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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, My plants showed yellowing tips around two weeks ago. I made a post here and was told it was nutrient burn. Now i'm thinking it might definitely be a deficiency. Uploaded are a few pictures, including the fert i am using. I water once every 3 days. around a Litre per plant. every other watering i do a feeding. How i feed is i water the plant normally, then after 15 minutes i make a tea of 1 Litre mixed with 1/5 of a teaspoon (12-12-17). I water using tap water. and I have been kind of changing up PH every now and then, but i don't think it is a problem as the soil always buffers it down to 6-6.5. Oh and btw can you check the pic of the fert i am using, as I did not see Calcium written on there!? Age: 45 days, day 3 in Flowering Pot: 3 Gallon Soil: Universal Potting Compost (A bit of clay in it) (also has 0.75kg of NPK per square meter) Can you please spot any problems or deficiencies? Notice the purpling stem? it is only happening to one plant though! Next up is the damage on the leaves.(Almost only on Fan leaves?) (Also new fan leaves start out with white tips) (Also a bit of dark stripes in the leaves) One last thing, I spotted a few(3) white flies, they were tiny. I made a solution of soap and oil in a spray, they seem to have disappeared. I am thinking Calcium deficiency? Then again i am a first time grower. Thank You for your replies <3
  2. Hello, I need some assistance with my [HAZE X] (Sensiseeds) plants. First some INFO: Light: 4 42watt 2700 CFLS Pots: 1 gallon for first 25 days, then transplanted into 3 gallon pots with %30 Perlite Soil: Universal planting Compost Temp: 25c (Stable) Water: Mineral drinking water (PH-7.4) 500ml per plant every 3 days. Nutrients: I only fed twice, i put two teaspoons of 12-12-17 into 500ml of water and divided it equally to all three plants, i did this procedure twice, once every other watering i did. Three days ago I noticed some browning on the tips of some edges. as another day passed, the brown tips occurred on other leaves too, usually midway through the plant. Also, now the brown tips are starting to form on new leaf growth. ALSO, there are a few random white patches on some leaves(1 inch patches at max). Leaves at the middle of the plant have also started to fade in color. This problem is only happening to two out of three plants, even though they are the exact same grow. INFO: I transplanted a week ago because since sprout, I have never seen any run off of water, this included the two times i fertilised. I got worried so i transplanted. INFO: I just flushed the plants yesterday to try to eliminate the possibility of Nute and salt Buildup, there was a bit of a boost in growth today but maybe i am just imagining it. INFO: ALL plants look extremely healthy and have fast Growth rates. IMPORTANT: One of the plants are starting to form similar to PURPLE? coloring on the side stems... LINK TO ALL PICS: http://postimg.org/gallery/14ar6im8g/
  3. So upon getting an air conditioner, my ridiculous growing room temperature near the bulb region has come down, and the average room temperature is 26C with lights on, a big improvement over the previous 34C with lights on. I had a pheno of FotH's NBDxSZ (henceforth, the NBZ - Snake pheno (because stretchy cut sounds ... ) that is a stretcher if I ever saw one, she was growing with two other phenos in my 250w cabin with a cool tube and centrifugal fan, and within 4 weeks of flowering the other 2 were simply not getting any light, and they had to go. This girl went on to stretch at least 10x (In height, and volume), including the numerous times she was cropped and supercropped, I lost count, but it really didn't matter, and she occupied literally the entire 5ft, 80x30cm tent. I vegged far too long after rooting for this pheno, 3 weeks was too much. The next ones are going to be flipped after they grow their first set of leaves once rooted. eventually as the stretching came to a slow growth towards the middle of june, and after the last grow was catastrophic due to the heat wave, I invested in an air conditioner. but this girl wasn't done stretching, and by the time it was in place and operational, she was covering the entire bulb's cool tube, and the buds were getting singed. after buying an ac, i'll be damned if i let my grow crash because of heat. With great difficulty I moved this branchy tree out of the tent and died it up in a nice vertical setup around my 400w. I did lose a branch in the process, but it was apparently for the better, in a few days I was able to pull some of the buds in the shadows out to fill a nice canopy around the 400w. I'm seeing some nice crystal growth near the bulb, which tells me that I think they're not getting too much heat... here is a full view a few days ago URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/158547-img-20150721-164041/][/url] My hand is right in front of my phone blocking out the bulb. I don't have a designated camera yet. Unfortunately, she did suffer from the heat in the crucial first month of flowering and i don't think her buds are going to get anywhere near as big as they could have, but I have a few more cuts of this one. The leaves, as you can see, are scarred by the curl from the heat, in the early flowering stage, and as she surrounded the bulb. she started flowering in the first half of may, around the 10th. so with a bit of margin for error we are somewhere between 9 and 10. New pistils flying out everywhere no sign of letting up, and the buds aren't growing in size but the coat of trichs around the buds are. I think this one is going to be 12 weeks+ flowering. interesting note - when the heat gets somewhere around that 35 room average temp (which means much higher near the bulb where the buds are), the leaves start growing all mutant (1 - 2 fingers), curling inwards and (oddly in my case) downwards. I was more interested in rectifying the problem than