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Found 19 results

  1. Bigger than what I'm used to, for sure. Dealt with so many leaks that I should be made co-owner of Wikileaks. But finally, it's underway, and thriving. In a nutshell: Flower room: 5 rows of 4 x 1000w Gavita de Each row is about 7.2m long and 1.6m wide. Each row has 8 pipes - 100mm internal diameter - parallel to the width, with 3 possible plant sites per pipe. Each row of 8 pipes is fed by a single 75w submersible pump in a 200 litre reservoir. Each 200 litre reservoir is automatically maintained at required water level with individual float valves. They are connected to a common 500L overhead tank. The 500L tank also contains a float valve, and is connected to a 1000L tank on the roof of the building. 15cm x 15cm square scrog nets are stretched at 2 feet and 3 feet above each row. I had to start from seeds for a lot of shitty reasons. So we've got 1 row of Dinafem Original Amnesia, 1 row of Dinafem Critical Jack, 1 row of Dinafem Critical +, 2 rows of Kolossus. There's a blue cheese (dinafem), sweet amnesia (sweet seeds) in there somewhere as well. Then we've got the veg room: Here I've got about 10 moby dick auto, 10 moby dick xxl auto, and a few small autos by sweet seeds, collectively under 2 x 1000w gavita de. These got off to a really rocky start. I don't have high expectations, but they're pretty vigourous even so. There's an undercurrent setup on the side ready to go, waiting for autoflower seeds that are on the way. It can accommodate 15 plants under another 2 x 1000w de. After this round, when I've decided on my keepers from this lot, I'll strip the undercurrent system down into 2 parts. 1 for mother plants and 1 for autoflowers. I've got smaller crates in 2 racks that can accommodate up to 130 seedlings or clones. It's got about 60 seedlings in a 4x4 area under 240w of normal Philips t5 led. There's another 2.67m x 6.67m room which will be used in part for drying/pressing/etc., as well as for genetic experiments and to grow some nice longer flowering sativas. The amnesia, a tried and tested one from dinafem, is one of the best in their catalogue. Big producer and vigorous grower. Awesome taste and potent end product: Same with critical jack. Different flavours and high, a bit less stretchy, probably just a tad less vigourous than her amnesia sister: It's my first time with critical plus. Looks good, nothing mind-blowing as far as vigour grows compared to amnesia: I've grown kolossus before and she's normally a fat thick lady. Something didn't go quite right and they wound up being a week or two behind their dinafem siblings. I've got confidence in them though. Here's one of the 2 rows of kolossi: The moby dicks are some of the hungriest plants I've grown. About 1600ppm to keep them from showing deficiencies. My friend in Germany experienced the same. Individual plant pictures coming soon. Best vibes El Chupa
  2. Hello fellow opengrowers It has been some time since i last posted a journal here and now i feel i have been quite for to long so i thought its best to share again. If new growers are reading this i encourage you to post journals of your grows and my reasons for this is it was forums that kept me in that learning state as i was always busy reading and learning from other mapito growers and also as i was documenting my grow, it was giving me that extra boost to stay on top of my grow and get every job done that needs done as when you have beeen growing for as long as i have the enthusiasm can go at times but if you are coming on the forums every day other growers will inspire you to try new things in your room and this is the only way to really learn trial and error, i can remember when i thought i couldnt hit numbers like a gpw as back then it seemed so far away yet growers like Limbo Holland, Eskobar and other growers from Hennepedesk made it look so easy but i stayed at it after every grow and alot of disappointing results it would always motivate me to do better on my next one i believe this is the attitude that is needed to get good results the knowledge and experience will come in time. So this will be my grow journal i hope to speak with some old friends and new ones i will document it from start to finish you will see the good, bad and the ugly hopefully it will be a good one for yous all . I will post pictures tomorrow and explain how i do things now. Hope you enjoy the show. Snydgrow
