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Found 20 results

  1. Calling the best growers and the smartest blowers on opengrow. I have an opportunity to put about 1.25 mil euros into a legal cannabusiness anywhere in the world. I am looking at parts of Europe. I really want it to be centred around a grow but I'm open to ideas. I'll probably have to come early in summer to check places out. I'm gathering information, but here's what I really wanted to know: 1) which countries are moving ahead with legal medicinal or recreational cultivation? I'm aware of Spain, but I'm guessing it must be a saturated market right now to enter. 2) are any of the pros on opengrow keen to join hands and make a solid sustainable business in Europe? I'm thinking really simple right now, like grow-harvest-extract-sell. But I have lots to learn about individual nations' cannabis laws. Anyone with any information or jus interested , please send me a message.
  2. Hello OG, I've been growing in a 5x5 space scrog style. I just moved into a new apartment and I have dedicated a 2.5x2.5x5ft closet to growing. I'm rocking some quantum LEDS but Im tied in a dilemma with my space. What would be the best approach for yield here? One plant SCroG'd in a 5gal. or many plants in a SoG style. If you were to chose the SoG style what size pots would you go with. I have a plant limit of 12 going on including the mother.
  3. Hi Guys/Gals I was wondering can the community help me here please!!! Can anyone who use tents share the prices that their tent cost them, just the tent not kits, the dimensions of these tents, the brand used and if possible a link to the companies website below or the grow-shop in the comment section of this post. Also If use could explain the benefits and flaws of each particular tent and brand that you have experienced, would be very helpful?!! This would be fantastic if you guys could help me as I’m trying to comprise a complete list of tent prices and I’m coming across so many different prices it’s difficult to figure out which tent/brand is the best Much appreciated Johnbong
  4. I have a spare room (on HVAC) to grow in year round, but also have privacy enough to grow outdoors too. I have just started putting together my grow room, but have not really had a plan- only a goal of having a perpetual grow in and outdoors. My room currently only has: AgroMax original stacker tent (basically a 3x3x2.5 cube) 4' 6-lamp HO T5 (that i've had to stuff into the tent as best I could) 2' 2-lamp HO T5 (not using) 1000w digital HPS/MH Lamp (with adjustable power)- I have hanging from ceiling over the tent. It is a cooltube design with supply/exhaust to outside the house using 6" fan/ducting. I'm using an AutoPot 4-pot system with a 50% cocotek/perlite mix and about an inch of clay rock ball in the bottom of each AutoPot and will be feeding GH Flora Series Nutrients I have a couple of aquarium air pumps and thinking about putting air stones into the bottom of my AutoPots to provide air to the roots (AutoPot sells Aqua Domes or Air Domes, but think this will work too?) I also have a TON of Fire Retardant Heavy Duty wrapping used in scaffolding or other similar work that would probably make for an excellent tent material. But it is white and not sure how lightproof it would be... I don't even know all of the components of a room that would be required for me to grow year round other than light and water, let alone how to set a room up to efficiently do it easily and reliably. In fact, I would like nothing more than to meet someone locally who knows what they are doing to give me a hand with this project rather than suffering through the trial and error mistakes I know are coming thanks to my OCD and accompanying anxiety. I learn well by OJT... Because of the OCD and stuff, I also need to consider making this operation as understandable for me as possible. Once setup, I want to be able to pretty much be able to just follow a plan and pattern to keep things going and learn from over time while I gain confidence that I'm not going to kill everything I touch. I live in the DC area, so I need a good resource like this one for every aspect of the project from setup to harvest. It is all new to me other than a few rough practice grows and allowed me to harvest some seed to practice with so I can start growing strains that work best for OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, etc. I would welcome comments and suggestions on achieving my goals.
  5. Goodmorning to all you ganja farmers and rastafarians out there! Thanks for having me in the community! Let me start off here by saying that this is my first grow on my own ever! Any feedback, advice, or commentary is welcome! Lets get to it So my setup Ten 1000 watts set up with ducting venting the hot air out. Im running all Deathstar here this go 🙄🙏🏻💪🏻(with a few random genetics in the mix) Nutrients have been botannicare pure blend line of grow/bloom. I started adding 3ml per gallon of resinator on day 18 of flower. Currently i only have pics from day 26 (today) yes a rookie mistake but we live and we learn! Im sure i forgot a bunch so feel free to ask any questions, pics incoming!!
