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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all im so happy my brothers and sisstahs , let the breeding begin so many surprices for you all For those of you that dont know me im Fatrasta an outdoor cultivater and selector (breeder) i love ladies and plants in general , acctully when i think about it i love all gods creations. so the story of a lifetime has just began people, i have a new sebbling from america and im happy about that too people pray and follow your hearts and anything is possible in jesus name. this year is gonna be 10 000 plants of my old genetics because of a lady boy issiue in the athina , and the new generations because there are so many plants were we are going to grow , pollen is flying everywere so thats why we will male hunt and banana hunt later. pictures will come but they will be limited in deept because of security reasons i will not show you all the 10 000 plants in one picture untill im done step by step ill show not many together that seems to draw attention, so me and HΔ-CREW CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. we will produce a new standard of hybrids that not many people can really understand what im talking about here. let me put it this way i call my sweet smack frosty and dank people if you rubb her alive 2 times only you can lift 2 9 volt battery and swing your hands without the batterys falling from your fingers, or roll a small chrras joint, the ones we will create you will be needing to use your other hand to realise your fingers from eachother superglue more to come people Blessed love coming your way in the name of most high, son of God Jesus Christ
  2. Hello all oger's have been so bizzy so i stop sharing for a while But i will be in once a week or so hopefully i have so mutch to talk about and i need to share to feel and be healthy so here we go outdoor beauty show from crack to harvest and many tips and tricks along the way here is the menu mazdiz is my auto flowering 5 generation 3 month auto flowering its a mazar with diesel ryder closly inbreed to look like one cola plants max harvest 170g in 100 days from seed lowest 50 jack herer Green hououse x mazdiz jack herer spain x sweet smack smack himalayan gold x white widow x sweet smack x mazdiz black domina x mazdiz jack frost x sweet smack jack x smack no 1,and 2 x mazdiz sweet smack smells strawberries indica domin plant but has much sativa in her mazdiz pure many auto flowerings super sour og emerald pure regular but my cross from 20 plants got 15 seeds to work with 13 is alive and kicking HD.1.1 putser finest lamusa x mazdiz i have a very rare strain i will baptise it to a greek name because its from there so i call her athina from now on jack x chitrahl mila seeds x chronich x serius seeds x sweet smack lasse hippy in copenhagen 10 years of work best medical i have seen in my life, i manige to give life to it aigain, thanks lasse bro i hope u fine were ever u are i have this now for 3 generations verry stable strain venus x sweet smack super smack x sweet smack insaneeeee this is most of them i think that i recall will follow with pictures soon just transplanted some of them so i had shit load of work installed an of grid drip drip system very easy to do drippings is every 33 cm and because i grow only regular seeds i plant them 2 in each holes so i have better chanches of one female alive. its a fokkt up to do this but in my book i need to to have the best genetics i have cracked alot of seeds old new what ever i have a ratio of cracked ones on my auto flowering 95 % and 90 % alive after cracking and the respons. i have tried many seeds so i came to the conclusion the most rapid growng is outdoor sun seeds regular once not fem fem has a difficency in their dna some how,, i have seen regular plants same strain as fem and their is huge diffirence in my eye in the scale i se the tree maybe on a plant 120 cm u cant even se what i se in my book indoor seeds has a difficency to in their dna too a plant has a cycle of 7 months most of you just made that 3-4 months that pass on on dna and no sun and most no veggie grow that to is passed on and seed, a clone no tap roots on clones what ever thats playing, for me seeds must be outoors sun soil regular and herm tested why the drip drip system cheep, easy to install no electricitty needed 4L an h in each dripp every 33 cm this make sure that the humiditty dont rise in wrong ours all kind of fungi comes then , and the water get so much oxygen down in the soil i have never seen so fluffy soil after watering its amazing what oxygen goes in the roots the only thing i added in the soil das far is blue stone for fungi and a organic root shit stuff in powder form its alive in the soil for 3v and i have the flowering food stand by and some pestesize around the plants so nothing will near them because i had to put them in the soil young i put them in water the 13 may and yesterday i transplanted them outdoors 2 days in water in 25 c and 85% was put in soil the rest the next day in soil i had no lamp so i did them with a regular metal halide 100w so they streched a little so i took them out they like the out better some died some live they cant stand the changes and the cold night such a pitty i dont care for the weak only the strong survive thats maybe because i have many seeds but on the other hand why have shit hanging around i think this will be one of my posts with no picture be safe keep pushing your limits all aire and jah bless us all more to come
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQPC6oAMK4k could not said it better me self bought a reptilian light from pet shop today spread the word and please post any test and updates in here the revolution is soon to come
  4. so got some sannies and dynasty seeds by way of @madmaster420 !!! also some jack smack from @ fatrasta i love OG! veg tent stay cramed sleekunsk before they fell sleeskunk fluffy good yeild day time smoke no body at all killing fields mystery sour cross far right Cholate rain ub chemo in back motorabel killing fields from a sativa mix sannie shop
  5. Hello al O.G-s Fatrasta here im gonna share some amazing smells.kicks,stoones,danks,couch looks,tuch,stickiness,oily,fluffy,dense,airy sandy, the hole enchalada! so im just need some time to find the right pictures be safe all and more to come dont wanna fook this tread up aswell fluffy plant superior chrystal production smells strawberries plant made from seed short yleder outdoor grow taste strawberries& with a twist of hashish like iceolator kick high real high like it shaves your hair on your head and neck like tinenny tinney all body high then it will kick your as at the folow up joint couch lock it will leave you with a strong strawberries taste for ours and you just stand there smiling be safe all
  6. Hello all just some pics of my first indoor grow transplantation these from a hydro to soil an experiment i did i failed big time more to come be safe all
  7. Hello all im fatrasta i want to share my outdoor grow with you all og rs feel free to ask what ever regarding the grows enjoy the show :yummy: :yummy: jack herer x sweet mack pheno 1 Jack smack fatrasta enjoy comment ask ill answer
  8. Hello all just want to start a topic about how i do the things i do tips tricks and love so i always start my plant inddors so i can weggie grow them more, i dont use ferdilizers then only root juice after 2 weeks aprox from cracming starting always from seed water temp to crack the seeds 23 degres 0.0 ec and a ph of 6.5 rain water usually is those levels if you crack in finger warm water you get more female plants from seed a ratio up to 70/30 sometimes Just wanna start somewere with the sharing process I need to clear up the fotos so it can be a proper thread, so a little patiens with the pictures many pics and phenos that i need to upload. so untill then be safe and keep pushing the limits folks ganja love all
  9. Hello all just some pics from my indoor project be safe all
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