  3. Hello fellow opengrowers it has been awhile since i last posted but im still going strong so time to share what i have going now hope yous enjoy. Grow Room Setup: 2 x 1000w Gavitas 2.4 x 1.2 Budbox loft tent 1500m3 + filter 1000m3 intake Ram Fan Controller 12 Crates of Mapito 30l 2 x Tower fans for circulation. Nutrients: Shogun A+B grow & flower Biogreen Calgel Canna PK13/14 Ok now for the show to start strain i have is inhouse genetics cherry gorilla she is a bit stretchy so see how i get on with such small amount of height, some pics for now
  4. Hello fellow OpenGrowers Been gone for awhile but back at it so thought I'd share with you all So here is the setup. Budbox 1.2 x 1.2 tent 1500m3 box fan 1500m3 Can filter 1000w Gavita Ram fan controller 100ltr tank 18ltr pots Nutrients Canna vega a&b Canna Flores a&b Metrop Calgreen House & garden root stimulator Metrop Enzymes Superthrive Strain Orange Diesel Version 3 (Odv3) Breeder: ladysativagentetics Plants are now at week 2 Flower using 18ltr pots not so good as watering everyday now should of done 6 in 30ltr tubs but live and learn Here are some pics for now. Thanks Snydgrow
  5. Whats going on fellow opengrowers I have finally settled in my own place now so can fully concentrate on growing as usally have grown at friends/family places until now. So more grow journals from me from now on in. I have already started this grow 25days in have had a few problems as room wasnt 100% dialled in but i am getting there, i will post pics from the start. Setup: 2.4 x 1.2 Loft grow tent 1 x 1000w Gavita 2 x 600w hps lights Ram air pro fan controller - brilliant bit of kit. 6" Rvk 720m3 outake 6" Rhino hobby filter Also 5" fan & filter setup but temps fine so havent had to turn it on. Nutrients: House & garden a&b grow and bloom h&g multizyme Metrop calgreen h&g root stimulator superthrive il upload pics of setup then carry on uploading until up to date with me. Thanks Snydgrow
  6. Hey all, ive being using a Gavita 600/750 for a while and now im upgrading my space and want a second. My dilema comes from the fact i dont know the footprint so cant decide on size. Would it be possible to run 2 in a 5x5 (1.5m) tent, sounds a lot of light but im not sure.
  7. Hello to everyone on opengrow I would like to share my garden with everyone on here My setup is as follows, Secret Jardin 2.4 x 1.2 2 x Gavita 1000w Lights 1 with 1000w phillips green power and 1 with 1000w osram bulb. Canna Aqua nutrients CalGreen Superthrive BudXL PK13/14 Maptio in 30l toy tubs 12" 1800m3 extraction 4" intake need to get bigger fan but will do for now. Sms fan controller 4.5amp. Strains are BlueCheese from cuttings I have 12 in 6 tubs 4 weeks into flower. 6 x Casey Jones from seed from devil harvest they are 3 days into flower. I started on new Maptio only washed through with tap water did not ph it this has caused me problems with blue cheese as ph wouldn't stable so have had bad calcium deficiency this round silly mistake!! Some pics for now.
  8. Ok, I just connected and tried to fire up my Gavita Digistar 600e with a new 600w Philips Greenpower HPS bulb. Here's what happens: after three seconds, the bulb turns on and immediately turns off. The led on the ballast continues to rapidly pulse a yellow light, which according to the manual means that it's igniting. It says that if there's a problem, check the wiring and the bulb. I figured that the bulb was turning on so there was probably no problem in the wiring. (I should make it clear here that the plug that came with the ballast to connect it to the mains is two pin - this means there is no grounding on the mains end). Is there any way for me to definitively find out if the problem is with the bulb or the ballast? Because I was really looking forward to doing a vert grow with this ballast, if i'm not going to have a working 600w, I need to change my setup and the distance of the screen from the bulb accordingly to work with a 400w. any ideas people??
