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Found 31 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread. After 18 months of concentrating mainly on Phuuu's IPA it is time to move on to other adventures. I have been accumulating seeds much faster than I have been growing them so my goal for the foreseeable future is to grow an many of them as I can. Something special may come along and I'll get sidetracked for a bit but the plan is to make use of the space I have to explore my seed stash starting with the following. I've been jonesin' for some more NAW stuff so I have 3 Head Candy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) as well as 2 Green Ale (Green Manalishi x Phuuu's IPA) Fem's. Along with those I have 3 Sour Mango x Golden Diesel sprouts, thanks to StankDank30 Here'a a look at the youngsters last week. And, here they are today They just got up-potted to #2 pots yesterday. The SM x GD really droop when watered, they have really wide leaf blades as well. The Head Candy and SM x GD sprouts are all pretty consistent in appearance. The 2 Green Ale sprouts showed some difference early but are looking more alike now. I'm hoping for 3 females out of these two crosses to go along with the 2 Green Ale fem's. If I am not so fortunate I'm gonna start some Black Afghani to fill in. Looking forward to exploring all the wonderful genetics I've been able to gather. Hope you'll come along and see what we find...
  2. dear fellow growers, i have playing around with my current favorite smokes and came up with this cross. please feel free to follow me into this seedline and see what she holds to please all growers interested. i started of six beans and they were all up after three days. here they are on day 7 since they showed me some green. they stood in 0,2 joghurt-cups (light mix with UK myccos, watered with liquid bacto and a neemoil-karanjaoil-solution). potted up into 3,5 liters after 14 days of veg (light mix, also) ... here they are on day 21 since germination.
  3. Welcome to Sunnyvale's Pharmacy! After one year seeing you guys have fantastic grow reports, I thought it was my turn to see what I have learned from you guys, so welcome in my 'Pharmacy'. My babies are 3-5 weeks old. I have 3 Shackzilla's 1 Herijuana x Shiva 3 Jalisco Jaze 1 Black Afghani 1 Caramel Cough x Drizella 1 Chocolate Diesel 1 Critical + (dinafem freebee) 1 Silverfields 1 G39 (KillaQueen Dom. cut) 2 JackCandy's They got 250 watt in the time they Veg. They flipped 1 jan 2018 and standing under a 600 watt with a Adjust Wing. I grow Sannies Way with PK and GK organics. I'm have allready found my father to make babies! It will be "Jaze 1", the stemrub is just so sweet hazy. I'm almost certain that my CC.DR and Black Afghani are females, my Silverfields is a lady. I think my second Chocolate Diesel is a dude, the rest are unconfirmed... The seeds i'm going to make Black Jaze and i think a sativa strain with the Jaze and Silverfields. I hope to make as much seeds to give to you guys, if not.. I must wait till the summer and make some F2's and then i can give it you guys. I have allready a name for my Sativa strain ^^. Thanks for coming by, I'll keep you updated, Sunnyvale
  4. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze (front left), JackCandy x JaliscoJaze (b.l.), Hawaii x MauiWaui (centrer left front), SiFi #2(c.l.b), Sannie'sJack (centrer front right), Selene (c.b.r), G39xJaliscoJaze (front right), SiFi #1 (back right)
  5. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    14 days of flowering
  6. Hey gang. Updating you on my endeavours. Got some Boudicca and I love her. Love the British cheese and this is similar but better. Less musky and earthy than the cheese but still has that character with added succulent tropical and citrus notes and grows like a skunk. Have a UK blues that I'm going to pollinate with the best boudicca male (strongest tropical and cheese smelling and skunk shape). I want to see the results of two skunky British lineages combining. Might hand out a few seeds for free if they turn out good and if anyone would be interested. Though l am a novice really. Hope you like the pics, muckers. Other pics in the gallery. These are the bouddicas Blues female.
  7. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #9

