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Found 7 results

  1. Hello oPENGROW; about 2 month ago i chopped my first Dynasty Gear. Huck Kush and Caramel Candy Kush were on the menu, 5 of each. They lived in the small tent and after all 3 HK's and one CCK made it to flowering. One male HK and one male CCK were saved to colect pollen. The plan was to pollinate everything to produce seeds and take cuttings...but all that failed. I made it that i saved all the pollen and the ladies, HK 1, 2,3 and CCK 5. (but not the cuttings of those ) Here comes my first smoke report of Huckelberry Kush No.1: Grown from seeds, to find a keeper and males.. The girls ended up runt with different issues..this lil girl gave me about 5 gram. Grown under 250 watt for about 9 weeks. About 90% trichomes milky, some clear some amber.. cured 6-7 weeks Smoke Equipment: one hitter, made of glass The Look: Nice, dark green with purple hues and loads of resin. The Smell: The smel is real nice for me deep fruity essence mixed with oldshool kinda afghan smell. I dont know how i can describe the base smell but i know it since 20 years. The Taste: Its easy inhaled and hard for me to taste a bit, but when i breathe in it expands. the exhale comes with good flavours...a fruity berry taste mixed with tar and whiskey. Bomb! My taste. Resin: 9/10..small glands but a massive carpet! The High and stoned: This is real nice 4 me..lol. I'm used to sativas and mostli sativas. Didn'T hAVE A FULL INDICA since years. I was looking for that ..and from growth i must say i found.. but. The Huck Kush hits instandly. It hits me right in the forehead and fast expands to the body. A Kind a CHest high feeling.. After 5 minutes it gets real heady and then a body high sets in which lasts. After about 35 minutes my girl and me still feel a bit driven by the heartbeat and we are defo more high than couchlocked. After one hour my girl goes to bed and i stay here totally I feel great , its just the fright balance for me. I could go to bed but stay awake as well does that make sense? Resume: I will grow the remained 5 seeds asap to get keepers and pollinate the shit! Thats what i was lookin 4 from the other side of the spectrum..lol I wish i kept some of the females.. I will use the saved pollen from HK and CCK to reproduce them. SO far thanks Dynasty Seeds! booOm 100
  2. Hello again, not been around for a few years. I was dead happy to see Sannie got some Dynasty Genetics back in stock. I'm doing a few (3) dynasty grows this year and thought I would do an opengrow diary again (I'm sure it makes me less lazy) I usually manage to bungle my way through a grow, fixing any problems as they crop up. fingers crossed for this one last time I was here I was into 1 plant scrogs, same set up but now grow 4 plants at a time. I started 4 seeds, 1 topped off, left me 3 cherry vanilla cookies I got them in the pebbles before any more topped themselves off... I had a few reserve seedlings on stand by, Girl scout crack won the space. this is them 2 weeks later That's the new ones for now. I've already got 3 girls in the flower tent. I was pretty lucky to get 3 girls out of first 3 seeds. 2 are lanky stretchy mf's and one is small fast flowering one, they are joined by a bubble gum at the back left. a picture says a thousand words, v-scrog net on the side wall That will do it for this post. all the best folks : )
  3. Hello Sannities, Since I've been around here for 10 years now, and I'm mostly running offerings from here, I thought it would be prudent to salute his, and his cohorts hard work, and to the folks that send in the freebies. This round I'll be running LeRat's Big White x Herbi freebi gift. It was Sannies Sugar Punch offering, that had me thinking of threading this run. When ordering, I saw the Herijuana, one of my very first orders I placed once coming here 10 years ago. I want to openly Thank Sannie for his vision and hard work, and for putting together a great team, making Sannies one of the very best on Earth in this business. So, we are running NAW's Blackberry Haze BX1, Sannies Herijuana, Sugar Punch, USC's Triple Pakistan I added Dynasty as I'm still running one of my most fav's Honey Badger Haze clones for a few years now. All 6 Sugar Punches tailed in one day. 5 Herijuana, tailed. 3 Big White x Herbi's tailed. 1 Triple Pakistan tailed, and all are in cups. I just poked the tails in cups this morning, with fresh pro mix and in the veg area. Now where in the &@*!&#@^ did I post the first set of pics? Oh well. That is about all the blahblahblah I got for now.