  9. Hi guys I see a lot of questions how to obtain a Gavita Pro fixture.... Just wanted to mention this Belgian grow shop has them and a site in english and international shipping! www.herbshop.be have a blast (NOT literally!!! ) cheers imo
  10. Greetings again everybody! Over the past few months I have tried very hard produce various grow journals but have failed completion due to a very busy and complicated schedule and lack of "free time" I am hoping to free up some time over the next few months to show some of the little projects I get the pleasure of creating. In an attempt to make up for some previous incomplete journals, here is a peek of a little bit of testing with some new toys and design for you all to enjoy. Once again, all fruits of this labor of love are given away free of charge to those in need. My fee still remains the inner joy of growing and giving. First up, We have had a little room upgrade from a 4ft x 7ft (1.2x2.3x2.0) to a 5ft x 10ft (1.5x3.0x2.3) The tent on one side has a Gavita Pro 1000w DE and the other side a Dimlux 1000w DE. On the left half of the tent we have 4x Grateful Casey (Casey Jones) vegged 3 weeks. On the right of the tent we have 2x Super Critical (Critical Mass x White Widow) vegged 3 weeks. And on the right a C99 mother that has been heavily LST'd and put into flower. All of these ladies are in 8L Rocket Pots filled with Coco that has had Beneficial Fungi hand mixed in. The watering system is a Tropf Blumat system using an elevated control tank. Some lovely root mounding. The Blumat system is using a control tank to maintain consistent pressure. It is simply a reservoir pumping water up to smaller shelved reservoir and overflowing back down to the main reservoir. By doing this the line pressure remains consistent regardless of the lower reservoir level due to the the upper reservoir always being the same fill level. The ladies (except the c99) were vegged for 3 weeks from rooted clone and topped going into flower. They are currently at the end of week 2 of 12/12 They are running on BAC Nutrients for this grow. Recipe thus far has been: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Silica Power 0.2ml/L BAC Bloom Stim 0.05ml/L BAC Pro Active EC 1.6, PH 5.8 I foliar spray every third day in a cycle: Grotek Calmax + Dutch Master Saturator Dutch Master Liquid Light + Dutch Master Saturator And have sprayed BAC Foliar Spray once a week since 12/12 Girls are currently drinking 40 litres per day. Enjoy! Rose.
  11. Hello, hello! After scouring the Internet, it appears this forum is the home of the Gavita Expert, Whazzup. Any feedback from anyone in the know is truly appreciated. Our room is 4.88m x 6.1m with a 3.05m ceiling. The lights can adjust height with any setup option possible. The pots are 38cm tall. Cooling is not an issue. We have set one Gavita Pro1000 light per 14.88m^s. Twelve lights are in there currently. Any new setup is possible. Our goal is to maximize our lights for the room. Do we ultimately have too many? I am waiting for the response from Gavita. This post is to see if we are on the right track. If the paste happened correctly, there is a picture below. Thanks for the knowledge in advance!
  12. For my new grow journal I will growing some very lovely Black Widow x White Widow princesses. In my 1.2 x 2.2 tent I have: 6x Black Widow x White Widow ladies in coco filled 8L Rocket Pots (2ftx2ft spacing for each) Blumat auto watering system Solis Tek 1000w MH 4K Bulb (Week 1 - 2) Gavita Pro 1000w DE (Week 3 - 8) B.A.C Nutrient Line. Ladies have been veged for a little under 3 weeks, and topped 1 week ago. Nutrients this week will be: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 0.2ml/L BAC Silica 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Root Stim 0.1ml/L H&G Drip Clean. Enjoy. Rose.
  13. Worm

    sugar punch

    Howdy, The pito grow has been cut down last weekend so it´s time to put in some new plants in my little tent. Will update the pito grow report with final weight and some last pica´s soon. Wanted to do another strain cause like to have some different to smoke once in a while. Cracked five sugar punch seeds 2,5 weeks ago and all maneged to get they´re head above the ground. They had 2 weeks of vegging time and under fluo light and are in the flower tent for 3 days now. Two plants in the back have a bit of burn on the leafs, think they can´t handle the HPS light but it will be okay. Today is the first day 12/12. now al I want is some big sativa baseball bats in my little tent . SJ DR90 2,5 rev Phresh filter 500m3 Box Fan 550 m3 Variac fan controller Gavita 400w enhanced bulp Gavita Digistar 400/440w Davin switchbox Own soil mix some garden centre compost mixed with some coco peat Plagron Worm shite Sannie´s tabs Sannie´s bacto Sannie´s Mycho Bac flower Pica (sorry guys still don´t have new SD card so bad phone pic..) First day 12/12 Gr, Worm
  14. Hello fellow members, I'm here this time to show you my last growth, exhaust fan and light have change a few, now i run a Prima klima 420/820 m3/h, light with Gavita pro 600W 400V ballast & Gavita Triple star reflector coupled with an eco-light Indoor sun 250W 6400K. I use an organic soil, upgraded a few with organic granulars, symbiosis mycorhizas and bacto but i try also a bigger pot around 15L fulled with Canna Cogr coco with my Shiska clone to see the difference. Now i'm in the 4th weeks of flowering, soil begin to feed with Gold label soil nutrients and humic acids, the Shiska in Cogr with Gold label Hydro nutrients, so I can compare a bit with last soil grow. Let's see the pics, excuse my bad english, correct me please if needed I like learning... Upgrading system Ed's superbud, 4 plants AK47/Mad's, 2 plants Shiskaberry clone in Cogr coco coir She's less leafly than his mother grown in outdoor, hope she will produce again more blueberry jam tasty buds Jack F5, 2 indica plants Single Cheeseberry Haze, hope ! When the gavita sun appears, close to a white eco light... This is my first big uploading since board have changed, it take me around 1 hour (cool...) to resize, upload and publish 15 pics... Pretty same time than before, I think..? Hope you will enjoy, comments are welcome ladies and dudes ! Peace Hiwatt edit: some grammars faults edited, certainly again some..?
