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Found 1 result

  1. I have flowering plants at various stages. madberry(2) with flowering for 5 weeks,3-4 weeks to go, mad kush(2) and mad s(1) flowering for 3 weeks with 5-6 weeks to go and some sugar punch(2) flowering for 2 weeks with 8-9 weeks to go, as well as an unknown (1) with 3-4 weeks to go. I had another unknown plant nanner on me at end of week 4 (when I stat looking for the buggers) and removed and destroyed it. Now at day 1 of week 4 I see a single set of 4 bananers at the very bottom bud of my Tall mad kush. I checked the entire plant thoroughly, checked every hiding spot (when growing bag seed I became a nanner ninja) and checked all the other plants and they are nanner free so far. I removed the offending flower on the tall Mad Kush and was wondering? since this is my first go with fem seeds - should I remove her to another location and keep checking (would be a pia) but is do-able. chop the little Tall wench now and be done with her, or keep her and at the first sign of another dump it. I have had plants before throw a nanner at the bottom on a single bud (guessing from light issues) and produce no more and have also had it where nanners were found on a single bud and multiplied like rabits over a couple day period. My environment is pretty stable. I expected 1 or both of the unknowns to nanner out and was looking for it as they were test plants to try new things with and came out of a grow a few years back where there were no males...so was kind of expecting it on the testers. The tent is inside a dark room, plenty if exhaust for the 1200w a/c hoods which are about 18" off the tops, temps range from 79 degrees at the high (never hits 80) at the canopy tops and never goes below 70 degrees. humidity hovers between 40-45%. nutrients are always ph'd and ppm tested before feeding hempy bucket style. There are no light leaks - checked and re-checked. So should she stay or should she go?
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