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Found 1 result

  1. Glycerin Infusion Like it's cousin Green Dragon, a glycerin infusion is a concentration by extraction. I made and used Green Dragon before switching to a glycerin infusion. I made the change for two reasons. First was the palatability factor. Except for the occasional Scotch I am not much of a drinker and the Everclear I used for extraction proved too potent a concoction even when diluted in coffee or other drinks. Second was the hazard potential from mixing alcohol and heat. I know this process can be relatively safe but it takes only one screw-up to ruin your day when messing with volatile fumes. So, I investigated Glycerin as an alternative. It is a clear, odorless and slightly sweet substance with the consistancy of syrup. It is non-toxic, non-flamable and reasonably priced. I get it a half gallon at a time for $26.00. Like alcohol, glycerin is able to dissolve and absord THC and its various compounds. The resulting product is a powerful and effective medicine for treating pain and other issues. This stuff literally changed my life. The past 2 years that I have been using it have been the most stable and productive since my injury 15 years ago. The following process results in an end product that I administer in 1/2 teaspoon doses every four hours. It works as well and often better than any of the prescription med's I've tried over the years. With variables such as potency and the level of relief required, your mileage may vary. What You Need 1 oz. of your best bud Old style canning jar w/ sealable lid 8 fluid oz. (1 cup) Vegatable Glycerin Cheese cloth and a hand held strainer A glass or stainless bowl A potato ricer or other type press unless you have strong young hands. A variable temp. crock pot & a thermometer A dark colored bottle large enough to hold the finished product. The Process Start by breaking up any large buds to get a consistant size. The bud then needs to be decarboxylated (decarbed) so that the active ingredients are converted into their useful form. This means heating the bud at about 250 degrees F. for a lenght of time. I've found 10-15 minutes to be adequate for an ounce. While the weed is decarbing, fill the crock pot about half full of hot water, and turn it on high heat. Measure up a cup of glycerin and pour it into the canning jar. When the bud is finished decarbing and has cooled enough to work with it needs to be chopped into a finer consistancy. A "Little Oscar" chopper works great but any such thing will do. No need to pulverize it, just a course chop will do. When the bud is all chopped up pour it into the canning jar with the cup of glycerin and mix it well. Close and seal the lid and place the jar in the crock pot. Make sure the water level covers the jar contents so that it will be evenly heated. If you have a remote thermometer it is useful to monitor the temperature. Most crock pots are set at useable temps but it's a good idea to know what they are. Mine runs at about 185 F on low which is just about right so I put the lid on the crock pot, set it to low and let it cook away. Try to keep the temperature over 160 F but under 200 F. Every few hours I take the jar out of the hot water with the aid of a metal hook and swoosh the contents around to insure even heating. Let it cook this way for 24 hours and it will be ready. When the time is up, remove the jar from the crock pot and let it cool a little. We want it to be cool enough to work with but still hot enough to strain well. Use a hand held strainer lined with 2 layers of cheescloth over a bowl and pour the contents of the jar into it. Pull the cheese cloth up around the mixture and twist the top to encase the contents. Squeeze the cheese cloth ball in a potato ricer or with gloved hands until as much infused glycerin as possible is extracted. Let the infused glycerin cool to room temperature and then transfer it into a dark colored bottle for storage in the refrigerator. You'll now have a potent and effective medicine and I emplore you to treat it as one. To be most effective one needs to maintain a consistant serum level. This requires that you adjust the dose to an effective level and then try to maintain that level. Peaks and valleys are no good. Start with a small dose and work your way up to what works for you and remember that when it comes to pain relief one must usually compromise between a dose that helps the pain and one that leaves you functional. Allow a few days at a certain dose before adjusting it up or down. When it comes to dosing I highly recommend making your own gelcaps. It's a simple process and makes dosing on the go so much easier. That's it. A simple process that results in a superior medicine. I hope you'll find it as life changing as I have.
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