    From the album: Flowers

  8. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #9

    From the album: Flowers

  9. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #2

    From the album: Flowers

  10. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #2

    From the album: Flowers

  11. I am looking at getting some seeds and have narrowed my choices down to these three varieties: Madberry (Sannie's) 8 - 9 weeks Chocolate Rain (Eskobar) 9 - 10 weeks Mad Scientist (Breeders Choice) 8 - 9 weeks My main criteria is a feminized seed and a reasonable flowering time. And also in-stock. I am sure some varieties are worth 14 weeks. But I have no need to do something like that in the next couple of years. I would like to hear from the community. Please share your experiences with these varieties. Madberry sounds good, but i have no idea what to expect in terms of high. Chocolate Rain sounds the most intriguing. I love fantastic tastes and smells and this one reads like it is special. Mad Scientist is a cross between Herijuana and White Widow. I have never tried either variety, but they are preceded by their reputations. Since these varieties are from three different breeders, i didn't want to place the conversation in a specific breeder's forum. So i put it in smoke reports instead. Please. Help me make up my mind.
  12. What are your favorite Eskobar strains. This is for all the O.G.ers I know and love and all the lurkers too. Come on guys, man up- So what do ya like.
  13. Hey there fellow Open Growers! To be discreet I'm writing this grow-log in fifth person, so every sentence starts out with: “I heard from this guy who told somebody…” Never done a grow report before and figuire this will be a good test ground for learning. IMO it's about damn time for me to do a grow show here. Been here a couple years and lurked a bit more. Mostly this grow show is about Holy LUI. Eskobar's sexy, dreamy and sweet Holy Princess. Breeder Steve's (S.O.L.) Legends Ultimate Indica F1 males. They could be a match made in heaven. This one is thanks to Santero who made this cross. Good job, my friend. Eskobar has made some awesome gear. Holy Princess specifically is an F1 cross of Santa Maria plank cut X C99 pineapple pheno. Distinct drool on my shirt sweet and skunky smells with a dreamy high. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Holy_Princess/Eskobar_Seeds/ Back in the day I wanted to grow me some LUI and never got around to it. A Spice of Life strain by breeded Steve, which was an F1 of Ortega X Sweet Tooth BX2. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Legends_Ultimate_Indica/Spice_of_Life_Seeds/ Many thanks to Santero. You're humility, knowledge and hard work never fails to impress me. |------------------------- ♢♢♢ Let us get this show on the road ♢♢♢ I started with 12 nicely colored mature seeds. Dropped into a SANta mug with luke-warm water and dilute H2O2. Kept low 80'sF and in the dark. Then paper towels until I saw tap roots from all but two. Followed that by planting in seed starter medium with some bennies and limited goodies. Still in the dark and @ low 80'sF All excited and concerned. Such a cool cross and tons of potential. please pop, please pop 11 of them out of 12. Very acceptable. (I worked the # 11 seed over for a month, but no-go.) So #s 1-10 & 12. All 11 are showing vigor. They have that cute baby look. Just like any other canna baby at this point. Low wattage 4200K fluo. for the seedling stage before 1st transplant. I cannot wait until they get a little older and the terpines start assailing me with yumminess. Just a couple few days later they began showing slightly different leaf traits. Some small amount of stem color influences are faintly noticable. Also a bazillion trichome hairs. Smells were already exuding from a few if I got up close. After about a week in the lil coco cups I am seeing tap roots out the bottoms. I transplanted up to 1 gallon containers with ammended recycled organic soil mix. And moved them under a mix spectrum T5HO leaning toward blue.
  14. So as a final decision #12 is not a keeper. Having overly long internodes, taking the longest to finish. Lacking the sweet intense smell flavor punch of others. But she does dish it out. Will incluide her in the O.P. of course. She smokes great. Yield was good, but the buds were lacking in bag appeal. Breaks apart easily and smokes smooth if expansive. Lingering unnamed sweet taste on the tongue. Good anitidepressant and appetite increaser. so yeah, great weed, just not as good as the top 3. Life is a bitch, a harsh mistress pick the...
