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Found 2 results

  1. I need to lay in some supplies before rolling the dice on another seed run. Peyote Pancake is my go-to lights out strain, Lemon Sunrise is my go-to lights on strain, and Golden Goat is wonderful. This was the scene back in May, after they came out of the cloner and went into pots. They were looking rough, and were forced to slum it by sharing the tent with tomatoes, peppers and celery seedlings: The Lemon Sunrise are the four on the left, 4 Peyote Pancakes just to the right of them and the rest are clones from the three golden goats. Here they are on the last day of 18/6. I flipped them on June 18: The Golden Goats were whittled down to 4 plants — two of the longer-flowering pheno that doesn't give me micronutrient/calcium problems, and one each of the troublesome ones. The most troublesome is the light colored one near the center of the tent, but to the right. The Lemon sunrise are quite obvious, having pre-emptive stakes. She was in flower and now all the clones are revegging. The Peyote Pancakes are the pretty little wide-leaved plants, very uniform (mostly in the middle-left row, one in the front of the middle-right row). The rest are GGs. And here they are, two weeks after flip: Golden Goats and Peyote Pancakes played a little musical chairs. The big stretchers — the Lemon Sunrise — haven't quite doubled in height yet, and seem to be slowing way down. The Peyote Pancakes didn't seem to stretch at all. The GGs only stretched slightly. Some are on booster seats, at this point, and will probably remain that way. These HLG LEDs really seem to reduce stretch. And it's at about 50 or 60% power, to keep it from baking these gals. And the two-week-old buds: Peyoted Pancake: Lemon Sunrise: Two phenos of GG are behind these. The short-flowering pheno is at about the same stage. It will be great to have all stellar weed when I harvest, but not having the surprises of a seed run hurts. I need to add that extra circuit and put up another tent.
  2. For some reason, I rarely grow fems. That changes this grow. There will be a repeat performance of my cuts of Peyote Pancake, my insomnia cure, and Lemon Sunrise, my eye-opening strain, but the rest are new to me. I bought a pack of Sannie's Sugar Punch way back when it came out, years ago, but never grew any. I cracked one seed and planted it outdoors, a few years ago, and it was eaten by an eastern cottontail rabbit. There are very few of those in my tent, these days, so it's probably safe to try again. I have two seeds left, as it seems I gave a couple away over the years. Both will be cracked. Bebop and Golden Goat are Irie fems. Both should be sativa dominant hybrids. Golden Goat is supposed to be a very popular strain in Colorado dispensaries, and is from an accidental cross of Island Sweet Skunk x (Hawaiian sativa x Romulan). Bebop is a cross between Blueberry Cookies and Arise, which I'm guessing might be a little more to the indica side than Golden Goat. Planet of the Grapes is an Ethos strain, which is a breeder I know nothing about and I know no one who has grown an Ethos strain, but there are some pretty powerful strains that I've tried from dispensaries over the last couple of years that had the Ethos name attached to them. So this is a role of the dice. Planet of the Grapes is supposed to be a heavy, stony, indica dom. So that's that. My old (Oh, must be about 8 months old by now — a Methuselah plant) Peyote Pancake cut will be going in again, and a Lemon Sunrise plant from the last grow will also be repeating. This is going to be organic soil. I will wait on running Octos until I have a few more keeper plants I want a lot of weed from. If I just grow a bunch of Peyote Pancake and Lemon Sunrise, my love for variety will cause me to whine and nobody wants that. When there are some exciting, action photos of the plants to offer, I'll post more. In the meantime, the traditional posting of pics of seed packets: There are a few other plants from my last grow that I'm still considering keeping, and those are the Killer Cookies girls. I keep going back and forth on which I like best, between the most GSC-leaning and most Killer Queen-leaning cut. KQ might win, but I think I have to keep the GSC leaner, just because it has trichomes on its trichomes.
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