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Found 8 results

  1. Hola, Curious to know your stories on the FASTEST times you grew from Seedling to Harvest? If Possible, mention the the Techniques you Used! PICS? GreenJesus
  2. Hello, If there is any information or personal experience withX-HAZE, could someone please share it with me? it is my first grow, and did not find much info on the strain..... Also, if you look at the pics, would you think it is a good idea for me to switch into flowering? kinda limited on time, but want the biggest Fruits possible. Expectation of Yields? INFO: Sprouted Feb,1 Cotyledon leaves dropped ten days ago. Transplanted from 1 gal pot into 3 gal pot a week ago, Root Ball was MASSIVE. Pics Link: http://postimg.org/gallery/2okn2k4gg/ GreenJesus
  3. Hey guys, like the title says, Do clones mature at 12/12 faster than seed plants? Here's the reason for my question: I have 2 phenos of Huck Kush in flower right now. They are at about 47 days of flowering, but they look done to me. The plants they came from went right about 56 or 57 days. The pistils have pretty much all turned color, and from what I can tell, the trichromes look cloudy, with maybe 10 percent being amber. Didn't really see too many clear ones. I'd be interested to hear the opinions on this.
  4. Greetings everyone, I bring you an ailing plant, which could really use your help! Strain: Aurora Indica (regular) From seed, from Nirvana Seeds Vegged for about two months – it was my first go at super cropping / stem training. Soil - Ocean Forest, mixed with perlite, coco, vermiculite, dolomite lime, etc. Currently in flowering – started flowering 12.25 off/11.75 on January 7th I use the entire line of Advanced Nutrients. Avg. temp: 74-78 DAY / 68-72 NIGHT Avg. humidity: 38-55% RH Let me know if there are other details that I may have missed. Basically, I want to save my harvest for this plant – it is my first female of Aurora Indica. I feel that by now (being the beginning of its 5th week in flowering) that it should have developed far beyond where it's at now. I have a few other plants flowering in the same tent, with the exact same soil mix/nutrient mix, and they're vibrant and happy. THANK YOU! P.S. How do I directly upload an image?
  5. Didn't see a topic about this, so here goes: Anyone flowered with MH only? On the internet one gets mixed opinions, some use it solely for whole grow time, vegging thru flowering, some say it produces less bud, some say buds are more dense, more trichomes, more trippy high, some say airier buds, but in the end the smoke is no different from HPS grown and so on.. Some saw no difference. Some mix MH and HPS during flowering, some swap to MH during last two weeks to max the trich production, some experiment with alternating the MH and HPS bulb every week or so... Any experience? I would prefer real life knowledge, if possible. Reason for asking is basically this: I have limited space height wise, so no extra stretch desired, also would love to see if MH makes it more firey. (Yeah silly me, it is really firey strain already, do I need more? YES!) I can use MH barebulb. Also as I have 2 Kolossus coming up nicely, they are massive yielders, well not perhaps with just 250W, but still so I though perhaps I lose some grams but get more potent bud, as I prefer to smoke less often stronger bud... Thanks guys.
  6. Hello everyone, I just received a 30x jewlers loupe (not illuminated) I ordered today and It was hard to see anything under the HPS lights so I moved to underneath a soft white light and boy oh boy, I'm glad I ordered the magnifying glass but here is the issue, from what I can see there are alot of cloudy trichomes, here and there a ambertip, and there seems to be at least one FULL amber trichome here and there as well. I'd say it's 50% cloudy, 45% amber tip, and 5% full brown amber. Theres about 1-2 per leaf that are full amber all the way through, the rest on the leaf there are about 5-6 amber tip scattered about on the leaf and rest are cloudy. There could be more 30x is not that good to see as close as the pictures I have seen on here and elsewhere, I have to move the plant certain ways to see if there is a color to it but for the most part it's the percentages I've described. I am aware I want to not have full brown amber trichs (from bottom to tip) as this means the thc levels are past their peak and now degrading. I am also at 65 days of flowering, the lights are currently on, was I suppose to go ahead and chop or do I do that after the lights cut off for today? I'm working with New Blue Diesel and Anesthesia if it helps.
  7. This is only affecting 1 of 4, and this one was topped in veg only once and has since sprouted 2 main branches with 2 extra super long side branches that are half the size of the main 2. I also had to use the double potting method for several reasons so now it sits in 2/3s of another 5 gallon pot. The roots are still white and healthy and growing into their 2nd pot rather nicely, I have noticed a few inches gained on the plant overall because originally I thought I only had 3 real good branches from it, it's turned into a complete bushy monster since putting it in double pot just no buds forming...white hairs all over the place on even the mini branches. Nutes: Fox Farms Open Sesame (Finished using) Fox Farms Beastie Blooms(1st dose 6/1/11) Fox Farms Cha-Ching(not used yet) Dyna Gro Bloom (Has had this arbitrarily only twice) Good ol' water The fox farms combined only make up close of 1g it's some mini-packs I bought not the whole bottle so plan is not to use them all the way out and mainly use Dyna-gro. Reason I throw in good ol water is because this girl also tends to dry out quicker than the others and pot gets light feeling before my in between feeding of every 3 days. Pics are all of the 1 in question. I have checked it everyday and there are no balls to be seen so it's certainly not hermie, I honestly didn't mark what strain this was but I only used three different ones and since I'm unable to determine it like the others the closest it looks like is Breeders Choice Anesthesia, as I only used that New Blue Diesel and Seedsman Narkush, I have 4 total and the 3 I have that are doing fine luckily are 1 of each. The one that hasn't bloomed looks like Ana, same leaf structure. I'm also noticing that the fan leaf branches are turning purple-ish like they have been bruised and these are the ones I have been moving out of the way for all the inner growth to get better light penetration , is this from bending it like that or something worse? I also accidentally snapped one today when I moved it so yeah thats great ...any idea why this 8-10 week strain is procrastinating? ALL are Indicas/Indica Hybrids.
  8. oglongnut


    Hey guys, So I have 5 ladies in their 9th week of flowering 12/12 under a 600 watt HPS. I used to have a sketchy setup and the humidity ranged from 15-30% for about the last 9 weeks. I recently upgraded and now can reasonably control the humidity and I was wondering what the optimal range would be.
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