  15. Hello OpenGrow dudes and ladies. It's time for me to post a smoke report on "Daddy's Little Angel Fuck". Special thanks to Indican and MadMaster420 This F1 cross was made by Indican of Sinister Seeds. This one uses a Holy Princess female (created by Eskobar) hit by pollen from a selected male Herijuana (worked by Sannie). Alrighty then, lets get things rolling in a more casual way. I'm hitting this one already in another blown glass pipe with some tar buildup. *scoff* wtf. LOOKS: 8.2/10 Green with rust-orange-brown dried fuzzy looking pistils. Small and very tightly packed calyxs. Extreme trichome coverage. The trichomes are skinny but densely packed on all flowers and sugar leaves. Breaks up nicely but not with compact density. Slightly knobby protrusions. SMELL: 6.5/10 -nicely unusual and complex. Herbal spices and dry incense with a light skunkiness to my nose. No Herijuana smell, but there is a barely noticable light vibrant fruitiness. Also a smell that tickles my nose and reminds me of black pepper and rubbing alcohol. TASTE: 5.7/10 -slightly better than average in my opinion. Rubbing alcohol transfers to taste as does some slight lemon and fuel taste on inhale. Kind of tastes a little the smell of green sage too. Best thing in taste: It gives a long slightly sweet fruit-berry aftertaste that's lovely. High: 7.5/10 Potency: 8.7/10 Legs: 9/10 I haven't found a ceiling yet or a tolerance build up in the last 6 or so weeks. Super strong and immediate punch in the face and body. Want higher just smoke more if I can. Lost in space or deep diving kinda high. In you're own universe and everything's good ya'll. 5 hours high off a 3/4 gram sample. This one fucks my shit up. Short term memory shot, some vertigo and clumsiness but a big ass smile all the while. I've hit a couple bowls in a row and about 7 hours passes by very fast. In my own world happily thinking or checking bud porn or watching plants grow. But no tired or jittery feeling even though harvested with 60% clear trichs. This pheno is one of my buddy's favorite smokes. Oh yeah- Surprised me when I weighed the rest. She yielded quite decently 2.41 oz. dry from a 2 gallon. This pheno could have been SOG style and had 200% stretch over the 1st 3 wks. of flower. Finished around 65 days from flip. Flipping a multibranch clone of her in 2 weeks or so. Any questions ask -Passion
  16. Hi OG growers and readers. I thought i would share our ongoing grows, i read so much in this forum so i have to give some back. Karma you know. We grow in Coco substrate since a few years with great success, this time we try something new, correls E/F in pots , but just on 1 of 4 Wilmas. Nutrients are Canna all over. (Canna-Coco,-Aqua,-Zym,-Rizotonic and a little bit Boost or CaneSugar.) Our water from the line is EC 0,65 PH 6,7-7,1, we do not use osmosis filtering. (waste of water) The setups and strains are as follows, i hope you enjoy our grow and ask what is to ask. 1x1m Homebox with 400W HPS AAW, 9x10L+2x6L pots with coco substrate, hand watering. Grow from seed,Strains: 3x Chocolate Cheese female, 4x Lady Cane female 1x male, 2x Chocolate Rain female 1x male They are flowering for maybe 10 days now i have to look for that, startet the seeds in the end of December last year. They were vegging in 0,2L pots with soil under a 250w hps till they showed sex. EC 1,8/PH 6,0 Chocolate rain male smells sweet coffee cocoa Lady Cane male smells hazey fruity incense 2,4x1,2m Homebox with 2x 600W, 4xWilma E/F+circulation pump, 24x11L pots (18xCoco and 6xHydroCorrels) + 8x6L pots (6xCoco and 2xHydroCorrels) Plants all from Cuttings, left side is mainly Chocolate Rain on the right is: Sour Lemon Haze, in between them the are 1xJack Herer&1x Brambleberry Kush on the Left side and 1xChemdog, 1x Pineapple Gold & 1x Maple Leaf Indica. In the front row thre are: 1x Sour Lemon Haze, 3x Super Lemon Haze, 2x Maple Leaf, 1 Iced Apple x OrtegaMLI#7, 1x Sour Lemon Haze#6 The plants in Coco are waterd by hand till they root nicely, i think i will fill up the wilmas end of the week. I flushed the coco last grow a little to much so the Plants had to less nutrients after transplanting and ther was a slight P defiency and then we sprayed against spyder mites (got a ED Superbud cut which was infected, so better before then after its to late) so it was getting worse. Now the new growing tips look healthy so i have put the net in ,put the clips down and switched to flowering. Coco EC 1,8/PH 5,9 Aqua EC 1,8/PH 5,7 Have a nice day OG I go to bed, i hate night shift.