  15. High, today i put 10 Caramel Candy Kush from Dynasty Seeds in Spongepots. I will weekly update this report. Equipment: Darkroom DR 90 Homebox XS AKF Carbon Active 350-400cbm/h ø125mm LTI Rohrlüfter PK 220/360 cbm/h ø125mm BLT Boxventi 2 x 36W PL-L Armatur 400W Philips SON-T Greenpower HPS AAW Medium Gavita Digistar 400 Composana Soil At the moment i have some Starbud and Bubblegummer in my Bloombox Here two Starbuds.. Peace
  16. Hello all the peep, Just searching info on 400V 600W bulbs for Electronic ballast, which's the best bulbs and where is the best place for buying them by unity (or two) around Benelux and EU ? I have found this site proposing Osram and Philips, is it a safe site ? their shipping change a lot between country of destination... http://www.hortiligh...-grow-lamp.html Philips http://www.hortiligh...l?brand=7&cat=9 Osram There are also this one more expensive on the bulbs less on the fees... http://www.dutch-hea...ower-p-901.html Some others sites have better offers but for a bulk of 12 bulbs, so who need 600W 400V EL bulbs..? lol Thanks by advance for the answer. Kind regards Hiwatt
  17. Hello! I looking for a new e-ballast. Gavita electronic ballast looks interesting. Searching around, I found good price from Hanfburg for Gavita Digistar 600w. However, i read that Phillips GP is not recommended due different acoutic resonance (not sure if its right word). However I decide for Gavita lamp to be safe. Plus embedded cord on lamp holder for ventilated cooltube. But I dont find those things in the same shop. Do you know other shops that carry all three stuffs with competive price? If not, I might be forced to shop from two shops. I read that I lose about 30% of light with ventiliated cooltube in small growtent like Homebox S size with 400w hps. Is it not possible with normal reflector from Gavita in such setup, I assume? One small curious question that maybe Whazzup might have answer for? how many khz do 600w gavita delivers in comparison with Lumatek on dimmed mode at 400w? If I remember Lumatek delivers about 75khz. To summarize the whole post, I would be interested to look at list of shops that ship Gavita Digistar ballasts, there I may find other interesting products as PL-L, ph/ec meters etc. Thanks in advance for replies
  18. Hello OG Im looking for knowledge about the gavita digistar 600w I was told that Gavita Digistar 600 only supports 2 bulbs a gavita and a philips. I want to spend some research for a friend who wants a new ballast. but his not a sucker for good quality hardware as i am. I can tell that much he do not want to special order a hps bulb. only fast pick up local if hps break Right now he uses a sylvania grolux 600w hps for old ballast bought at local hydroshop Would he be able to plug that grolux bulb in the digistar ballast and will they work togheter I want to know which bulbs you have tried for the digistar 600w that workd darn well other than their own hps gavita/philips line B.R. GM
  19. First a quick note: big thanks to Whazzup, Herbalizer and others for your great threads on Opengrow and ICmag, particularly about the new Gavita LEPs, the huge discrepency in the quality of light of different HPS bulbs, and that light is best gauged in uMols, not lumens. Very thorough and useful. Thank you all. The project: I'm setting up a legal med facility and am honing in on the design. I'd like other growers' opinions on a number of matters. I will number each question for easy reference and so people can respond easily to just one point if desired. Please feel free to speak on any issue, whether specfied herein or not. My sincere gratitude for any advice or opinions given. Overall: I will be using two bloom rooms on an 8 week cycle, so a harvest every 4 wks. The rooms will be independent of each other in all ways. Plants will spend 4 weeks in the veg room which feeds both bloom rooms. Prior to that, plants can spend up to 4 weeks in the pre-veg room in smaller pots. Transplant to final pots happens when plants are moved to the veg room. I will be likely be using 10 gl pots, Sunshine Mix #4, and the full biocanna line, hand-watered. Plants will be cloned, not grown from seed. Bloom: I will be blooming fairly large Kush trees and plan to use both top and side light. I am allocating 3'x3' of floor area