  6. Greeting Opengrow, Time to stop diddling around all the time with growing. (Im sorry, I get a little bored sometimes) This topic is to showcase a few genetics in a nice simple, perpetual fashion I will be good and do my best to put on a good show Starting up we have: 2x 1000mm x 2000mm Flood and Drain tables filled to 100mm depth. (1x filled with 50/50 Perlite/Coco, the other 70/30 Perlite/Coco) Over each table I have a Dimlux 1000w DE Fixture @ 1000mm above table. In the middle of the room on a light mover rail, I also have a Solistek 400w 10K bulb for extra UV Drain to waste, using EWC tea and 1x dose per week of BAC Organic Bloom @ 2ml/L First run of genetics are: Sour Amnesia (Hortilab) Kali China (ACE seeds) Critical Mass (Unknown) Enjoy!
  7. Hola, Curious to know your stories on the FASTEST times you grew from Seedling to Harvest? If Possible, mention the the Techniques you Used! PICS? GreenJesus
  8. Hello again Opengrow members, Been having a little break to enjoy some well deserved rest lately, but during my intermission I thought it may give me the chance to show a little breeding project i did a while back but havent had a chance to pop the F2's that came from the project. "Breeding" is all the rage with the kids these days .....so I thought I would share this with you Down to the details, The mother was a genuine cut of Bruce Banner #3 (Coal Creek Kush x Rez's Strawberry Diesel) The father a very electric Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk x Haze) Of the 10x sprouted, these were the 3 ladies that gathered my interest the most. I have dubbed them "Green Lemon" (In advance, sorry for the lack of detail in the OP photos, shot with a 35-80mm lense, my 15-50mm lense aludes me.... *scratches head) The 3 Princess's, 1 - 2 - 3, left to right Enjoy! Rose. Green Lemon #1 Green Lemon #2 Green Lemon #3
  9. Greetings again everybody! Over the past few months I have tried very hard produce various grow journals but have failed completion due to a very busy and complicated schedule and lack of "free time" I am hoping to free up some time over the next few months to show some of the little projects I get the pleasure of creating. In an attempt to make up for some previous incomplete journals, here is a peek of a little bit of testing with some new toys and design for you all to enjoy. Once again, all fruits of this labor of love are given away free of charge to those in need. My fee still remains the inner joy of growing and giving. First up, We have had a little room upgrade from a 4ft x 7ft (1.2x2.3x2.0) to a 5ft x 10ft (1.5x3.0x2.3) The tent on one side has a Gavita Pro 1000w DE and the other side a Dimlux 1000w DE. On the left half of the tent we have 4x Grateful Casey (Casey Jones) vegged 3 weeks. On the right of the tent we have 2x Super Critical (Critical Mass x White Widow) vegged 3 weeks. And on the right a C99 mother that has been heavily LST'd and put into flower. All of these ladies are in 8L Rocket Pots filled with Coco that has had Beneficial Fungi hand mixed in. The watering system is a Tropf Blumat system using an elevated control tank. Some lovely root mounding. The Blumat system is using a control tank to maintain consistent pressure. It is simply a reservoir pumping water up to smaller shelved reservoir and overflowing back down to the main reservoir. By doing this the line pressure remains consistent regardless of the lower reservoir level due to the the upper reservoir always being the same fill level. The ladies (except the c99) were vegged for 3 weeks from rooted clone and topped going into flower. They are currently at the end of week 2 of 12/12 They are running on BAC Nutrients for this grow. Recipe thus far has been: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Silica Power 0.2ml/L BAC Bloom Stim 0.05ml/L BAC Pro Active EC 1.6, PH 5.8 I foliar spray every third day in a cycle: Grotek Calmax + Dutch Master Saturator Dutch Master Liquid Light + Dutch Master Saturator And have sprayed BAC Foliar Spray once a week since 12/12 Girls are currently drinking 40 litres per day. Enjoy! Rose.
  10. Firstly I'd like to thank you for allowing me to become a part of the Open Grow community. Please allow me to introduce myself. ~ I have been a medicinal grower for many years. I grow for no financial gain, but use my passion for growing as a tool to help those in need. By donating my success, I preserve the growing of this special rose as pure in gift as it is in nature. Please call me Rose... ~ As much as I enjoy the purity of growing, I also enjoy the technological advancements toward indoor growing and nutrition. I was blessed recently with some relatively new products to the market, so I wish to share my experience with these products simply as a journal and nothing more. This journal I am growing in a tent that is 7ft x 4ft I have: 8x Sensi Jack Herer's in 18L Rocket Pots filled with Coco (Vegged 3.5 weeks) Tropf Blumat watering system 1000W Solis Tek Matrix Ballast Solis Tek SolisMax88 Aircooled Hood fitted with a Solis Tek 1000W MH 4K And using the full line of Grotek Nutrients to test how they perform. The previous week to this, the princesses were "pre loaded" with: Grotek Calmax - 2ml/L Grotek Vitamax - 1ml/L Grotek Pro Silicate - 1ml/L Grotek SoloTek Grow - 2ml/L Grotek Bud Fuel - 2ml/L Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster - 0.1g/L EC watered back down to 1.6, PH 5.8 Here we are, 3.5 weeks veg, topped 1 week ago, day 1 of 12/12 I hope you all enjoy the grow Thankyou
  11. For my new grow journal I will growing some very lovely Black Widow x White Widow princesses. In my 1.2 x 2.2 tent I have: 6x Black Widow x White Widow ladies in coco filled 8L Rocket Pots (2ftx2ft spacing for each) Blumat auto watering system Solis Tek 1000w MH 4K Bulb (Week 1 - 2) Gavita Pro 1000w DE (Week 3 - 8) B.A.C Nutrient Line. Ladies have been veged for a little under 3 weeks, and topped 1 week ago. Nutrients this week will be: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 0.2ml/L BAC Silica 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Root Stim 0.1ml/L H&G Drip Clean. Enjoy. Rose.
