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Found 2 results

  1. Bigger than what I'm used to, for sure. Dealt with so many leaks that I should be made co-owner of Wikileaks. But finally, it's underway, and thriving. In a nutshell: Flower room: 5 rows of 4 x 1000w Gavita de Each row is about 7.2m long and 1.6m wide. Each row has 8 pipes - 100mm internal diameter - parallel to the width, with 3 possible plant sites per pipe. Each row of 8 pipes is fed by a single 75w submersible pump in a 200 litre reservoir. Each 200 litre reservoir is automatically maintained at required water level with individual float valves. They are connected to a common 500L overhead tank. The 500L tank also contains a float valve, and is connected to a 1000L tank on the roof of the building. 15cm x 15cm square scrog nets are stretched at 2 feet and 3 feet above each row. I had to start from seeds for a lot of shitty reasons. So we've got 1 row of Dinafem Original Amnesia, 1 row of Dinafem Critical Jack, 1 row of Dinafem Critical +, 2 rows of Kolossus. There's a blue cheese (dinafem), sweet amnesia (sweet seeds) in there somewhere as well. Then we've got the veg room: Here I've got about 10 moby dick auto, 10 moby dick xxl auto, and a few small autos by sweet seeds, collectively under 2 x 1000w gavita de. These got off to a really rocky start. I don't have high expectations, but they're pretty vigourous even so. There's an undercurrent setup on the side ready to go, waiting for autoflower seeds that are on the way. It can accommodate 15 plants under another 2 x 1000w de. After this round, when I've decided on my keepers from this lot, I'll strip the undercurrent system down into 2 parts. 1 for mother plants and 1 for autoflowers. I've got smaller crates in 2 racks that can accommodate up to 130 seedlings or clones. It's got about 60 seedlings in a 4x4 area under 240w of normal Philips t5 led. There's another 2.67m x 6.67m room which will be used in part for drying/pressing/etc., as well as for genetic experiments and to grow some nice longer flowering sativas. The amnesia, a tried and tested one from dinafem, is one of the best in their catalogue. Big producer and vigorous grower. Awesome taste and potent end product: Same with critical jack. Different flavours and high, a bit less stretchy, probably just a tad less vigourous than her amnesia sister: It's my first time with critical plus. Looks good, nothing mind-blowing as far as vigour grows compared to amnesia: I've grown kolossus before and she's normally a fat thick lady. Something didn't go quite right and they wound up being a week or two behind their dinafem siblings. I've got confidence in them though. Here's one of the 2 rows of kolossi: The moby dicks are some of the hungriest plants I've grown. About 1600ppm to keep them from showing deficiencies. My friend in Germany experienced the same. Individual plant pictures coming soon. Best vibes El Chupa
  2. Hey folks. After a break of a few months, I'm back. Ran some beautiful seeds of Dinafem's Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Tier 2 in terms of potency, but Tier one in terms of yield and terpenes. Here is the test run: Here were the keepers I found: SDG #5 - Beautiful is not a good enough word, she is a looker for sure. Smells fruity, with a stinky undertone. Dense, very dense, hard ass nugs. Not full indica, but hard for sure. Any harder and my climate would be disapproving. SDG #6 - Yield is the word here. Slight elements of a hazy scent, but largely fruity and sweaty. Massive colas, no jokes. Not as dense as #5 but more potent and makes up in sheer size. SDG #7 - A branchy yielder, one that does great with a veg time of more than 2 weeks, but is not too good for running from clone or with minimal veg. Least potent of the 3, but beautiful in her own right. Mellow smell and taste, Mellow high. (Sorry the pictures don't depict the attributes of the strain) ----- The grow as of now is a pipe based set up. 3 pipes set up in a 2m x 1m fashion, each illuminated by 2 lamps. I've got 3 of these setups. 1 of them has 2 x 600w Philips Master GP hooked up to 2 x lumatek 600w ballasts. The other one has 1 x 600w gavita bulb on a gavita digistar ballast and 1 x 400w eye hortilux on a 400w philips magnetic ballast. I had these two (gavita and hortilux) lying around and didn't want to waste them. The third setup will be lit by the same as the first one (2 x 600w lumatek with philps GP) So, in one of these setups, I had placed 15 seedlings of what I thought was Mr. Nice's Shark Shock, 1 seedling of World Of Seeds Columbian Gold (nothing columbian about it), and 1 seed of Dinafem's Blue Cheese (basically fucking hemp). The 15 seedlings are most definitely not shark shock, they smell hazy, grow hazy and stretch hazy. I bet Shantibaba was hazy when he packed them lol. Not what i was looking for, really wanted to grow a nice indica from MNS this round, but it was not to be. In the other setup, I put in clones of SDG - mainly #7, but also 5 and 6. Some of these clones got more veg than others. The 5 big plants got their own 400w, and all the other rooted clones got a 600w. Sounds confusing, but the picture should clear it up. Shark Shock on the right and SDG on the left. 2 days after this (on march 25th), they were flipped to flowering. On April 19th, the main power line from my flat to the transformer melted. In the process. something went awry with one of the timers in the flowering room. Till yesterday, this timer was running from 5 am to 9 pm. I have no idea how this happened, it's still a mystery to me. Basically, though, on the 3rd/4th week of flowering, my ladies got veg lighting for a week. I realised when I saw what looked like the plants showing signs of going back to veg and not putting on flower mass. Checked the timers and bingo, the devil was found lurking. Now it's back to normal but I don't know what the fuck is going to happen... here they are now, above. See what i mean by the shark shock being hazy? anyone ever had any experience with something like this? veg lighting during flowering? Here's the veg room: clones (left are grapefruit #6 and #5, but I will only be keeping #6 as the mother plant going forward. on the right we have the shark shock, or as I feel I should call them, mystery haze. These clones will be culled as I dont have space or time to grow hazy beasts indoors.) mother plants - a clusterfuck of #5, 6 and 7. any advice or guidance would be welcome. also any suggestions on good single cola strains. could really use some of those. best vibes El Chupa
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