per plant, with plants positioned in rows. Top light will be with the Gavita Pro 1000 DE fixtures (Philips 400v bulbs), with one fixture for every two plants. Aisles between plant rows will be 3' wide. Side light will be naked vertical 1000w MH bulbs on light movers, with one MH for about every 8' distance. Result is about 3 bulbs for every 4 plants. Plants will be rotated 90 degrees daily. This is my first time flowering trees, as opposed to smaller plants in SOG systems. Bloom questions: 1. What do you think about blooming trees in rows? 2. Given growing trees (final height approx 4-5' high), would you put more side light in the aisles and less as top light? 3. Would it be more advantageous to put MH bulbs as top light and HPS as side light? 4. Would it be more advantageous to use only HPS bulbs for both side and top light (no MH)? 5. What MH bulb would you suggest to hang naked vertically? Specifically: is the Eye Hortilux Blue Daylight worth the price? Veg: Since I've never grown trees before, it is the veg stage that I am most uncertain about. My plan is to top light only, giving each plant 2'x2' of space (the plants will be opened up and have the last couple weeks of their stretch to fill their final 3'x3' area in bloom). Veg questions: 6. Is top light sufficient for vegging larger plants? Estimated height of plants at the end of veg is 3' and I am planning on using two 1000w bulbs (or equivalent wattage) per 4'x8' area (or per 8 plants). 7. In the past, I have found that using HPS (600w Gavita internal-reflector bulbs) to veg provided superior results to using MH bulbs, including tighter node spacing (contrary to conventional wisdom). What do you suggest as the ideal veg bulbs - HPS or MH or a combo of the two? If a combo of the two, what is the bulb layout you suggest? Pre-veg: I have read with much excitement the great test reports of the Gavita 300 LEP. Given unlimited resources I would incorporate these lights in all stages of growth. As resources are limited, I am considering using these only in the pre-veg. Two units would cover a 4'x8' area. Pre-veg questions: 8. For younger plants, is a 4'x4' area reasonable coverage for one LEP unit? 9. Would you use plasma instead of HPS or MH or CMH or LED or any combination of these four types? co2: My partner has a master's degree in plant science. When I spoke to her about the conventional wisdom that 1500ppm co2 is ideal, she asked what proof I had to back up this claim. I realized that I have no actual proof. I have never used co2 and have only heard anecdotal evidence, though lots of it. Many people claim yield increases but I cannot find any grow logs showing side by side grows where the only variable is co2 added in one space, none added in the other. Everyone claims 1500ppm adds 20-30% to final yield, but non-anecdotal proof seems lacking. I recognize that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, but how much of this is the placebo effect combined with growers paying extra close attention to all details, thus boosting yield. My partner has access to all scientific journals and researched the issue. There are numerous studies on the effects of co2 that are not anecdotal. For C3 plants like cannabis, science tells us that adding co2 has a substantial positive vegetative effect, increasing leaf and stalk growth rate and size. In the flowering stage though (once flowers start to form), added co2 has a neutral to negative effect. In other words: great for veg, bad for bloom. In other other words: it is possible that any increase in overall yield has to do with creating bigger, healther plants in veg that then finish bigger, as opposed to co2 having a positive effect in bloom. co2 questions: 10. Do you know of any scientific studies that state adding co2 is beneficial to the flowering stage of C3 plants? 11. Do you know of any grows that have done a side by side study of increased co2 vs no added co2 in bloom? 12. Have you used co2 exclusively in veg (not in bloom)? What were your results? Lots of questions, I know. Again, my sincere gratitude to all contribute in any way. Disclosure: I am posting this on both Opengrow and ICmag for feedback as I find these two forums to have the most knowledgable and helpful members.
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