  17. I thought I had better catch you all up on my grow of Cheeseberry (there are 2 Lush in the main group as well). Medium is Canna Terra and I have been hand watering. Globe is a Solis Tek 1000W and ballast is Solis Tek Matrix. Adjusta Wing Avenger shade. I have 3 phenotypes (labelled #2, #3, #5). #2 is the more indica phenotype with less stretch and fatter leaves. #3 is slightly more to the sativa side but not too different from #2. #5 has noticeably thinner leaves and stretched the most out of the three. Day 1 12/12 Day 7 Day 16 Day 22 #5 #2 Day 26 #3 #5
  18. Time to get this diary started. I use the same gear every grow, I start them in my small veg tent them move them to flower tent as soon as it's empty. The big tent is 1.2m, I got a T5 light in the veg tent. I can run 400w or 600w hps in the big tent I switch between NFT and DWC, This grow is a DWC run. I've got a rough idea how I would like this to go but I'm flexible. I use GHE 3 part nutrients and silica. I'll get on with some pictures 14June Got them started 18th next stage 24th move them into the mini (diy) dwc buckets. (I have not fed them anything yet) I forgot to say I ph water to 6 and top feed by hand for 1st 2 or 3 weeks It can take some time for the roots to show out of the net pot 4th July This is what I was waiting for, nice roots in the water now I can start feeding them EC 0.2 Oaxacan and purple storm have settled in well, Aztec rain not so well. You can see Aztec rain is not so happy, I re-use my clay pebbles for years, I did wash them but I can see salts on them. maybe this is her problem? Oaxacan looks happy And Purple Storm This is the stage they are at now. I'm not intending to do a scrog just a straight up grow, but you never know what can happen??? I'll try not to let them get too big. if you seen my grows you know I like a big girl but not always Thanks for your advice @E$kob@r I'm sure your help will be invaluable.
  19. Noticed that the chocolate cheese is back in the freebies. Anyone got any knowledge on this strain. Thanks
  20. okay, want to share the curruent grow... going allot better than the last time.. when i had the cheeseberry in the flowering tent.. got 5 sdxbb seeds 4 females... 9lants 400w first part of the grow: http://www.wietforum...eberry-ririxbb/ day 25 12/12
  21. Hello everyone, welcome to my journal. I recently made room in my garden and I'm super excited to run some of sannies gear for the first time. I chose soliloqueen and herojuana. I need to have sativa and indica around, i get bored easy. Originally I wanted holy princess as i am a huge C99 fan but unfortunately they are out of stock. I love kali mist also and i know soliloqueen has km genetics thrown in there. Also I cant find sugar punch, does sannies shop still carry those? Anywho, so far im happy with my choice to go with sannie (and friends) there prices are unmatched by any breeders i know. I'm not sure what freebies i will recieve, i purchased a fem pack and also a reg pack. So i dont know what they will send. Anyone have any clue? Look forward to hearing from you guys and thanks for stopping by
  22. very stinky like sour mayo sorry i dont know how to post pics the way you guys do im learning sativa pheno 9 weeks done mayb 2-3 more cloudy trics waiting for some amber before i take
  23. I have been meaning for quite some time to share some photos of my Lush x Blueberry with you all. These plants wouldn't exist without the generosity of Fusion (special hello to Hupla) and Eskobar and I am very grateful. The Lush female was open pollinated by 10 assorted males from 2 lines of Eskobar's Blueberry Indica project. Sorry to be a tease but I just have time to upload pics of one plant for now and the rest will probably trickle in over a day or two. All were flowered for 70 days 12/12. #1 This one smelled like sweet lemon and melons with a light honey aroma. There was a balsamic vinegar type sourness and a slight aniseed back note. Naycha
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