  12. Bonjour mesdames et messieurs Hello opengrowers So this is my first grow on this forum, I appreciate being here with you and sharing the joy of seeing wonderful plants grow into even nicer Buds! Here with me is a long flowering Selene Pheno, a big-headbud Madshack Pheno and a crazy tasting and beautiful smelling fast flowering Grapefruit Sativa They all grow in 10Liters of coconut fibers and get Canna-Coco as food and clear Swiss mountain water to drink Enjoy
  13. psyisk


    Coming along nicely, I'd say its been about a week so far. Will Post continued progress. Soil based. veg - 250watt CMH Flowering will be on 2000watt hps
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but i've been growing for a few years now. Recently, i harvested my sour60 autoflowers and now i'm going to grow seeds. The 4 seedlings are all in one pot together, so they won't grow too tall. I will select the best male (if more than 1) and pollinate the female(s). Pictures will be up soon
  15. Hi there guys, The dutch and flemish guys here probably know alien @ ijzendijke , Now the guy who was "the face of the shop" ( the coffee or tea dude ) has started a know project : Urban garden shop @Terneuzen As he is a friend of mine , I was able to have a look at new store that is going to be opened in a few weeks. He has got a good fresh vision how to take care of things combined with the experience that he has and last but not least the support of some persons who allready made a big name for themselves, should make this project a really nice new place in the dutch culture. Here are some pictures of the build up.
  16. blueskywalker

    Coco thread

    hello Are there anybody who grow on coco? My purpose with the thread that anyone can ask anything about coco, sort of FAQ, noobie questions, especially in my case What are your common mistakes in coco grows, what tips do you have?
  17. Hello OpenGrow! Some of you know me, others may not. Long story short, I'm a medical patient in Rhode Island who's been around forums for years. After an extended period of time where living arrangements prevented me from growing my own medicine, I'm back at it. And for the first time ever, I'm going solo! Here's a little bit of info on the room. 12' x 8' bedroom 400w HPS veg 1000w air-cooled HPS flower (will be 2000w air-cooled next week!) 3 Gallon Veg Pots 10 Gallon Flower Pots Dr. Earth POT-ting Soil (This stuff is AWESOME! More info below) General Organics Nutrients So now a little backstory: I started construction on the room March 25th. Got my cuts in there in a humidity dome on the 27th. Roots first started popping out second week of April. Started out with a simple peat and perlite mix, and went to the local gardening store to pick up a bale of Lambert's, which is apparently a "generic" promix, 30% the price. Guy at the gardening store asked me what I was growing, and recommended the Dr. Earth. I went with it for $20 per 1.5 cu ft, and I am UNBELIEVABLY glad I did. Went through my entire veg cycle without having to hit the plants with nutes whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it appeared I had some VERY minor Nitrogen burn on a few plants at one point. Obviously, it all corrected itself. After a roughly 6 1/2 week veg, I divided the room into two sections, with a roughly 9 x 7 flower room, and flipped the lights on 5/22. Current strains that I'm running are Snow White, NYCD x Legends of Ultimate Indica (LUI), and Mango Kush x LUI Currently have 3 big girls in the flower room, and 6 more in veg, 3 of which will be moved in when I get the other 1000w hung next week. Including the pot, the Mango Kush is just about 5'7". The other plants aren't much stouter. Now, I guess it's time for some pics! I apologize for the lines, I am still working with magnetic ballasts in flower until this harvest comes down Veg Room: Flower Room: Snow White: Mango Kush x LUI: NYCD x LUI: That's everything I've got for now! Just hit the flowering ladies with their first full strength Gen Organics nutes! I've been weening them on over the past 2 weeks, first with a 40% dose, followed by a 60%, and full strength today. Electric work is getting done Wednesday. Adding 4 x 30A circuits to our current panel. Might be a tad overkill, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come! Thanks for stopping in! -H4
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