds.. Peace
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