  4. 5 oregons out of 10 popped 1 pineapple fields out of 10 and 1 kali Snapple x ssh f3 out of 2.Stressn bout these seeds.I usualy get bout 98% but lookn good if these seed are hard to pop....day 6,tomorrow day 7,really needing more PF to pop.cmon.Wondr if Pof p and dynasty ok you up with more if the seeds are dud or if you ave to eat the loss.OJD of comnnoisser set me up with a new pack when I only got1 to pop andbcbud depotgave me a 12 ack of da purps when the ultimate purple plants a hermaphrodited on me....so wait and seehow e do eh?all I want are te 2 huck phenos anda good selection of te Pineapl Fields...1 of the kali Snapple has popped andsince it was a fem freebee illbe lucky to get a nice girl. Life is good,this is really just me seeking others who may have some inhsight for the sitch.
  5. I read that Professor P claims Pre 98 Bubba Kush is the same as Oregon Afghani, is this true. I just harvested my Huck Kush afghani pheno yesterday, and it looks just like this picture I found online. http://img814.imageshack.us/img814/560/dscn0650s.jpg Anybody want to chime in??
  6. Not going into much detail for now. I just wanted to post a picture of the seedlings in my tent, I'm not totally sure how I'm going to approach this yet. Sprouted 50 beans of various strains, 1 is a runt, but maybe it'll catch up. 49 seedlings, some feminised, most are regs, the femmed ones will go in Root Pouches (15 pcs of 10 gal. = 39L and 6 pcs of 5 gal = 16 L) which will be transplanted and put in the greenhouse once they've got 3 sets of true leaves. I will probably clone for sex, keep a few select males and all the ladies, the rest of the males will be culled, and any remaining gals will go to my moms place. Here they are: Can anyone confirm if any of these strains wont be able to finish by mid October, I'm at 55N. Next time I'll show a pic of the greenhouse, got some autos going at the moment, chili peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and various herbs. Jah - Peace out
  7. This was originally posted in my grow log thread but I thought a copy here would easier to find for those interested in this wonderful strain from Professor P. Huckleberry Kush Impressions and Smoke Report This fine offering from ProfP has been a pleasure to grow. I think Vigor is its middle name. While not the fastest growing they produce stout branches with many bud sights. I left mine natural the first grow and while she had nice form and required little manipulation she did not produce as well as I thought she could. I have topped the next generation and they have responded well to it. We'll see if it makes a difference in yield. These babies are encrusted in trich's from an early age. I spent far too long admiring her with my magnifying glass as she matured. She had a sweet/fruity smell but was not overpowering. She had some huge fan leaves but their petioles were long enough that they stayed out of the way for the most part. They were very dexterous though, twisting and turning throughout the day. I was pretty easy with the nutes, both grow and bloom. They don’t seem to require much and showed no signs of deficiency until late in bloom. I’ve upped the N via sea bird guano given when they go to flower in the subsequent round so we’ll see if that lasts better. In short, these are very stout but slower vegging plants that are a delight to grow. Mine took longer than most to show sex, especially females. They will benefit from topping and spreading to open the canopy a bit but are otherwise low maintenance. They are ready in about 8 weeks of flower and produce gooey gobs of goodness that will kick your butt. The Buds – These give new meaning to the word dense. Once dried and cured for a few weeks they are so dense and sticky I have a hard time twisting my grinder. I use a Little Oscar food chopper to grind the buds when I make my glycerin infusion. No other bud has caused this chopper to labor so. It was unable to pulverize as it usually does with any other bud. Instead I got a lumpy assortment of little nuggets that I had to finish breaking up by hand. Seriously dense stuff! The Smoke – The smoke is definitely better after some time in the jar. The sweet, berry taste and smell both come through better than the uncured bud. It does not have an intense smell but rather a nice wafting aroma when I open my stash jar. It would make a nice air freshener IMO. A pipe produces a dense smoke that is smooth and slight of taste going in, with a taste of sweet berry/floral something on exhale. The vape really accentuates the flavor and sweetness. I find I enjoy this bud better with the vape which is not always the case for me. The High – Stoned to the bone best describes this bud to me. An intense body high that permeates deeeeply. I made my first batch of infused glycerin using this bud the other day and find myself struggling to adjust. That is a problem when changing types of bud in my medicine. I often have a period of adjustment getting used to the new type of high. So far this stuff is kicking my butt! Mind you, my previous medicine was made with a potent White Widow so it’s not like I’m coming off a lesser quality weed, just different in how it feels. My whole body kinda hums along for hours after a good vape session but my head stays fairly clear throughout. You can definitely socialize (to a point) while on this bud but I wouldn’t recommend activities where action or co-ordination is required. The Numbers – Appearance - 10 - beautiful frosty nuggets of denseness. Aroma - 8 - nice but not overpowering. Taste - 9 - a pleasure to smoke/vape. Potency - 9+ - intense with good legs. Many thanks to ProfP for bringing this wonderful strain to the masses. I will enjoy it and the many crosses I will make from it for years to come.
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