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Found 7 results

  1. Hey og'ers, I will start here my first little report on og. Hope you can handle my noob mistakes. My current setup: 1 Darkroom 240 2 dimmable Lumatek 600 W 1 Can Fan/Filter 2 clip fans 2 hortiline reflectoren Bio Bizz Light With Sannies organics Root Pouches 8,16 l I vegged the plants for 2 1/2 weeks, i fimmed some of them, they are now 3 weeks into flower. I will post the pics after this. 1 pic.: left side of the tent. With Headcandy and durganchitral in the back, strawberry cough xspacequeen in the middle, and durganchitral x blue hammer, killaqueen x blue chocolate in the front. 2.pic.: right side. Sugar punch and honey badger haze in the back, whiteberry in the middle, and slh with one honey badger in front
  2. Seedlings around 2 weeks old. Under a 100w blue LED. Really exited and am using plant magic myoco fungi granules and just put them into pint sized cups and gave them a bit of worm casting on the top soil. Looking great. Will move to smart pots eventually. Anyone grown these strains and if they handle topping or SOG method? Pics very soon.
  3. hello all, some photo durganchitral in Brazil by my friend sardinha best vibes
  4. Hi, Some USC (regular) seeds sprouted a couple of weeks, some PCK IBL#7 and some Durganchitral. Nothing really sexy to show actually. 90% germ' rate . The goal is to find a good keeper and find some deep himalayan plant. Something quite opposite of my main taste who is much more Sativa. Sativa aspect i could find in the Durganchitral, i saw some nices babes here (robo etc . Durganchitral - around day 16 24/7 CFL The PCK IBL #7 are more homogenous, as IBL it is normal, and have "Chestnut tree -like" leaves. Very vigorous, much more i was expected and climb in height quickly. They have been topped, like the Durganchitral
  5. Hello OG! I just finished as recent as this morning trimming up all my SP's. took roughly 12 hours straight of pretty consistent trimming with little to no breaks all i can say is i think i need a new pair of scissors ! 18 total and all tops look like these but two of them were half the size due to being on the outskirts of the light. These are surprisingly dense and covered with trichomes... there was no area that did not have small sticky pieces of trim clinging on. they got two days of darkness before the chop and are currently in 66F and 50% RH. Is that a proper ratio between temp and RH? Now for the veg tent- -Top Left big plant is the new SP mother. -below it filling most of the tent are 16 vegging SP clones getting ready to go into flower within the next week or two - 3 seedlings in the back are Durganchitral (left), KKxKF (middle), Durganchitral (Right) - top right are seedlings being germinated = 1x Northern Lights Blue (Delicious Seeds; fem), 4x Mt. Hood Huckleberry, 3x Critical Neville's Haze (Delicious seeds; fem) ... i don't plan on hanging on to these seeds once they germinate, just trying to help a friend get started. i'll update this with pictures when i can! i have to borrow a camera since i'm to cheap to buy one- can't wait to get the flower room started again, as i will have made a few changes to improve the environment. and as for specs- 4x8 tent 2x600w hps 6"vortex nutrient: CNS-17 grow + ripe + protekt in Coco coir (Last harvest humboldt nutrients natural was used) good luck to everyone on their grows!
  6. just some pics of today's fun with Durganchitral BHO, only smoked some a few minutes ago and the oil creep is nice... before I started, I had to clean the screen clamp lol old pid of screen clamp soaked and cleaned with alcohol
  7. Hey there, y'all. I haven't been posting too much lately, but that don't mean I ain't growing I planted four Durganchitrals, and got three females. Two of the three plants were more Sativa dom, the 3rd was more Indica. All three plants were grown for 11 weeks (taken at 78 days). I grew them with a few other strains, and this was my favorite strain of them all (my second favorite was the Mixed Kush freebie). I grew these plants in 5 gl buckets with organic self-amended recycled soil under 400 W. I also fed them compost tea with alfalfa meal and sucanat sugar. All three plants were very pretty to look at while I grew them out. Not too long were the side branches as the energy of the plant focused on packing on a monolithic main cola. There was a deep purple in the buds in two of the three plants, and all the plants were coated in calyxes that turned red at harvest. This plant puts off very little odor and is extremely stealthy. And... Durganchitral is excellent smoke! As I said, it was my favorite strain (out of four different strains) from my last run. It was a pleasure to grow (very easy going plant, no difficulties to grow) and the smoke very much suits me. The cured buds smell like sweet licorice, with a faint hint of cantaloupe on one and maybe a little more peppery on the others. The odor from the buds is pleasant, but not loud, which I like. The smoke is kinda hashy and dark, and very smooth. There's a contemplative sense I get while smoking this herb. It's like a fine cigar (this is masculine weed in that the taste is more dark than bright, more rich than light). I can savor this smoke - let it fill my mouth and float on my tongue,,, very smooth. It's excellent in a joint. The smoothness of the flavor lets me take big hits, too. And the high is a little creeper which makes the savoring,,, well, at some point I'm overcome with being stoned and set the joint down. The high is very calm and mellow, very relaxing, but also pretty functional if you need to be. I like it a lot. I kept clones of these to grow again. This is A+ weed. EDIT: uhhhmm, I just noticed that I put this in the Grow Report section and I meant for it to go in the Smoke Report section. Hey Mods - gimme a hand with this, please.
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