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Found 3 results

  1. hi, 300 watt led 12 inches away from seedlings sprouted in a 5 gal pot. seedling is ten days old and is in Levington multi purpose compost with added john innes. was thinking light burn or nute burn, your thoughts?
  2. Volt

    OG Chat

    So we talked about this lately with "blower" and we came to understanding that we need to do something about current state of opengrow chat room... it is really dying and some of you stopped coming to it instantly after some random arguments with people like little children do in a sandbox.... in the mean time i had some law issues so i couldnt pop in and when i got a chance to, and saw what was done in the time i was off i was really amazed by the metric ton of shit that happened there. I remembre when i first came here i poped on chat and there were plenty of peeps there warr, maveric, boggart, nathalie, phazed, quarter, hupla, blower and others and its been like that for good few months sometimes peeps like esco popped and there were some arguments about breeding and random grow stuff, it were fun times for reall and we got a chance to know each other from around the globe we got to exchange recipes for food mixed with weed, how we smoke, what we enjoy doing most time when we are sober/stoned etc. But lets get to the core of the problem, we came to understanding that we need to make it alive once again and we invite you all to come there from time to time and chat with us once again and bring that lovely place to life once again. Sorry for grammar got a bit rusty lately P.S. I know that the "lovely" part sounded little homo but who the fuck cares ! Cheers Volt
  3. So this is my first grow, and needless to say I'm screwing it up quite badly, and I waited far too long to post about it because I'm quite embarrassed at how bad they are looking... Luckily they are all unknown strains from random bag seeds since I saw this coming during my first grow. It's gotten to the point where I don't know where to start or even if my plants are salvageable. I have 6 plants (in soil) on their 6th week of flowering under a 600W BlackStar Flowering LED panel by Lighthouse Hydro, and two 90W UFO's by BloomBoss. I use the Fox Farm lineup (all their products except SledgeHammer -> following their soil feeding schedule at half strength), Cal-Mag Plus from Botanicare, and Pro-TeKt by Dyna-Gro. I water them about every 4 days and give them notes every other watering. I also have two oscillating tower fans and a Boost Buddy for extra Co2. The leaves had started curing and dying on the top and middle of the plant, but the bud sites remain unburned so I don't think it's light burn, but someone with experience in using LED's may know otherwise? If ANYONE can give me ANY advice, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! I have never flushed my plants before, and i have been recently told I should be doing that a few times during it's life, could that be the problem? THE PICTURES ARE NOW UP! I know... they look like starving african children.
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