finding out why they didn't curve inwards like taco shells as I see online. Anyways, when clones were taken from these mutant regions of this pheno which was flowering for a month at the time of cutting, after they rooted, they continued to grow these mutant leaves for a number of nodes, and eventually I saw the newest leaves show signs of normal growth - and at this point this pheno was showing her love to conquer the grow tent so I figured I could finally cut her up into clones, hoping that the same concept prevails...and the clones continue to grow the 'normal' leaves instead of the mutants. Here you can see her just before mutilation: And here, after deconstructive surgery: I made sure only to take the tips that had 3 fingered leaves I also have two plants which spent about 2.5 weeks vegging from seed, also NBZ: They are facing some sort of deficiency and I'd appreciate any sort of advice anyone can provide. The ph is just below 7, and the ppm is where this cut is usually happy, at around 450ppm...does it look like magnesium or zinc? If it's zinc, I think it could be because of the pH, and if magnesium, then I guess I need to add a few ml of GHmicro to the 13 litre bucket? Any advice would be appreciated Boom
  4. This thread is to express the sheer extent of frustration i've been facing regarding growing for the past 9-10 months. 10 months ago, i was growing happily outdoors, growing big indian landraces, massive yielding plants, strains from mandala seeds, mr.nice, etc. i grew organic but didn't give too much heed to what went into the potting mix. i'd dump a visually measured mix of coco peat, vermicompost, bone meal (certainly went overboard with the bone meal, as the rats showed me with their presence) and either perlite or sand. and the plants grew beautiful. no nutrient problems or anything. then, suddenly, one day all the new seeds i sowed stopped growing after a few days of popping out of the soil. i thought it was a slow starting strain. then they didn't grow at all for days. the more beans i popped, the more displayed this issue - seed sprouts, either damps off and dies or stays above ground and just almost stops growing after the second node or so. the ones that did grow further would wilt and die very quick. as i began to handle the problem by elimination, as nobody anywhere seemed to know what was going on, i tried pesticides, fungicides, etc. Nothing had any effect. Then i tried organic bio agents. Trichoderma Harzanium, VAM (myco), pseudomonas flourescens, tricherma viride. to no effect. then i had to move to a different city for work. and i'm now growing indoors. and i'm pleased to say that i don't seem to be experiencing the 'disease of immediate wilt and death'. however, the seedlings seem to be growing so so so slowly. after 3 weeks, i'm hardly two inches above the ground and i've got tiny little cotyledon sized leaves at the nodes, considering there's only three nodes. i stopped feeding. i've tried using a lighter or a stronger mix. this current mix is coco:perlite:cow manure compost:vermicompost in a ratio of 7:1:1:1. i've tried as much as 4:1:2:3 and as little as 9:⅓:⅓:⅓. i'm just trying advanced nutrients grow to see if it works. i hate chemicals but i hate failure more. i did manage to grow out a bagseed to give me a small runty plant that's hardly even a foot tall and probably won't give me more than 8-10 grams of bud, using AN bloom and micro from the 4th week of flowering, and it's now just about a week from finishing.. and basically, i want to know, WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY PLANTS GROWING AGAIN, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! grow room temps : 80-85 R/H: 70-95% Flowering : 1 hps x 400w (bare bulb) [i have space for 6 hps bulbs in total but what's the point if i can't get my bloody seedlings up?) veg : 4 x 28w T5 seedlings for 21 days since sprouting…just sad i would really appreciate any advice or experience with stunted growth…as i'm nearing my wits end i don't know what to do any further... These are my african landraces - v scrog- from ethiopia. what causes downward leaf curling? i read that it was excess N, cause this is not an overwatered/underwatered plant i can guarantee that... this is the poor photography of the old wilt disease my plants began to face…wilt, necrotic leaves, death. can somebody tell me anything about what they think is going on? i'm bamboozled and i don't like knowing that for whatever reason i can't grow my herb!!! and money is just being wasted in the effort…pics of seedlings soon...
  5. So this is my first grow, and needless to say I'm screwing it up quite badly, and I waited far too long to post about it because I'm quite embarrassed at how bad they are looking... Luckily they are all unknown strains from random bag seeds since I saw this coming during my first grow. It's gotten to the point where I don't know where to start or even if my plants are salvageable. I have 6 plants (in soil) on their 6th week of flowering under a 600W BlackStar Flowering LED panel by Lighthouse Hydro, and two 90W UFO's by BloomBoss. I use the Fox Farm lineup (all their products except SledgeHammer -> following their soil feeding schedule at half strength), Cal-Mag Plus from Botanicare, and Pro-TeKt by Dyna-Gro. I water them about every 4 days and give them notes every other watering. I also have two oscillating tower fans and a Boost Buddy for extra Co2. The leaves had started curing and dying on the top and middle of the plant, but the bud sites remain unburned so I don't think it's light burn, but someone with experience in using LED's may know otherwise? If ANYONE can give me ANY advice, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! I have never flushed my plants before, and i have been recently told I should be doing that a few times during it's life, could that be the problem? THE PICTURES ARE NOW UP! I know... they look like starving african children.
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